Abyss Domination

Chapter 348 - Sad Vivian

After getting a promise from Saruman, Soran felt more at ease.

Since he promised to finish the task by the end of the month, he would wait for a while more. Before leaving, Soran glanced at the cannibal plants again. He didn’t know if it was his mind playing tricks on him, but he noticed that the plants moved slightly. These mutant plants were a little special, so hopefully, Saruman’s research on them would not cause any trouble.

It was close to evening.

Soran walked around the camp once, and was ready to go back and research more on the spell ‘Melf’s Minute Meteors.’

This low-grade god slaying spell was really not that easy. Soran had been analyzing the spell model for so many days, but still hadn’t made much progress. There were many quite complex spell nodes and models in the construction of the “Melf’s Minute Meteors” spell model. If a spell model was compared to a circuit board, then level 3 spells were like calculators, while the Melf’s Minute Meteors was the difficulty of a computer. This requires an amazing ability of memory and analysis. According to Soran’s estimation, it was almost more difficult than level 6 spells.

The sea wind blew.

Soran came to the west gate.

Just when he came here, he saw that the patrol was a little alarmed, but it didn’t seem to be a big deal.

“Your…Your excellency!…”

The captain in charge of training saw Soran, he trotted over and said, “The young madam is!… The young madam is walking around with a dragon!…”

A dragon?

Soran was shocked when he heard this, then quickly went over.

Just around the gate, Soran saw Vivian in a black princess dress, walking at a rather happy pace with a satisfied expression. The little girl led a Quetzalcoatlus the size of a hound; it seemed that it had just hatched for a few days. At the moment, Vivian tied a pink rope to its neck, and then she took it for a walk like walking a dog. The newly hatched Quetzalcoatlus was not big, but its eyes were full of ferocity. Occasionally, when someone passed by, it would open its mouth and roar, and raise its wings to show strength.

The growth of the dragon species was slow, but they would have fighting capabilities at an early age.

When a young dragon was born, it would be able to fight after eating other eggs. When a pure-blooded young dragon was born, it would have 1 challenge rating, which could easily kill an adult man without combat training. Only three or five days later, the young dragon would grow tusks and claws, and the challenge rating would be increased to level 2-3, which could kill some noob professions. Although the Quetzalcoatlus in front of them had just hatched, it still could easily kill one or two adults.

Without proper training, the young Quetzalcoatlus was filled with ferocity, and Vivian was dragging it around with a string.

Although it dared to show his teeth and claws to others, it was quite afraid when it turned to the little girl. It seemed that it must have been punished after it had hatched. Young dragons didn’t regard the first person they saw as their parents. The genetic memory of the dragon was no joke. They could still distinguish if the creature was a dragon or not. It was much more dangerous to raise such a dragon subspecies than to raise a wild wolf cub. That was why Soran doesn’t agree that the little girl should raise the dragon.

“Big brother!”

Vivian soon noticed Soran, and the little girl gave a joyful cry. Then she ran toward him with the rope pulling the Quetzalcoatlus.

The young Quetzalcoatlus could not fly and could not run.


Vivian looked like she was showing off. She raised the pink rope, then pushed the young Quetzalcoatlus with her leg lightly. She pushed it in front of Soran and said happily, “the egg had hatched! Brother, look! It’s called Blacky! Doesn’t it look awesome!”


Soran twitched his mouth, then nodded relentlessly, “Yeah, it is very awesome!”


Vivian was very happy when she heard that. Then she raised her small hand and led the Quetzalcoatlus forward. She wanted to take it for a walk to let other people know it. People here were very violent and might kill Blacky if they didn’t know better. The little girl walked with joy, holding a rope in her little hand, and dragging the young Quetzalcoatlus behind her. Occasionally, other people would be shocked to see her and her pet.

By tomorrow everyone would know that Vivian had a dragon pet!

But it really was awesome. Others walked dogs while she walked a dragon. Seeing that the little girl was so happy, Soran could only shake his head and sigh.

Around dinner time, Vivian led the young Quetzalcoatlus back.

The newly hatched Quetzalcoatlus ate a large amount of food. If they had enough food, they could gain 35 pounds a day. About half a year later, the Quetzalcoatlus could reach 1000 pounds. The catgirl is a small maid’s dress was in charge of feeding it. She carried a big wooden bucket filled with fresh fish from the port. It seemed that the little cat girl was also very playful. She moved the fish left and right, playing with the Quetzalcoatlus before feeding it.

A fish that was a foot long was swallowed by it in one go.

Just a day or two after hatching, the Quetzalcoatlus was already able to eat a bucket of fresh fish.

Occasionally, the little cat girl would also hold a fresh fish greedily and smell it. She seemed to like the fishy smell. Unfortunately, she did not dare to put it into her mouth after looking around.

Because if she ate raw fish, Vivian would punish her.

She was a bit afraid of Vivian.

Especially when Vivian wore a black princess dress, the catgirl often felt scared.

A day passed without any drama.

Soran began to analyze the spell model of “Melf’s Minute Meteors” after nightfall. It may be because of the accumulation of the previous days because now, his research has become a little faster.

The big room was lit up by a magic light, which felt like a hundred-watt light bulb.

Gloria brought it and some alchemy tools made by the wizard Saruman. Because there were two orthodox wizards around, Soran could also enjoy some conveniences. Most of the time, the world of wizards was full of fantasy, like science fiction. Soran still believed that there was not much difference between golems and high intelligent robots. Even in some areas, golems were superior to robots.

Soran forgot about time as he went into research.

Not sure how long had passed, when he finally snapped out of researching the spell model, the outside was already dark.

“Ta, Ta, Ta.”

Light footsteps were heard coming in front of Soran’s room.


Soran put down the quill pen in his hand, and then put away a large stack of white paper. With the improvement of his capability, his perception and listening ability was becoming stronger and stronger. Other rogues were less likely to attack Soran, and he became more aware of his day to day surroundings.

He got up, opened the door, and saw the little girl standing there.

Vivian was wearing a pure white nightdress and pink cotton slippers on her feet. Her beautiful big eyes seemed to be covered with tears as if she had just woken up and was a bit confused.

“Big brother!” the little girl went to Soran, as tears came down her eyes.

Soran quickly picked up the girl in front of her, leaned over her forehead and kissed her, then asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you crying? ”

Vivian held Soran tight and said in a small voice, “Big brother!… I dreamed about Heath…”


That loyal dog.

Soran also became a little sad when he heard her. He kissed her on her cheek and said softly, “Don’t cry now. Heath is buried in the graveyard by us, and it will rest in the kingdom of the god!… ”

Perhaps it was because she had a new pet, that was why she thought about the old dog that had been with her.

Soran has also been cruel and cold.

Not anyone could earn his respect. However, that dog could.

It was a loyal dog.

Soran could still remember how old it was, but it still guarded the house beside Vivian. Unfortunately, it couldn’t even have a good meal before it died.

Its mission was also fulfilled because Soran lived.

Faith made the old and hungry dog stay up until Soran woke up. Then he unloaded his burden and left peacefully in a deep sleep.

Soran buried it in a grave because it had his respect.

“Big brother…”

Vivian felt better after a good hug. She raised her head and said, “Vivian has become so powerful, could I bring him back?”

“I miss him so much!”


Soran was silent for a moment. He patted the little girl’s head, kissed it, but did not give her an answer.

Vivian seemed to have understood something.


The little girl sobbed out, “He really died and would never come back?…”