Raging Sand Island–

The largest island within 500 kilometers, surrounded by golden sand beaches and a dense forest in the center. The city built by Ashrod, the pirate king, was here. Initially, there were many wildlings here. However, after Ashrod controlled and unified the eastern sea route, it became the base camp of the pirates. Compared to Soran’s strict laws, Ashrod had a lot of confusion in his management; as long as no one rebelled against him, Ashrod would not care.

The island had little wildlings. The majority of the population of the isle were pirates.

A city that only had pirates had no vitality.

This was the most significant selling place of the eastern sea route. Only Ashrod could make money and dare to take anything. It was said that he even allowed some taboo business here. Unlike from the outer islands, the sea route of the outer islands could be as soon as one month, and no news could be blocked for too long. However, the eastern sea route took a long time, and the possibility of encountering storms and sea monsters were very high.

Soran gathered the ships and got close to the island.

He stood on the lookout with a spyglass, looking at the port and warships ahead. He saw the pirate ship flags and the navy warships from the Principality of Rossad.

Soran noticed some strange warships, which made him feel uneasy.

Eastern warships!

Most of the warships of the eastern pirates were fast ships. Soran had seen such boats in the past, near the port around Death Desert. It was the territory occupied by the pirates of the East. They and the desert robbers controlled the land and sea trade, respectively. Nobles supported these bandits; some were even supported by a mighty monastery.

Eastern monks–

Monks were not like the paladins. Some of the monks were lawful evil.

“There are eastern pirates!”

Soran came down from the observation platform, looked at the fallen witch beside him, and said in a deep voice, “I’m not surprised that Ashrod has been operating the eastern sea route for many years, and can attract the East pirates! No wonder he suddenly dared to fight with me head-on. ”

The Principality of Rossad had the best heavy infantry.

Their navy was the weakest. In fact, because of the Sea temple, the whole south coast did not have a powerful fleet of the navy.

“Eastern pirates?”

The fallen witch looked a far and said, “Those monks are not easy to deal with.”

Soran nodded and said, “I know.”

As soon as Soran noticed the enemy, the enemy warships also saw them. With the appearance of a large black warship moving forward, other warships also gathered towards it. Ashrod summoned more warships than Soran, and the navy of the Principality of Rossad sent out dozens of warships. There were also the eastern pirates under his command. Ashrod had more ships. However, Soran brought medium-sized warships, while the enemy had some small ships.

“I don’t see the red dragon duchess.”

A magic glow appeared on the fallen witch’s palm, and then her eyes became white. This was the wizard’s “thousand-mile eye,” observational magic.

“Big brother, let me handle them!”

The little girl was very excited today. She looked at the front eagerly and said in a crisp voice, “They are just a pile of wood. Vivian can kill a large number of enemies alone.”

Soran put his hand on her shoulder and said, “Don’t underestimate the enemy.”

“They may have a spellcaster among them. The red dragon duchess is from an ancient family, so they must have some confidence.”

Hundreds of ships were now facing each other.

The pirates roared; most of them were tense since there hasn’t been such a large scale battle for hundreds of years.

Soran was not experienced with naval battle.

However, as a top tier rogue, his observation skills were very good.

Just at a glance, he could see that the fleet on the opposite side was divided into three parts. First, the Principality of Rossad, which had a battle formation; they were a regular naval fleet and must have had the corresponding training. Then there was the fleet of Ashrod, the pirate king. Like Soran’s men, these warships would be used to protect the main fleet; they had no formation. Ashrod’s men were also a mix. Finally, there were about ten eastern pirate warships, all of which were medium-sized ships. They were not very far ahead, which meant that they had no plan to fight all out for Ashrod.

Soran’s main fleet was 16 warships.

As for the dragon warship, half-elf first mate, red-haired female pirate Adele Isabella, Scarface, Giant, housekeeper, and so on. These pirate leaders led their warships, surrounded by their pirate minions. Without military training, Soran could only disperse his men to command them. Otherwise, there was no way to dispatch them after the battle broke out. Sea battle, unlike land battle, was more chaotic.


The strange sound of a conch suddenly came from afar.

Soran realized something and yelled out, “Careful! Something is under the water!”

A shadowy figure appeared from under the sea.

Then a medium-sized ship on the flank of Soran’s fleet shuddered and suddenly capsized and sank to the bottom of the sea.


The others saw the outline of the dark shadow. It was a huge sea snake with three heads. A medium-sized warship looked like a toy in front of it. In a blink of an eye, it flipped and sank it into the sea.

“Let me deal with it!”

The fallen witch, Corinne, frowned, as if aware of the morale of her side was a little low, “It is the sea beast! I’m afraid it’s a three-headed snake, a dragon subspecies! ”

Soran pulled her back and said, “No need!”

Damn Naga Siren priest.

Didn’t she say the Naga race would not join the battle?

Besides the Naga Siren race, who else could control this sea giant!


Just as the sea snake overturned one of Soran’s warships, the enemy pirate fleet also launched an attack. The sailors began to fill in ammunition, and the massive pirate commandos were ready to approach for close quarter battle. The warships of Ashrod, the navy of Rossad, and the warships of the East surrounded them from the side.

“Only a greedy snake would try to swallow an elephant!”

Soran let out a huh. With his call, a huge shadow appeared at the side of the enemy.

The mutant killer whale!


It was now the sea giant–Khakass.

The killer whale that obtained a little divinity from Soran had become huge, reaching nearly 50 meters in length and weighing more than 300 tons. On its back were shards, as sharp as a javelin. The scales on its body strengthened its defense ability and made it able to bear more impact. Like a fierce monster, it rushed into the enemy’s right-wing and sank a warship in a flash. At the same time, a huge wave hit the nearby pirate ships.

These ships were too little for the sea giant!

Cheers were heard.

The demoralized pirates recovered because the mutant killer whale was more oppressive than the three-headed sea snake lurking in the sea.


Countless cannon fire where heard.

Soran looked at the half-elf first mate and said, “I’ll hand the command here to you!”

After saying this, Soran’s figure leaped out and ran full speed on the sea.

In the middle of the battlefield, the seawater suddenly separated to the left and right. Then a dark mast emerged; the ghost ship broke through the sea and soared above. One by one, the guns turned and aimed at the pirate warships on both sides. The next moment, the two warships of the enemy were sunk when the cannons were fired.

The dragon warship was in the center.

The Ghost ship was still the greater threat.

Just as the Ghost ship sank two warships in succession, the enemy also aimed their guns at the ghost ship. However, under Soran’s will, the ghost ship changed direction immediately, and then summoned a mist on the sea; the ship then went into the mist at an amazing speed. The Ghost ship avoided the cannon fire.

“Prepare for boarding!”

Soran looked at the group of undead, who were bound to the ghost ship. With a ferocious smile on their faces, they waved their heavy weapons and prepared to board the enemy’s warship in the fog. They were undead. As long as the ghost ship was not sunk, they would never really die.

“Animate ropes!”

In the fog, the ghost ship stealthily approached a warship. In an instant, the ropes all over the warship seemed to fly like snakes. They automatically entangled the nearby warships as if they were alive. A tough roped even swept out like a viper, strangled the enemies on the deck, and hung them up.


Soran took out the Elven War Bow, and in a flash, he took arrows and shot the enemies hoisted by the ropes.

The battle had only begun.