Abyss Domination

Chapter 357 - Balor’s Whip

Naval battles were not easy.

Even powerful spellcasters would think this environment difficult.

When Soran controlled the ghost ship to kill the enemy pirates, the enemy’s spellcasters also locked onto his position. Even though the fog slightly blocked their sight, it was not so difficult for the powerful spellcasters to find him. But then came the next problem. They had to go closer to attack Soran. The power of twenty-four cannons was very fierce, and there was also a mutant killer whale escorting nearby.

In these cases, spellcasters would usually use Fly. But that would mean exposing their position and attracting enemy fire.


Vivian, who had gone to the ghost ship, smiled sweetly. The little girl with a black princess dress raised her hand to throw out Dispel.

With Vivian’s capability, the Dispel she threw out could completely take down the enemy spellcasters.

After the Fly spell was removed. The spellcasters who were just about to attack Soran all fell into the sea. What was waiting for them was a big jaw. Without any buff spells, these spellcasters could only swim in the sea. Vivian wouldn’t give them the chance to cast spells. In fact, if it wasn’t for the red dragon duchess, the eager little girl would have killed a lot.


Ashrod stood on the sea demon warship and roared, “A mere ghost ship is causing you so many problems! Aim the cannons! Aim them all at the ghost ship and sink it! ”

Rows of cannon aimed their barrel at the ghost ship.

Under the command of the pirate king Ashrod, the enemy, who was a little alarmed by the appearance of the ghost ship, responded hundreds of artillery nearby aimed at the ghost ship. Ashrod wanted to use the firepower to cover the whole area; even if the ghost ship could automatically change its direction of navigation, it could not escape such a dense and large area of the fire.


Loud cannon fire rocked the skies.

The intersecting cannon fire on both sides almost covered all the directions of the ghost ship. No matter how it changed its position, at least a dozen cannons would hit the ship.

Soran, with a calm expression, looked ahead and ordered, “Dive to the bottom of the sea!”

The dark ship began to dive.

The ghost ship gradually sank to the bottom of the sea. The sea was surging all around. The undead who were killed on other pirate warships jumped into the sea and then swam to the deck of the ghost ship.

The mist became less dense.

With the end of five minutes of intensive fire, there was nothing in sight, no shipwreck. There were many corpses floating on the calm sea, but all of them were Ashrod’s men. His face was quite blue at the moment. The ghost ship itself was a rather terrible existence in the sea. Now this rather terrible existence was controlled by a person, so the combat effectiveness it could play was even more amazing!

Soran’s men were not sure what happened. They only saw the covering fire aiming at the ghost ship. They were not sure whether the ghost ship had been sunk or whether Soran had died in such a dense fire attack.

After all, being legendary didn’t mean being able to avoid dense cannon fire.


Ashrod’s expression changed and yelled, “Attack! Attack! Attack!”

In response to them were two heavy revolving cannons, the dark mast rising from another position; the ghost ship reappeared on the sea, and the fog around it became thick again. When the figure of the ghost ship was in a fog, only a vague, shadowy figure was seen. It was difficult to determine its specific position without closing the distance.

“Damn it!”

The pirate king Ashrod was rather angry. He shouted to a man dressed as an officer, “Where is the red dragon duchess? What about the support I need? Let them sink the ghost ship! ”

The expressionless officer looked at the battlefield.

He noticed that the pirates on the flank of Soran’s group had already shown signs of rout. They were not the navy Rossard’s opponents. On the other hand, because of the lurking sea snake, the originally denser formation of the group had been loosened. In order to avoid the sea monster, many warships opened their distance. Thus there were quite obvious defensive holes exposed in the middle. At this time, if a fleet was inserted like a sharp knife, it could completely cut the formation arranged by Soran.

“Let the eastern pirates attack.”

The expressionless, burly officer took a look at Ashrod, and then said to a sorcerer who was in a cloak beside him, “The ghost ship! Can you deal with it? ”

The woman said slowly, “Legendary animation!…”

“The hull, sails, artillery, and the whole ship were upgraded by alchemy. This ghost ship can deal with dozens of warships! ”

“If the red dragon duchess does not intervene, we won’t be able to deal with that ghost ship!”

“Furthermore, there seems to be a powerful spell caster there.”

The female sorcerer suddenly frowned, and then her figure soared like an eagle. “Looks like a little girl! I’ll go test her out! ”


A pair of blood-red dragon wings expanded.

The female sorcerer, who had been hiding in the cloak, showed her true self. She was a beautiful young woman; at least she looked quite young. She was wearing a silver silk robe inlaid with many runes. She held a strange scepter in her palm, which looked more like a hammer. From her back was a pair of huge red dragon wings, this pair of dragon wings allowed her to fly easily, and set off a gust of wind in the flight.

Dragon Disciple.

“Dragon Wing Awakening [Gifted Ability]: Dragon Disciple of class 9 will further awaken the abilities of the dragon family. At this level, they will obtain a pair of dragon wings according to the inherited blood of the dragon family. This pair of dragon wings can let them fly freely in the air. This ability belongs to the gifted ability, which was activated in the transformation state and cannot be removed by any magic.”

The young woman flapped the dragon’s wings and soared, then the petite body swooped up under the action of the huge dragon’s wings. She raised her hand to throw out a Fireball and hit the deck of the ghost ship in a flash. Dragon wing was her gift. Thus Dragon Disciple with dragon wings did not need the spell of Fly.

“Careful big brother!”

Vivian looked at the sky and said, “Red dragon duchess! You’re finally here!”

The little girl’s figure soared. As she held out her little white hand, a flame whip with a length of 15 meters appeared in her palm. It was a whip completely formed by flame. The heat burned the air. With its appearance, the temperature around it increased a lot, as if it was radiating the hot breath in all directions.

“Balor’s Whip!” [Spell like ability]”

Vivian’s face was covered with a tattoo, and a pair of small devil wings appeared on her back. They were still not fully opened, but they did not affect her flight ability.


The little girl gave a roar and raised the flame whip. She raised her hand and whipped it to the Dragon Disciple in front. The air that the flame whip swept seemed to be burning. At the same time, the flame trace was left in the air.

A strong wind came in.

The Dragon Disciple dodged the attack and waited a hundred meters away. “A demonic sorcerer? You’re related to the demons, huh?”


A sharp arrow shot out of the ghost ship and flew toward the Dragon Disciple. However, when it was close to her, an invisible energy field blocked the arrow, which exhausted its power and fell down gently.

“Careful, Vivian!”

Soran’s voice sounded in the little girl’s heart, and said in a deep voice, “She is not the red dragon duchess, she has not yet appeared! ”

The woman in front was a level 9 Dragon Disciple.

Any Dragon Disciple could awaken a pair of dragon wings as long as they were level 9. The woman in front was definitely not the red dragon duchess whom Soran had encountered previously.

After she heard that, she immediately held back.

She waved the whip of fire and suspended it in the air. She looked up at the Dragon Disciple, and coldly said, “Vivian is not a demon sorcerer. At least I’m better than you, shameful woman who is not wearing anything below! ”

Her body became stiff.

The young Dragon Disciple’s face showed an angry expression. She had no idea that the little girl had such good eyesight. She could see through the protective field of her wizard’s robe.

“Shut up!”

The young Dragon Disciple, who was like a real dragon, opened her mouth, and fire came out.

Dragon Disciple VS Divine Sorcerer!

Vivian smiled and waved the flame whip, which absorbed the burning dragon breath directly. The flame on the whip of Balor became hotter.