Abyss Domination

Chapter 355 - Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon Experimental Model I-1

Chapter 355: Chapter 1 Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon Experimental Model I-1

Port Tylon.

More than 100 heads were simply salted with lime and then placed in the most central position of the port. With the decisive battle between the two pirate kings coming, the trade of the whole south coast stopped temporarily. All the cargo ships were docked at the port, and they dare not go to sea at this time. They were afraid that they would be affected by the pirate king war. War was always the most devastating thing. The chaos of war during the Time of Troubles would lead to the destruction of the mainland.

One after another, warships arrived at port Tylon.

When the fleet from Shipwreck Bay, the outer islands and port Tylon converged, people were surprised that Soran, the Beheader, had now owned hundreds of warships–enough to match the navy of a kingdom. One warship came to the shore gradually, and then they saw a group of armed and ferocious pirates gathered.

They arrived because they feared Soran. They believed that he would be victorious because Soran defeated a Swamp King before, controlled the dragon warship, conquered a witch in the north, and controlled a ghost ship.

Even the active pirates near the City of Wealth had come to join them. The action of the temple of Riches was noticed by these local snakes. They coveted the wealth of the eastern sea route, which was a bigger cake than the outer islands. The goods from the east were all several times more profitable. Ashrod, the pirate king, firmly controlled the eastern sea route; thus, they had no chance to interfere at all. But as long as they helped Soran to defeat the pirate king Ashrod, they would gain some goodies.

South Coast region.

The outer island’s real value was the mines occupied by the wildlings. If these mines could not be seized from them, the value of the outer islands was only one-third of that of the eastern sea route.

The only downside was that the eastern sea route was more dangerous, and the travel time was longer!

“Your excellency!”

The figure of the half-elf first mate appeared in front of Soran and said in a deep voice, “121 warships have arrived in response to the call, and there are 32,015 pirates with combat effectiveness. There are also some responding pirate leaders on the way, which is estimated to take a day or two to reach. ”

Soran was a pirate king, so not responding to his call would mean getting dealt with after the war.

This was the right of a pirate king!

Even if they were not Soran’s men, any pirate that was on the south coast had to respond to the call.

“We can’t wait that long!”

Soran stood on his warship and said, “We will not wait that long. Tomorrow we’ll set sail for Raging Sand island.”

“Yes!” The half-elf first mate responded.

This night, Port Tylon was totally different from the past. There were no people walking around in the street. The taverns were also quiet. The sheriff in charge of port Tylon was even a little frightened. Since Soran had many men–enough to attack port Tylon–the guards were rather tense.

There were only lights in the port area. Groups of strong pirates carried weapons and materials to the warship; heavy artillery, boxes of gunpowder, and the atmosphere of war enveloped the island city.

On the second day.

The person that Soran was waiting had arrived; that was a gift that Gloria had prepared for him.

Following the emergence of a portal, a stereotypical northern witch in her forties appeared, while there were two other young northern witches.

“Your excellency Soran?”

The middle-aged witch with a rigid face looked at Soran and nodded slightly, “Councillor Gloria has used an A-level authority to apply and has the right to use any A-level strategic materials of the northern witch council.”

“This is what she had applied for. Please accept this!”

As soon as Soran nodded, the middle-aged witch with a rigid face opened a portal and saw that the space in front of her was linked to the inside of a wizard tower. The portal lasted for a short time. Then two huge and incomparable iron golems appeared, carrying out something similar to a mortar but only similar in shape.

“Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon experimental model I-1.”

The middle-aged witch with a rigid face looked at Soran seriously and said, “The Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon had completed charging, but please note that it can only launch one energy pulse attack!…”

“The experimental model belongs to the class A strategic material of the witch council. As an experimental model, it can carry out long-distance energy pulse strike with an effective range of 120 kilometers and an actual range of 50 kilometers. Since there is no wizard tower operating as a hub, I suggest you attack within 30 kilometers. ”

“Councilor Gloria can only apply for temporary use. The Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon is still the property of the witch council.”

“Any damage to the item will lead to a fine of three million 600 thousand Gold Derahls.”

The stereotypical middle-aged witch took out a document with magical patterns and handed it to Soran. She then said, “These two iron golems are responsible for protecting the experimental cannon, and they will operate it according to your command to attack. Please note that this weapon must be protected. It is one of the only experimental pieces left in the witch council. In case of any damage, councilor Gloria’s authority would be affected. ”

Soran nodded, took out a ring that was like a seal, and pressed on the document gently.

A glow of magic appeared.

The middle-aged witch pointed at the dragon warship, and the two iron golem carried the cannon onto the deck of the ship. It was a weapon that looked like a mortar. It was a little different from what Soran had seen in the city of half-elves in the past. The curve of the barrel was quite smooth. The slender barrel had no opening while the trajectory was three staggered rune marks. At the end of the barrel was a purple gem. This was not a weapon of traditional alchemy, but an energy weapon from the period of the Arcane Empire.

In fact, Soran was not sure how powerful it was. But it didn’t seem impressive enough.

The base of the Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon was a square alchemy structure, a bit like a golem deformation device, which automatically extends out of the bracket to fix after being transported to the deck. The gun barrel was only the size of an adult’s arm, and the whole body of the cannon was a shiny silver-white. Soran reached out to touch it and found that there was a large amount of Mithril in it. Only Mithril could bear such a large amount of energy operation, and it would not block the energy transmission capacity.

“Receipt completed.”

The middle-aged witch with a rigid face took a look at Soran and said in a deep voice, “Your Excellency Soran! Please protect it properly. After the cannon fires, we will immediately track it and recover it.”

After saying this, she opened a portal and left the place.

“Set sail!”

Soran looked at his men and ordered them to cover it up, leaving the two iron golems to guard beside the cannon.

He stood on the deck of the warship and said, “Set sail for Raging Sand island!”

Trumpets were blown.

With the dragon warship taking the lead to leave the port, nearby warships also set sail. More than a hundred pirate ships sailed into the sea and headed for Raging Sand Island occupied by Ashrod.

Countless flags waved in the air.

Pirate ships which were of different design moved toward the eastern sea route. The group would enter the territory of Ashrod.

Inside the deep sea, a broken ghost ship was also slowly moving forward. The undead bound by the ship worked expressionlessly. Only when there were marine creatures nearby, their faces showed a trace of hunger for blood.

[Ghost ship] Deadman’s Voice.

It was hungry.

It fed on death, flesh, and souls. However, since the battle of the Swamp King, it had been silent and have had no chance to taste blood. It had a thirst for death!

Onn another deep-sea region.

It seemed that a call from somewhere was sensed, and a huge shadow rose from the bottom of the sea. The first thing that emerged was a bone spur; it was around the size of an arm and was as sharp as a javelin.

The huge shadow moved to the surface and followed the Soran’s ship. It’s owners ship