Abyss Domination

Chapter 352 - Morale

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This night was different for everyone.

While Soran was preparing for the battle against the pirate king Ashrod, a secret meeting was held in Goodspring Town, 150 kilometers north of Whiterun. This was a rather remote town. Because it was close to Whiterun, they were somewhat influenced by the ancient red dragon. The people there only knew there was a red dragon nearby, but they didn’t know that it was a terrible ancient red dragon.

Inside a dark room.

Five figures, all covered in cloaks, sat down with each other. They looked at each other and nodded softly.

“Let’s start.”

The first one to speak was a woman, a very beautiful woman.

This woman had a delicate and incomparable face, but from her forehead to her chin, there was a shocking scar. The blood-red scar seemed to be a mark, which was unforgettable. The beautiful woman tapped lightly on the table then turned her eyes to the others and said slowly, “since we are all here. Let’s discuss how to deal with Rhinehart. Somehow he has won over the Hellpoemer, and now even the chief priests have lost to him. ”

“Our elites have been wasted. Not long after, we’ll fall to his control!”

The atmosphere was tense.

The others there looked at each other but were still silent.

That’s right. They were all descendants of Fear.

Since the vampire Rhinehart became the god of vampires, the other descendants of Fear had been in a panic. They united to survive. The five in the room got together by chance and discussed how to deal with the vampire god.

“What do we do now?”

The one talking was a rather strong man, who seemed to be a Barbarian. He had exaggerated muscles and a powerful body. He tapped the table lightly and said in a deep voice, “Are we all waiting to die?”

A chilling voice was heard.

A little man sitting in the left corner looked at the others and said slowly, “If we can sit here, we must have a little trust with each other. Maybe if we join hands, we may beat him! ”

Everyone became silent when they heard this.

How would they form an alliance?

How do they make sure if others would put in their all? How would they prevent back-stabbing?

Having them sit together was already quite hard.

The beautiful woman with the scar on her face glanced at the other people who didn’t speak, then took out a scroll out and handed it to the four people present. She said slowly, “This is the information I collected.”

“Take a look?”

The first to pick it up was the skinny man. He read through it once and passed it to the next person.

The others soon looked through it.


The huge Barbarian put down the scroll and asked, “What does this guy have to do with our business?”

The beautiful woman glanced at him with a slight look of discontent in her eyes, and said slowly, “Pay attention to the time it took for him to rise! It’s just after the battle of the City of Wealth that he rose rapidly on the south coast! ”

“And there were other descendants of Fear in that fight.”

When she said that, everyone else could not help thinking. At first, the man who had been silent said slowly, “Do you mean to say? Is he also a descendant of Fear? ”

“This Throat-Cutter must have some capability in order to rise to become a pirate king.”

“If we can have him on our side, our chances of winning would be greater.”

The beautiful woman chuckled and said, “It’s not that simple. I think he is not only a descendant of Fear but also the first awakened son of Fear! ”

“In other words, he is stronger than any of us!”

Everyone became silent after hearing what the woman said. After some time, the skinny man sitting in the corner raised his head and asked, “What do we do now?”


Soran could not have predicted what had happened.

On the second day, his men were all ready to set sail. However, Soran had one more thing to do.

“Tong, Tong, Dong!”

The sound of the dull drums was heard.

Soran wore black attire and arrived at the port. Behind him were groups of armed pirates and elite pirates that had dragon armor.

Today was a day of war!

Soran needed to boost morale and give his men the confidence to win.

He didn’t say much nor promise a huge reward; none of these were needed.


Soran stood on a high point at the port. He looked around and said, “Raise the dragon head!”

“Raise the dragon head!”

“Raise! The dragon head!”

His men passed on his orders. Then two strong elite pirates appeared with a huge dragon head.

The ferocious white dragon skull was lifted out.

All the pirates who saw it with their own eyes could not help showing a trace of shock on their faces. Even Kim and others who stood by to watch the ceremony were also surprised.

A white dragon skull.

And it looked like the skull of an adult dragon!


With the pirates roaring, the white dragon skull was transported to the warship and finally fixed on the dragon warship, which they got from defeating the Swamp King.

Now the dragon warship had become a real dragon warship!

When the head of the white dragon was hung on the warship, all the pirates nearby became willed up. Many guys even hit their chests with their fists, making a roar and eager to fight!

“It really is a dragon head!”

A young woman’s voice came from behind Kim, whispering: “It seems that we have underestimated him. The Throat Cutter killed an adult dragon! At this time, he used the dragon head to raise the morale of his men! Look at the group of pirates below, now they all seem to be eager to kill Ashrod!”

The dragon warship.

The warship that originally belonged to the Swamp King was now complete.

Soran stood on the high platform and looked down at all the people. He finally looked at Gloria and Vivian. Then he pulled out his sword with a clang and pointed directly to the distant sea!


There was a sudden vibration from the bottom of the sea. Then the four sides of the sea separated to the left and right. In the surging waves, a dark mast emerged. Then, a ghost ship emerged from the bottom of the sea in front of everyone. As the fog spread, the ghost ship in front of them became unclear. Through the fog, they could only see the broken ship and sails, as well as the ghosts wandering on the ghost ship.

The aura of death was spread out!

Kim could not suppress the shock on her face; the young woman behind her even had her mouth wide open.

“Ghost ship!…”

Looking up at Soran’s position, Kim murmured, “He has a ghost ship! It looks like a ghost warship close to legendary strength! ”

Ghost ship [Deadman’s Voice]!

The aura of death calmed other pirates for a while, but there was a force brewing in everyone’s heart.

Soran looked at them all, raised the sword in his hand, and yelled, “War!”


All the elite pirates pulled out their weapons and roared towards the sky.

Soran yelled again,

All the other pirates reacted, and then followed the elite pirates to roar out.

Soran stood on a high spot and yelled once more!

All the pirates pulled out their weapons and roared with excited expressions.

“What an impressive guy!”

Kim looked at Soran, who was standing in a high place and murmured, “This guy is a master who plays with people. These pirates are about to burst! ”

The young woman nodded and said, “It seems we have to reevaluate him.”

On another side, Vivian stood in the corner and looked at Soran over the crowd. There was a gleam in her eyes, and she murmured, “Big brother looks so awesome right now!”

The fallen witch was still very calm. There were only slight movements that showed that she wasn’t that calm.

A war was about to break out!

The battle between two pirate kings was about to break out!

The winner shall control the entire south coast.

The loser would be obliterated.

The Stormlord, who had been dominating the Amazon coast, seemed to be quite silent. She had never expanded her power beyond Amazon’s territory for nearly a hundred years and seemed to be intending to watch the decisive battle between the pirate kings.

No one knew who the victor would be.

That was why the other forces on the south coast chose to be silent, waiting for the final result.