After Soran gave orders, a war aura filled the camp.

A group of patrol guards began to gather, and rare grade weapons from the north were distributed out in large quantities. The new dragon armor was given to the elite pirate guard. Soran also had many items. Although they were not great equipment, they were still good. The pirate leaders gathered their men, and warships parked near the port with goods on them were replaced with batches of ammunition, weapons, and medical supplies.

Even the blacksmith was busy. After two months of laying around, they were finally going to war.

After eliminating Ashrod, Soran would be able to rule the south sea with peace.

If you weren’t an idiot, one could tell that Soran’s focus was on the outer islands. That was to say, if Soran defeated Ashrod, Soran would need a pirate leader to manage the eastern sea route. Whether it was the half-elf first mate, Adele Isabella, or the other pirate leaders, they all believed that they had the chance to compete for that position. To be entrusted by Soran to manage the eastern sea route was a great opportunity.

“Your excellency!”

Near the port, a young woman in a cloak opened said, “Throat Cutter really is going to go all-out war with Ashrod? Ashrod has the support of the Naga Siren royal family behind him. Recently, I’ve even heard that he became close with the Red Dragon Duchess; legendary Dragon Disciple’s are not easy to deal with. He may not have a chance to win! ”

Priest Kim had a smile on her face and said slowly, “Wouldn’t that be good?”

“Ashrod, the pirate king, defied openly. He was already in a dilemma! If he did not counter the attack, his reputation as the Throat Cutter would be severely damaged! But even with the support of the Sea temple, his chances of winning aren’t high. If he fails, we can take the opportunity to put forward more demands! ”

The young woman had a strange expression and asked, “What if he fails totally?”

The priest took a glance at Soran and replied to the woman, “Then there’ll be a new owner here!”

The two looked at each other and smiled sinisterly.

The people of the Goddess of Riches were very egoistic. They were known to be neutral, but often they would lean toward evil alignment.


Inside Soran’s residence.

Gloria wore a black robe and entered Soran’s room. With a stern expression, she said, “Starting a war? The red dragon duchess is not so easy to deal with!”

Soran heard her, nodded, and said, “Yes, I know.”

“But I am in a difficult situation. My rise here was sudden. Because I’ve defeated the Swamp King, it deterred others and made pirates around the south coast dare not act recklessly. But if something like this happens and I don’t take action, then other people may take the opportunity to attack me. They will think that I’m not strong enough. At that time, not just Ashod, but I’m afraid that the Amazons, the Chamber of Commerce of the south coast, and even the Sea temple may attack us! ”

Soran knew this would happen.

When he knew Snake Island had fallen, he knew that a war was inevitable!

Even if it was farming time and the shadow plane could be explored, Soran had no time. It was a very serious blow to the morale of his men. If they didn’t fight back, then the pirates in port Tylon and Shipwreck Bay would desert him.

Soran’s rise was too abrupt!

His prestige had been built up by victories and brutal killings. He could not allow the enemy to stand on his head and provoke him now.


Gloria understood him immediately. She nodded and said, “Then I’ll go too!”

“No,” Soran shook his head and said, “You have to stay here. At this time, I can’t rest assured that other people in the base camp. I can only fight without worries if you’re here! ”

After hearing the words, Gloria looked at Soran anxiously and said, “But I’m afraid you don’t have much chance to win over the red dragon duchess! Let alone the fact that Ashrod has the backing of the Naga Siren royal family.”

Soran heard her and said, “The Sea temple will definitely lend a hand.”

Gloria shook her head gently and said, “Under these circumstances, the Sea temple may not help you that much; or else Snake Island wouldn’t have fallen.”

There was a moment of silence.

When Soran was about to speak, Vivian’s voice suddenly came from the outside of the door. It seemed that she was eager, “Big brother! And me! Leave the red dragon duchess to me!”

The little girl was in a black dress.

Her face seemed to be a little excited, and her lovely little face was full of the desire to fight as if she had stayed in the house for too long.


With a bloodthirsty smile, she held out her little hand and grabbed the cat girl who was following her, “Lulu is also very powerful! She can fight three… No! At least five… No! Maybe ten! ”

Poor Lulu was pulled along by Vivian. When she saw Vivian looking at her, she immediately nodded her head and said, “Meow!…Lulu…is powerful!…I’ll…I’ll fight 10 of them!…Meow!…”

The little cat girl put her paw out.

When she felt that one paw was not enough to make ten, she immediately put out her other paw.

Beast folk had the ability to transform. In the fighting state, part of their body would change from human to animal characteristics. Lulu had extraordinary Dexterity at a young age, which meant that she must be of some special lineage.


Gloria thought about it, and then she looked up and said, “The odds are still not good enough! I must set up a teleportation array on your warship so that I can use it as a teleportation mark and support you at any time when necessary! ”

Soran did not reject the idea. After all, dealing with the Dragon Disciple was not easy.

Just then!

Gloria suddenly looked up and asked, “Who is it? Which excellency had come to visit!”

“Please show yourself!”

Soran clenched his sword immediately and made preparations for the battle. Vivian narrowed her eyes and looked around carefully. Only Lulu didn’t take any action. Soran’s perception couldn’t be worse than that of Gloria. Lulu, as a beast folk, should be the most intuitive one, but even she didn’t respond. So the strongest possibility was that the visitor was not in the current plane.

Gloria, on the other hand, could somewhat sense it.


A magnetic voice was heard then a shadowy figure with a black robe appeared outside the door.

She raised her head to look at Gloria and said slowly, “Long time no see! It looks like you’re on the verge of becoming a legend! Sure enough, you’ve always been wiser than me! ”

Gloria’s mother!?


Soran was shocked to see her, but he did not relax.

After seeing her mother, Gloria raised her eyebrows and said, “Mother! You!”

“Yes,” the fallen witch of the north nodded gently. Her expression was calm as she explained, “I’ve fallen. I’ve made a deal with a powerful being in the underworld.”

The aura of a demon.

Soran’s sense was sharp. When he heard that, he immediately felt a trace of demon aura.

Gloria, with a stern expression, said slowly, “What are you doing here?”

The fallen northern witch got up and walked into the room. She was surprised to see Vivian next to her. Then she said calmly, “To help you. The news that you came to the south coast spread widely. I knew you were here as soon as I heard about it. If you want to deal with Ashrod, I can help you! ”

Gloria did not relax at all. With a sad voice, she sighed and asked, “What do you want in return?”

Her mother had ultimately fallen.

Even though she had foreseen some of the future, she didn’t think that her mother would deal with a demon.

Good thing it wasn’t a devil.

Or else her soul would have been in the deal too!


Gloria’s mother looked up at Soran, and then she did something unexpected. She bowed down slightly to show her respect, and then said, “Your Excellency Throat Cutter! Please forgive my past ignorance and shortsightedness. In my past days, pride, regret, and jealousy blinded my mind. ”


Not only was Soran shocked, but even Gloria was also shocked.

Was this really her mother?

That arrogant and mean woman! Why did she have a completely different attitude after her degeneration!

Gloria had never seen her mother apologized.

Not only did she put herself down, but she even spoke of her mistakes in such a calm manner.

Gloria took a deep breath.

Gloria had not expected the drastic change from her mother. She asked again, “Mother! What do you really want? I don’t believe you’ll come here without reason!”

Gloria’s mother looked at Soran again and said, “Him.”

“A man that’s outside the will of destiny.”

“The man that is unique when the coin of fate is tossed! When I first met him, he was a lowly thief, but now he is the ruler of the south coast, and he has touched the edge of legend. I have enough reason to believe that he is a man beyond the will of destiny. Only he can change my destiny. ”

“I don’t want too much. Just that he would change my destiny when I’m about to fail.”

“In return, I’ll give him anything he wants!”

Gloria’s mother turned her eyes to her daughter and seemed to notice the distrust on her face. She was a degenerate: a witch who traded with demons, and her daughter wouldn’t even believe her. Corinne had a wry smile and said, “In the past, I was confused by pride and prejudice.”

“After leaving the north. I went to different places, and finally understood something.”

“That was what I’m willing to give up for what I pursue. At last, I found the answer in the desert. I’ve devoted all my efforts to it. I’ve lost my husband and even my only daughter. I’ve spent all my energy on it. I have changed from a noble witch in the north to an exile, a degenerate. I will never give it up, so I am willing to give everything for it! I gave up my arrogance, remorse, meanness, dignity, body, soul…”


Soran was not sure what the fallen northern witch wanted, or for what did she gave up all she had.

However, the woman gave Soran a shock!

At that moment, he couldn’t help but think of his own walk. For Vivian, he would also give up everything.


Gloria let a sad expression and said, “You!…”

Corinne’s expression was very calm. Even if she said something so shocking, she was still quite calm, as if she was telling something unimportant. She then said slowly, “I am still me, but I was blinded by my heart in the past, and now I finally see through all the mists!”

“Your excellency, Throat Cutter. My only request is that someday you’ll change my destiny. I’ll give you everything. What my daughter can give you, I can give you too!…”

The fallen witch was still very calm.

It was real peace, not the disguise of the acting ability. Her heart seemed to have found something. Thus her words felt real.

At this moment, Soran changed her perspective on her. He found that the woman in front of him was the same kind of person as him.

They just had different goals. Soran’s was Vivian.

Gloria turned her eyes to Soran. Her expression was complicated; sadness, anger, and many feelings that could not be expressed in words because the one standing in front was her mother!

However, her mother had made a deal with a demon; maybe her soul had been traded too!

Trust wasn’t easy.

Soran was silent. He looked at the fallen witch and asked slowly, “Which demon did you make a deal with?”

The fallen witch became silent.

Her expression was hard and bitter, and then she slowly took off her clothes. Her white and delicate skin was like milk. There was a very strange tattoo near her ribs, which looked more like a birthmark. It was a red lip pierced by a wire. The red lip was so enchanting as if it was full of beauty, an attractive dark power.

Soran was shocked once more.

Gloria became angrier!

She looked at her mother and yelled, “Queen of Succubus!…”

“Are you mad!?”

“Do you know what the end result will be? You idiot!!…”

Soran had never seen Gloria so angry.

She was enraged and sorry.

Her emotions even affected Soran.

The fallen witch slowly pulled up her clothes. Even now her expression was very calm, and slowly said, “I know. It’s just that the Queen of Succubus could give me what I want! I’m destined to be a failure.”

“So why don’t I bet everything? Daughter! You’re better than me!… But somethings you can’t understand!…”

Queen of Succubus. Soran was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say.

Anyone who made a deal with her would not have the upper hand. In the end, she may lose everything. She was one of the abyss demons that Soran was most afraid of.

God knows what this witch had put to gamble!