Abyss Domination

Chapter 353 - Divine Gift

South coast, Snake Island.

The dragon warship docked near the former base camp of Soran. From a distance, there were still traces of the fire on the island. The whole camp turned to ashes. At the position near the wharf, there were masts erected one by one; it seemed that things were hanging on it. A large number of seabirds gathered near the wharf. As soon as the warship approached, the blackbirds scattered in all directions, exposing the bodies hanging on the mast– the were all Soran’s men.

These people became captives after the fall of Snake Island. They were hung on these masts by Ashrod’s men.

This was not only a show of force but a provocation.

“Your Excellency Throat Cutter!”

When he saw the bodies of his men hanging on the mast one by one and being pecked by seabirds, scarface became angry once more. He was ferocious, his eyes were bloodshot, and he was filled with a desire to kill.

Soran patted him on the shoulder and soothed him, then said in a deep voice, “Send a team of people to bury the corpses. We will make them pay for it. ”

“Set sail!”

“For port Tylon.”

When Soran was about to lead the fleet to port of Tylon, a strange whimper came from the seafloor nearby.

Soran felt something!

It felt as if something was calling him. Soran immediately waved to stop the ship and jumped into the sea.

There were many things under blue water.

Many shipwrecks could be seen at the bottom of the sea after the battle. The thing calling for him, however, was deep in the sea, something familiar.

“It’s him!”

Soran finally saw the creature calling him, the mutant killer whale that he had controlled had part of its body rotted. There were dense wounds in its abdomen. The rotten flesh attracted many marine creatures, and there was even a spear on its chest.

It should have died early on with this kind of injury!

Soran noticed that a large amount of flesh had been cut away from its body. He didn’t know whether it was because of mutation or something else; it still had quite an amazing recovery ability. Even though the wound had rotted a lot, it still maintained a weak life force. Many ships sank near it, including medium-sized warships. It seemed that the pirate king Ashrod had paid a great price to deal with it. It’s not easy to kill such a sea giant in the sea.

As Soran got near, it’s call became weak.

Most of its body had sunk into the sand, and it was covered with all kinds of marine parasites, some of which had even penetrated into its flesh.

These injuries were too serious!

Unless a high-grade priest healed it, there was little chance of survival.

Soran quickly approached the killer whale. He pulled out his curved sword and cut off the arrows. Then he took out the spear near its chest. Then he took out several bottles of healing potions and poured them into its mouth. The therapeutic effect of the medicine was too weak. As a variant marine creature, killer whales had quite amazing vitality. In turn, the amount of healing needed to treat it was even more amazing.

“Damn it!”

After Soran took out the long spear, a large amount of blood came out. This made the killer whale become weaker.

Without a high-grade priest, no one could do anything about the wound!

It had been strong for a long time. In this case, it could not be cured at all. With its huge size, Soran also could not transport it back to port Tylon.

“Damn you, Ashrod!”

Soran’s eyes were filled with blood lust. He slowly pulled out his curved sword and swam to the front of the mutant killer whale without expression. The world under the sea was very dark, but the sword Icing-death glowed as the temperature was low. Soran came close to it and stroked its head, then said slowly, “Rest in peace!”

With this kind of wound, it was pointless letting it hold on and torture itself. Perhaps it was better to relieve it.


Soran raised his sword but stopped at the last moment, only 10 centimeters away.

That was because a row of data appeared.

“Divinity activation!…”

“The target creature’s attitude towards you is fanatical (loyal), triggering the divine gift condition and automatically mastering the new ability [Divine Gift]!…”

“Minor divinity activated!…”

“Part of the divine power is transforming!… The target has no shard of divinity!… Transformation failed!…”

A strange row of data.

Soran instantly stopped his sword. At the same time, he opened the strange notification that had appeared.

“Divine Gift [Gifted Skill]: you can bestow a part of your divinity to a certain target, which can greatly strengthen it and transform it into a divine creature. After completing the process, the target creature will have a certain spiritual connection with you, with the lowest effect equivalent to the spell Suggestion; you will be able to influence or even control the will of the target. Under the condition of Divine Gift, you can use the target as a temporary vessel for your incarnation as a Saint.”

[Note: Because you’re not a god, you can only give the divinity!]


Soran was shocked. As he had thought of something, a smile appeared on his face.

“Chosen? Saint?”

Soran glanced at the dying mutant killer whale in front of him. He hesitated a little, but then he put his hand on his head. Divinity was a very powerful power. Gods could give some of their own power and some of their divinity to their followers. Those who master the power of their gods were Chosen and Saints. This kind of gift does not need to be given to only the believers. Gloria’s mother could suddenly advance as a legendary witch because she had accepted the divine gift of the Queen of Succubus.

This was a powerful skill!

Because after a creature accepted the gift of divinity, the creature would be branded.

This could be seen from the descendants of Fear because they did not accept divinity; however, the will of Fear still had a great influence on them.

“Divine Gift!”

Soran’s eyes showed a strange little brilliance. The space around him twisted. His whole person seemed to be shrouded in the power of divinity and looked like a god overlooking the world. With the palm of his hand resting on the mutant creature, a divine force penetrated into its body and soul, and then Soran had a weak spiritual connection. That feeling was like a spiritual transmission. He could switch his consciousness to the mutant killer whale in front of him at any time.

Soran could even use its eyes to see if he wanted!

As Soran injected one divinity into the mutant Orca in front of him, and amazing changes began to appear. Its weak heartbeat gradually became strong and powerful, and its decayed body was rejuvenated with amazing vitality. Some of the injuries began to regenerate. The mutant creature, which had already entered the dying state, began to move, and then swallowed a nearby sea creature attracted by its blood.

One divinity.

Even the Swamp King had only two divinity points.

Even after so many battles, Soran had only accumulated 12 divinity points. As he gave 1 point of divinity to the mutant killer whale in front of him, his divinity was also reduced to 11 points. However, the effect of this one divinity point was quite huge. The mutant creature had a great appetite suddenly, eating the fish in the nearby sea area crazily, and expressing a new kind of joy through the spiritual control generated by the connection of Soran!

As a non-intelligent creature, the killer whale’s resistance became weak after accepting the divine gift.

Soran could now even control its consciousness!

The mutant killer whale was eating a lot. Its huge body moved like a shadow on the bottom of the sea. At the same time, it opens its huge jaws and swallowed a large number of fish.

The injection of divinity was like giving a shot of steroids.

Soran could feel the crazy hunger and thirst in its heart. A little divinity had changed it in essence. Before it becomes a sea monster, great hunger and thirst would overcome it.

A shadow appeared from under the sea.

Soran got on to his ship once more, and said, “Set sail! To port Tylon!”

One point of divinity had changed the killer whale’s fate.

At the same time, Soran also got close to a more mysterious field, which belonged to the realm of gods. Although he had a weak divinity, and could not give divine power like other gods, he could still bestow divinity to a target to control its will.