When Vivian met the young Dragon Disciple, Soran’s sights had a large warship with the armor of Naga Siren.

Pirate King-Ashrod!

The asshole who betrayed Soran to deal with the Swamp King alone. The guy who sneak attacked Devil Island to steal the fruits of victory. Soran restrained himself, but he did not expect Ashrod to attack the Snake island. Now that he finally saw this guy, Soran’s eyes suddenly had a strong and incomparable murderous intent.

—- “Bull’s Strength [Maximise Spell]!”

—- “Melf’s Minute Meteors [Maximise Spell]!”

—- “Cat’s Grace [Maximise Spell]!”

Auras of different spells emerged. When the outline of the Naga warship appeared in front of Soran, he began to cast his spells at full speed. He continuously cast Maximise Spell, a supportive spell. Then, his entire figure rose up in the air, just like a master of Qing Gong. His toes tapped lightly on the water, and then his whole body was treading on the water and ran at high speed on the sea.


Get rid of Ashrod!

At this moment, Soran had no reservations. When he was approaching the Naga warship at full speed, he gave a loud roar, and his whole body made a crackling bone explosion. Then, his pupils enlarged and were covered with blood. Finally turned into a monstrous and bloody red.

—- “Transform Slaughterer!”

Soran’s figure leaped upwards after approaching the Naga warship. The power of his transformation was quite amazing, and the solid and incomparable decks were all cracked. His figure shot up like an artillery shell. A high-speed concentrated minute meteor appeared in the palm of his hand, which locked onto Ashrod’s position and then directly threw it out.


There was a loud explosion.

There was a hole in the deck of the Naga worship, and one of Ashrod’s entourage was killed on the spot.

Melf’s Minute Meteor under the Maximise Spell was equivalent to Soran’s all-out strike. His figure was still in mid-air, and the attack was like an anti-aircraft gun. The minute meteor fell from the sky, like a dense bombing, which fell onto the helmsman of the Naga warship. There were violent explosions, and Soran poured down nine meteors in a row in just one second. Relying on the amazing Dexterity of having transformed into the Slaughterer, they all accurately hit their targets.

A large hole was directly blown out of the strong deck, and the nearby bodies were scattered and smashed.

The continuous explosions destroyed everything within five meters.

Ashrod, the pirate king who has been in charge of the eastern route for many years, failed even to let out a fart. Soran blew him into pieces.

In actual fact, when he was attacked, he activated several pieces of equipment in succession, but only managed to block the attack of three-minute meteors. Then he was submerged by the roaring minute meteors. Melf’s Minute Meteor, known as “Low-Grade God Slaying Spell,” easily broke his defense equipment. Under hundreds of explosions and burns, the quasi-legendary pirate king fell.


Soran’s figure landed on one knee, and the fire in his palm died out gradually. Melf’s Minute Meteor could only be used for about ten attacks. As a level five spell with Maximise Spell, it was supposed to be a sustained combat ability. But because of Soran’s high-speed attack, it became an explosive ability. Soran had only a few high-level spell slots, and the three Maximise Spell made his level four and level five spell slots only left with half. He pulled out two Curved Swords in a moment after landing and slashed with a cold light towards the enemy in front of him.

Dang dang dang!

—- “Sword Form [Spinning Strike]!”

It was an expressionless middle-aged officer who was fighting with Soran. He had slight burns on his body. The weapon in his hand was a rare rapier, which blocked the powerful and ferocious moves of Soran.

“Damn it!”

The middle-aged officer took a look at the mincemeat in front of him and said, “How useless! How could he be beheaded so easily!”


Against Soran, whose attacks were so fierce, he suddenly roared. Then, his body expanded like a barbarian. This was not a Rage ability, but another ability that Soran was not familiar with, more like a kind of forbidden evil magic.

“Elder Brother, careful!’

Vivian’s voice suddenly came from the sky. Then she saw a strange red-figure emerge from the sky. She crossed an arc and fell from the sky. Raising her hand, and it was a Hold spell.

—- “Hold Human!”

The Red Dragon Duchess finally appeared. But, her goal was Soran in front of her.

She also wanted to behead her target.

When Soran successfully beheaded the Pirate King Ashrod, she strangely appeared nearby and then locked her target on Soran.

A row of data emerged:

“You’ve been hit with Hold Human!…..”

“Enforced Test of Fortitude triggered!….. Test of Fortitude passed!…. You’ve been released from Hold Human!….”

Where did she come from?

Soran’s Sense ability was not weak, and the attack of the other party has not even triggered the Danger Sense. The only explanation was that she was really not nearby.

Spirit World!

Soran seemed to have suddenly thought of something.

High-grade Spellcasters could let themselves enter the spirit world, which was the parallel plane of the material plane. Most of the people could not see those in the spirit world. This was similar to the tactics of a legendary Rogue because a legendary Rogue could also enter the shadow plane, and then directly shuttle from the shadow plane back to the material plane.

“Fortitude passed?”

Soran was delighted, a moment launched an Evade Gaze, his whole body entered into Sneak State.

“Detect Invisibility!”

The Red Dragon Duchess cast her spells very quickly. With a magic aura, Soran’s figure appeared 10 meters away.

“Dissection! (Level eight spell)”

With a magic aura, the Red Dragon Duchess revealed a cruel smile on her gorgeous face. Suddenly Soran’s figure froze, and from his mouth came a roar like a beast in pain. The flesh and skin of his whole body showed a strange light red color. The skin on his body seemed to have been cut by a scalpel, showing tiny red blood scars.

“Power Word: Jolt!”

Another spell descended from the sky, making Soran’s figure stiff in place.

However, it seemed that the influence of this spell on Soran was limited. After a pause, he regained his freedom.

“What a strong life force!”

The Red Dragon Duchess frowned and murmured: “Demonic bloodline? How can a Rogue possibly have a life force similar to a Fighter? ”

The jolt was relatively effective to those enemies with lower life force.

However, if the enemy’s physical strength and vitality are too tenacious, the chance of passing the immunity judgment is quite high!

“Shadow Leap!”

Soran was unable to attack the Red Dragon Duchess in mid-air. He went straight into the shadows and appeared on the edge of the deck.

The Deadman’s voice was getting closer.

His figure plopped into the sea and disappeared completely.

He could not risk too much!

Soran’s means of air attacks were bow and arrow. Most likely, the arrow could not even break the energy defense field of the Red Dragon Duchess.

Legendary Dragon Disciple!

Based on Soran’s current strength, even if he transformed into a Slaughterer, the odds of winning would not increase much either. He could only barely be able to survive.

The one who could actually defeat her was someone that he had waited very long for!

—- Fallen Witch [Corrine]!

When the figure of the Red Dragon Duchess appeared, the Fallen Witch mysteriously disappeared from her original spot. When Soran’s figure fell into the sea, the Fallen Witch in black robes appeared near the Deadman’s Voice. When she raised her hand, a spell was sent towards the Red Dragon Duchess in front of her.

—- “Greater Dispel Magic!”

—- “Disintegrate!”

—- “Mordenkainen’s Dispel Magic!”

Legendary Spellcasters would have a large number of defense capabilities. If one wanted to kill them, the most important step was to break their defense field.

—- “Fear Domain!”

—- “Time Stop!”

Vivian had already waited for her to appear for a very long time. She suddenly abandoned the opponent that was in front of her. Then, teleported and appeared near the Red Dragon Duchess. Subsequently, she cast a legendary spell Time Stop.

—- “Contingency!”

—- “Chain Contingency!”

When the figure of the Red Dragon Duchess stopped in mid-air, the intensive triggering of spells erupted like fireworks, and a magic aura emerged one after another, and the endless protective energy field covered her. It was not known how many defensive spells had been triggered at once. Only her equipment had five to six magic auras emerging.

It was very difficult to kill a legendary Spellcaster!

Soran was not sure whether Vivian and the Fallen Witch could break the defense field of the other party within the duration of the spell, so in order to pursue the greatest outcome, he gave the command to attack without any hesitation.

Legendary Dragon Disciple.

Their life force was comparable to that of the legendary Fighters. They were equivalent to half a dragon. Even without any defensive spells, it was very difficult to kill them. (A legendary Dragon Disciple’s life points were 12. Soran’s Rogue was only 6)

With the operation of the Iron Golem, Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon Experiment Number I-1 emerged with a purple glow. Then, powerful and incomparable energy converged on the silver-white gun tube, just like electromagnetic charging. The incomparably powerful energy even made the surrounding space slightly distorted, and the electric arc of the energy pulsing had a texture that was like a layer stacked upon another layer.

“Energy Activation Completed!”

“Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon Experiment Number I-1 target locked!….”


A purple energy beam cut through the sky. The next moment, it penetrated the body of the Red Dragon Duchess. The highly concentrated energy even passed through the domain of Time Stop. A huge hole opened in her chest. No blood traces could be seen at all because all the blood traces had evaporated. But it was just the beginning. The purple energy beam broke through the air and incinerated the mast of the warship. Part of the mast broke and fell down. The energy beam covered a distance of nearly 20 kilometers and finally hit the wall of Raging Sand Island in the distance.


There were no sounds of explosions — only the sounds of rumbling and collapsing.

The solid gate, which was nearly ten meters thick, just like this in a blink of an eye, turned into ruins.

The whole battlefield was deathly still.