Abyss Domination

Chapter 354 - [Beheader] Soran!

As Soran left Snake Island, the huge sea creature also moved into the deep sea.

A little divinity made the mutated killer whale obtain the sublimation of the soul. As it consumed more and more flesh, the injuries on the mutated killer whale also recovered rapidly. Divinity was more powerful than mutated magical creatures. When divinity accumulates to a certain extent, it may transform some creatures into gods, or it may turn them into Abomination. The divinity given by Soran was not from the power of light, justice, and goodness. In fact, from the moment when he gave the divinity, the mutant killer whale was surrounded by a desire to kill.

It consumed countless sea creatures.

The damage of the mutated whale shark had mostly recovered. The rotten flesh gradually regenerated, and its metabolism went on at an amazing speed. With more and more consumption, its body size exceeded that of the blue whale. With the increasing size of its body, a ferocious, sharp bone spur grew on the back of the mutated killer whale, and its sharp fangs grew more. Its smooth skin also began to have scales that were dark green in color.

It was now not a killer whale, but some sort of scary sea creature!

Its insane consumption had satisfied its thirst for blood, but the hunger for killing still torments its soul. At last, the mutant creature stopped eating. Its body size had completely exceeded that of a blue whale, and its weight may be near twice that of an adult blue whale. The huge and incomparable mutant creature had completely changed its appearance. Its body was covered with scales, its back was covered with bony spurs, and its teeth were strong enough to cut through anything.

It got closer to the deep sea, and its keen ability to hunt had led it to a new target.

The mutated killer whale moved its huge body at high speed. Its pupils were slightly red and were similar to when Soran transformed into the Slaughterer form.


It spotted a new target.

It was a huge and incomparable deep-sea squid. This deep-sea squid was killing a whale, which was similar to the humpback whale. The size of the adult whale had no advantage in front of this huge and incomparable sea giant; it was wrapped in the sea by its strong and powerful tentacles. The deep-sea squid had a sharp mouthpiece, and it had existed for a long time. When it noticed the approaching killer whale, it released its prey very vigilantly and then retracted its huge tentacles.Read more chapter at vipnovel

A battle was about to happen!

The mutant killer whale did not hesitate and immediately rushed in; it opened its jaws and went for the enemy.

Blood came out.

The two huge sea creatures moved dramatically while blood filled the seawater around the area.

Port Tylon.

Soran’s fleet was docked at the port, but just as Soran went near the port of Tylon, a strange row of data appeared in front of him.

“Killed deep-sea squid [Mutant Sea Creature]!…”

“Divinity of Slaughter transformed!… extracting soul energy!…”

“You’ve gained 1050 Slaughter EXP.”

A strange notification indeed.

Soran was a little confused with the sudden data prompt, as well as the Slaughter EXP that he suddenly gained.

He had done nothing special during this period!

Aside from giving mutated killer whale one divinity point, Soran spent most of his free time learning magic, so this sudden Slaughter EXP must have something to do with the killer whale.

Because it was killing and hunting, if it had killed a target, then this would be interesting.

Slaughter divinity!

If the mutant killer whale had killed a target, Soran would get a part of the Slaughter EXP.

Soran had now accidentally come into contact with a more wonderful field, which made him think of the war portfolio. Whenever there was a large-scale war in the world, any god with the war portfolio would gain more power. Even in order to strengthen their own powers, some evil gods would deliberately stir up wars and expand their fields to more areas.

Slaughter. It was a very scary field because from the beginning to end, whoever had this portfolio would become a powerful deity!

Soran did not know why, but he knew that any divinity realm related to killing, soul, and death would give the person additional soul energy. So the sudden Slaughter EXP suggests that it was probably related to the mutated killer whale, and it was also caused by the little divinity given by him because the divinity of Soran was Slaughter.

“Your excellency, Throat Cutter!”

The figure of the half-elf first mate appeared near the port. There was blood on his body that had not been dried. When he came to Soran, he bowed slightly and said, “The eastern sea route had been blocked! We wiped out Ashrod’s men, and some of them were captured! Now no ship would enter the south coast without us knowing. ”

“Good,” Soran nodded.

He scanned through the people in front and said, “Where are the people from the Sea temple?”

The half-elf first mate replied in a low voice, “The Naga Siren priest said that this time we must do it ourselves! Ashrod, the pirate king, has not betrayed the Sea temple publicly. She does not want to turn things into an internal struggle of the Sea temple. So this time, it can only be regarded as a fight between the pirate kings. She said that she would restrain the strength of the Naga Siren royal family and ensure that there would be no Naga Siren involved in this fight! ”

Soran became angry and cursed out!

It was the Naga Siren priest who wanted to deal with Ashrod, the pirate king. Now that Soran was in total war with Ashrod, the priest did not want to get involved.

What was the use of holding back the Naga Sirens?!

It’s not like the Naga Sirens would publicly betray the Sea Goddess. Ultimately, she wanted the two sides to be injured!

“Any movement from the Principality of Rossad?”

Soran frowned, looked at the half-elf, and said, “The red dragon duchess is in charge of a principality, and she can’t act rashly. Did you find out where she was? ”

The half-elf first mate shook his head and said, “I’m incompetent! I only found out that the navy of the Principality of Rossad was dispatched to Raging Sand island! There’s a city there built by Ashrod. They probably want to fight us there! ”

Soran was silent.

After all, this was all expected because his growth was fast. It was natural that the Naga Siren priest would try and limit his power. But when he heard the news, he was still full of anger, and his dissatisfaction with the Naga Siren priest was growing.

It seemed that she was not a good long-term partner.

“Where are the prisoners?”

Soran took a deep breath, turned around and took a look at the warship fully docked at the port of Tylon, and said in a deep voice, “Even if the Sea temple does not go to war, we can still defeat Ashrod! Bring all the prisoners up! ”

The half-elf first mate went to work.

Soon, a row of captives was brought up. Since Ashrod attacked the Snake island, Soran naturally needed to answer blow with blow. He pulled out all his strongholds on the south coast.

“Throat Cutter! You’re a dead man!”

A pirate captive who was burned on the side of his face laughed and scolded, “Ashrod will hang your head on a flagpole! All of you are going to die! ”


The pirate elite who escorted the captive directly shut his mouth with a punch. The half-elf first mate nearby explained, “He is Ashrod’s half brother. We caught him alive when we attacked the stronghold!… ”

Half brother?

He seems like a human?

Soran walked to the captive without any expression and said, “I will not die! Soon enough, I’ll send Ashrod to hell!”


A head rowed down, and blood shot out.

Soran was cold.

He did not look at the headless body at his feet. Then he swung his sword again and cut off the head of the second captive. One by one, the heads fell to the ground and rolled around; the blood had dyed the dock red, but Soran did not stop at all. He chopped off their heads expressionless until the last captive died under his sword.

A total of a hundred and twenty-seven captives–

Soran killed them all and did not leave any alive.

Port Tylon was filled with a great bloody smell, and countless heads were on the ground.

Without winning, Soran would have to fear the possibility of betrayal; these heads acted as a warning.

From this day on, people also started to call Soran the Beheader.