Abyss Domination

Chapter 349 - Port Modor

Three days went by.

Soran was busy analyzing the spell model of “Melf’s Minute Meteors,” while Gloria had been arranging an array to contain all shadow cracks. The penetration of cross-plane energy was prone to accidents. It would be a very troublesome thing whether the clash of the different energies or the creatures of the shadow plane slipped to the material plane. For Gloria, the important thing was to be able to move back and forth freely before solving the mystery of the shadow plane. As an orthodox wizard, she would surely leave a safe route for herself.

Adventuring into the plane without any prior knowledge, was the style of a rogue.

Last night, Gloria went over to Soran’s place to spend the night and also mentioned Vivian.

The little girl asked her a lot about souls. She even asked where the soul would return after death and how long a pure soul could exist if it didn’t carry out rebirth, where the soul finally arrived after the death, and the law of the transformation of the soul, many things even Gloria had no answer to. After all, she had just touched the realm of legends. Maybe she had mastered the skill injecting soul fragments into Constructs, but she still had no grasp of the knowledge of the spirit realm.

Vivian recorded everything seriously then asked more about legendary spells.

As they discussed, Gloria also told Soran very seriously that the little girl seemed to be very interested in the legendary spell [Wish]. This spell was taboo among the wizards, because it was a legendary spell that could theoretically achieve most of the wishes, but had to pay a heavy price. [Wish] could revive the dead, increase the person’s Strength, improve their attributes, and even make people immortal. Theoretically, this legendary spell could satisfy the wishes of most ordinary people, but the cost was high.

Soran became silent after hearing this.

He didn’t say anything, only let out a soft sigh.

[Wish] was one of the most difficult legendary spells to master. The difficulty of memorizing was frightening, let alone achieving the conditions of casting.

Ultimately this spell would summon a Genie!

The effect was a bit like Aladdin’s lamp. It may summon a Djinn or a Dao. The spell may even summon the ancient elemental gods.

Currently, there were not many in the world that could cast this spell.

Another day went past.

Soran’s analysis of the spell model of “Melf’s Minute Meteors” was finally on the right track, with the progress of nearly 45%. As he progressed, the speed of mastering got faster and faster. It was estimated that he would be able to remember the spell in a short time. However, on this day, the fleet from the temple of Riches finally reached port Modor, and many people and materials had also arrived.


Gloria gave this name. The name came from the north and had a special meaning.

She made a simple Fortune Tell and finally decided to use the name. Soran didn’t care much about this, so he named it “Modor.”

The temple of Riches assembled a vast fleet.

With abundant financial resources, they used many big ships to transport goods and people. When Soran arrived at port Modor, he saw a group of skinny yellow slaves being escorted down; these were slaves from the mines. The temple secretly controlled many mines, which needed a large number of slaves. Moreover, there was a high probability of the death of slaves working in the mines. Thus the temple had to control a large number of the slave trade secretly.

The slaves brought by the temple were a mix of different races. Most were human, but there were also other races.

Soran even saw some Grey Dwarfs.

They were excellent slaves, as Mind flayers had already controlled them for a long time. The grey dwarfs were also very tough, so many slave owners liked them.

“Your excellency.”

After receiving the slaves, the half-elf first mate trotted over and said, “All have been accounted for. A total of 632 slaves were transported, most of them are humans and a few other races. Thirty-two of them are sick, and some died on their way to the sea. Shall I settle them down now? ”

“En,” Soran nodded as he didn’t have much sympathy for slaves.

These slaves were seen everywhere. The slavery system was greatly rooted in this world, and even the temples supported it. Many perspectives from Soran’s previous world was pointless here.

Soon, the slaves were brought to the city of Modor.

Then a priest with a lot of jewelry appeared in front of Soran. For some reason.,Soran felt the urge to steal something from her, probably because he was a rogue. Even though the gold and jewelry on her were not rare grade items, they were worth around 50 to 60 thousand Gold Derahls.

All high-grade priests were quite rich, so the priest of the Goddess of Riches was even richer.

Kim smiled as she stood beside Soran. Then she waved to the port and said, “We’ll get started then.”


A loud bang was heard from the port.

Then he saw several huge ships put their deck down. The ships then opened their heavy hatch and let some huge golem came out.

Most of them were clay golems and stone golems about three meters. They came to the port with dull steps. Then they moved under the control of a grade 3 wizard and soon reached the land promised by Soran to the temple of Riches.


There were huge bangs, and then there were sounds of flattening and explosion. The ten golems pushed forward like a large roller. The stone golems were responsible for breaking the mountains and cracking the stones while the clay golems became small diggers that quickly flattened the land.

The art of golem.

Soran was startled. He snapped out of his awe after a while. Compared with primitive human labor, the golems seemed to work like modern technology. However, this method consumed a lot of resources. If there wasn’t an Elemental Pool from a wizard tower to charge the golem, such a large amount of energy consumption must be made up of money.

The golems worked highly efficient!

These golems were specially designed and had no fighting capability. In a very short time, the golems had already flattened the land and started to build the foundation. Rocks that needed two people to carry, the clay golem could carry one with each hand and move with amazing speed. The stone golem could carry stones that were several tons. They were more efficient than excavators and cranes because the latter need to be operated by people, and the golems could do things on their own.

Kim said with satisfaction, “The strength of the temple impresses you. With this speed, we could finish the port in half a month.”

Soran didn’t say anything because he felt like he was being led by someone from a different era. While he was still desperately relying on human power to do things, others had begun used machine like tools.


Soran looked at these golems and went into deep thought.

Gloria’s golems could not be brought out. They belonged to the council of witches. She only brought a clay golem for cleaning.

However, Soran remembered another matter.

[War of Golems]!

Soran had a very deep memory of the great event, and it was also the event that let the world know the shocking strength of the legendary sword saints.

The War of Golems had not happened yet.

If no one triggered the red alert in ruins, or if someone canceled the battle command of the legion of golems in advance, would the war of golems even break out?

If that legion of the golem was not destroyed, how powerful would it be?

At that time, it was estimated that their combat effectiveness was equivalent to the main force of a principality. If the red alert had not been activated, people would not have destroyed the legion of golems. According to records, the golems were given a command to destroy everything, but before the command came into effect, they were buried in the ruins. Later, some explored the remains and found the bones of Demons.

Some people speculated that there must have been an outbreak of some terrible plague of the dead, or that devils had invaded. That was why the legion of golems was finally given the order to destroy everything.

If someone could change the command, then everything would be different!

Soran went into deep thought.

“[War of Golems]. A battle at the legendary level. The difficulty of exploring the remains was the same as that of the desert evil things. If you do not have a legendary team, you may die without knowing the reason. (Note: most of the remains related to the Arcane Empire are legendary challenges.)”

The difficulty may be as difficult as the wizard tower in the shadow plane!