Abyss Domination

Chapter 350 - All-out War!

It was a bright and sunny day.

It rained a little bit in the morning, making the road a little muddy, but soon the sky was clear. Near February, it was time to plant seeds. With the help of thousands of slaves, Soran finally dug through the ditch connecting the river and built a simple dam with the help of magic to turn mud into stone. Gloria and Vivian jointly performed the transformation of clay into stone in two days.

This kind of dam which was made from stones was probably better than made from cement.

It was the first step for Soran to reclaim the land. The abundance of slaves allowed him to squeeze the labor value. According to his estimation, this year, they would complete the reclamation plan of at least ten thousand Mu of land. Ten thousand Mu of land was enough to allow for self-sufficiency of Modor city. As long as the city was self-sufficient, Soran would not have much to worry about.

Food, land, and people–

These three things were more important than gold in times of trouble. They were also important to form divinity.


A loud explosion came from where Soran was staying. Soran stood up with great excitement. However, unlike the past, he now had two balls of fire in his palm, which were about the size of his fist. The flames were formed in a highly concentrated state, and then it floated in his palm.

[Melf’s Minute Meteors]!

Soran finally learned the level 3 spell.

Soran took a deep breath, then looked at the surrounding environment. Then he leaped directly to a height of nearly 12 meters. Then he waved his hand forward, and a fist-sized fireball roared out. Unlike the spell Fireball, the flame was like a solid thing. It felt like a lead ball, not an energy ball like a fireball. The fist-sized ball roared out at an amazing speed and hit the target in front at the next moment. The target was blown into pieces of wood, leaving only a bare wooden handle.


In a short time, five targets exploded in front of Soran. These training targets were blasted to pieces. Occasionally, one or two of them were blown open after the ball penetrated the target. Even if Soran used the elven battle bow to shoot at full force, there was no way to shoot through these wooden targets that were nearly 10 cm thick.


Soran came down to the ground. The balls of fire on his palm seemed slightly dimmer. Within a second, his great Dexterity allowed him to attack five times swiftly.

“Melf’s Minute Meteors [Maximize Spell]!”

The killing power of Melf’s Minute Meteors, which was enhanced by the ability to Maximize spell, was more powerful than Soran expected. He could only do this amount of damage with a full stroke from his sword, but this spell only needed him to throw it out. At Soran’s current spellcasting level, he could cast Melf’s Minute Meteors [Maximize Spell] 11 times. According to his current attack speed, without considering hitting the target or not, he could throw them out in 2 to 3 seconds.

Since all the targets were blown into pieces, Soran could only turn to the walls.

One Melf’s Minute Meteors flew into the wall, and a pit appeared with a depth of nearly 5cm. There was also a small explosive effect, with the killing power similar to that of an Arcane Missile. That was to say, the damage done by the Melf’s Minute Meteors was around 30. At present, he could only do 40 damage with a good slash from his sword.

Of course.

As a level 3 god slaying spell, Melf’s Minute Meteors was more than this.

The Melf’s Minute Meteors was equivalent to a + 5 level rare weapon, which meant that it had +5 penetration. Most supernatural life could not completely be immune to the damage it causes.

Five continuous balls flew out and made a hole in the wall. Soon cracks appeared around the hole, and the whole wall collapsed.

“Your excellency!”

The patrols outside yelled and quickly came to Soran.

Soran stopped looked at them and said, “It’s fine!”

“Bring some armor from the storage; leather armor, chainmail, iron armor, and full metal armor.”

His men quickly went out.

After a few minutes, they brought out a pile of different armors.

Soran temporarily made a wooden frame with his sword, and then he asked his men to put the leather armor on it. The two-level five spell slots were all used to remember Melf’s Minute Meteors [Maximize Spell]; Soran once again recited the spell and cast it, then two fist-sized fireballs reappeared in his palm. He threw out a ball toward the wooden frame with the leather armor. With the rumbling explosive sound, the leather armor was blown open on the spot, and the front of the armor had been blown out of shape.

The second experiment was chainmail.

Soran threw out a ball, and explosions were heard again. The chainmail had a ten-centimeter hole in the middle.

Then it was the iron armor, which was blown to pieces.

However, when Soran tested the half-body armor, the effect was much different, because the half-body armor was made from a relatively complete piece of iron. The ball of fire only blew out a pit and didn’t destroy the equipment directly. With Soran’s current Spellcasting Score, his limit was here. Half body armor could somewhat protect against the Melf’s Minute Meteors, so full body armor could be even better. The other armors, however, were basically the same as paper paste under the penetration effect of + 5.

“The effects are like a grenade!”

Soran waved his hand satisfactory and blew a pit on the ground. Then ordered, “tidy these things up.”

The killing power was shocking!

The only disadvantage was that the spell had only 11 rounds, and the hit rate needed to be controlled by himself.

Even though the Melf’s Minute Meteor traveled fast, hitting the target or not was dependent on the user.

This spell could not be controlled mentally!

In terms of stats, it required his own Dexterity to hit. In this respect, Soran definitely had a great advantage because no pure wizard had a higher Dexterity than him.

After cleaning up a little.

Soran got up and went to the port to check. Because of the support of the temple of Riches, the port of Modor, which had its own advantages as a natural port, had been preliminarily completed. Now there was no problem in docking a batch of ships. What needed to be done next was to expand the port further. On the other hand, the land sold to the temple of Riches had been built. However, there was only one foundation in the center because that would be where their temple would be built.

These rich buggers insisted that the temple had to be built using marble.

Anyone who knew a little about architecture knew how much manpower and financial resources it took to build with pure white marble.

There was not much marble nearby, and no marble mine had been found, so the materials for building the temple needed to be transported from other places. The bigoted priests were of the opinion that only white marble could match the Goddess of Riches, so they actually used a fleet to transport the marble from other places.

If the temple was expanding too quickly around the port, Soran would be quite worried.

Kim was still walking around. The woman was actually very beautiful, and she was very experienced in dealing with people. When she saw Soran, she seemed to want to come over and talk about it. But just then, a warship with a broken flag came in. It was Soran’s black flag!

Something was wrong.

Immediately, Soran rushed over.

The warship soon got close to the port. A lot of blood could be seen from a distance, as well as some bodies on the deck.

All of them were pirates under Soran’s command. Some of them were elite troops that he had a good impression of. Now they were all corpses lying on the deck. The warship was full of traces of sword cutting; there were also obvious signs of battle. Even the mast had been hit by cannon. The whole warship had been seriously damaged.

“Your excellency, Throat-Cutter!”

The scarred face pirate covered with blood limped out with the help of a pirate. His left arm was gone, and he was wrapped with bandages. The northern man, who was nearly 1.9 meters, pushed aside his assistant, then stumbled toward Soran. Then he fell on his knees with a thump and said angrily, “I am incompetent!”

“Snake island had been attacked by Ashrod! Our men there died, and we barely escaped!”

“Snake island has also been burnt to the ground!”


The wood under Soran’s feet cracked inch by inch, and his face turned blue for a moment. A strong murderous aura made everyone panic.

“How is it possible!?”

Soran almost roared out the words and said angrily, “All the elite of Asrod are stationed on the eastern route. How can they have the ability to circle around and attack Snake island quietly?”

Scarface buried his head deep, said with shame, “It was Rossad, Chamber of Commerce! We had no idea that Asrod had conspired secretly with the Principality of Rossad! They attacked Snake island and caught us by surprise! ”

Principality of Rossad?

Soran calmed down and said, “Rossad Chamber of Commerce? Principality of Rossad? The Duchess of Red Dragon? Ashrod had formed an alliance with them?”

“What about the sea temple? How could the sea temple have no reaction or information? Did they send troops to help?”

Scarface was a little gloomy and slowly said, “We sent out people to ask for help, but Snake Island fell too fast. There was no news from the sea temple, and I don’t know if the sea temple knew about it. ”

The Naga Siren priest!

How could they not know about the attack?

Port Tylon was not far from Snake Island. Soran had hoarded a lot of materials and sent many men to guard them. It was not so easy to capture Snake island. How could the sea temple not know anything?

Soran took a deep breath.

The atmosphere was so oppressive that others were afraid to speak. After a while, he picked up the scar-faced pirate in front of him and said in a deep voice, “Can you still fight?”

The scar-faced pirate, who thought he was going to die, suddenly raised his head and said firmly, “yes!”

The fall of Snake Island.

He thought that he was going to die for sure since that place was an important base for Soran.

As the leader of shipwreck bay, he had the greatest responsibility, so it wouldn’t be strange if Soran killed him right now.

“Priest Kim.”

Soran turned around and looked at the priest, then said, “please.”

Kim had a stern expression too and said, “No problem. Limb regeneration is not troublesome. He will be able to fight again soon. ”

“En,” Soran nodded softly. He then told his men, “Gather the men to the hall!”

A serious aura spread in Modor.

The previously playful pirates were all stern. One by one, the pirate leaders hurried to the meeting hall, all of them looking very serious, as if a storm was coming.

The half-elf Casa.

The red-haired pirate, Adele Isabella.

Dark Blade – Andri


One-eyed Jack.

Tiger shark.


Soran’s pirate leaders, big and small, gathered in the meeting hall. Scarface, who had his arm regrown, was sharpening his sword.

Soran stood in the center of the hall and said with a serious tone, “Snake island had fallen!”

The hall was quiet.

The pirate leaders had already heard about the attack before they came here.

There was no fear in their eyes. On the contrary, there was a kind of bloodthirsty excitement. This period of peace had made them yearn for blood.

There were pirates, after all!

As witnesses to the establishment of Modor, these pirate leaders had enough confidence in Soran. They knew that Soran must be furious at the fall of the snake island, so they knew a confrontation with Ashrod was inevitable.

Soran looked around the room and said, “Ready the men!”

“Adele Isabella! Call upon the pirate fleet in Shipwreck bay!

One-eyed jack!… go to the port Tylon to gather people and ask for the support of the Sea temple!

Casa, lead the leading ship to cut off the eastern route, don’t let any of Asrod’s ships go near the south coast!

Dark Blade – Andri! Send word to your high priest!

They have to send men to fight this time!

Others, gather your men and follow me! This time, we have to go all out with Ashrod!”