Abyss Domination

Chapter 347 - Chapter 160 Dragon Skin Armor +1

Soran got up early the next morning because the third shipment from Snake Island had arrived. At present, the transfer stations of the outer bases were all done at Snake Island, where a killer whale was present. Now that the killer whale was almost the size of a blue whale, smaller ships would not be able to bear a single hit from the killer whale. The maritime space near Snake Island had been divided into restricted zones by Soran, fearing a sneak attack from the pirate king Ashrod.

Around that area, all other ships except for Soran’s would be attacked by the killer whale.

About half a month ago, there was a merchant ship that sailed from Shipwreck Bay. The merchant ship was directly hit by the mutant killer whale and sunk; not one soul survived. Since then, others learned not to go into that region. People would learn how serious Soran was through the blood. Snake Island stored a large number of resources, many of which were directly supplied to the outer island bases, reducing the time between supplies.

Just out of the camp, the leader of the drows, Dark Blade Andri, waited in front.

“Your excellency, Throat Cutter!”

When he saw Soran approaching, he bowed a little and said, “I’ve asked some of my men to send the dragon eggs to our priest. There should be no problem in hatching them, but it’s hard to say whether they can be domesticated successfully. We’ve been away from the Underdark for too long, so there are only a few people in the group who knew how to domesticate Basilisk. ”

“But, we’ll definitely do out best!”

Soran looked at him with a stern expression and said, “I see. ”

He walked away after saying that.

Dark Blade Andri was a little nervous. He hesitated for a moment but did not go with Soran. Instead, he called for a drow Ranger, frowned, and said, “He is becoming more and more impatient with us! Haven’t those damned women come out with a result yet? At least they should show their position, right? I’m afraid Throat Cutter will be more and more dissatisfied with us! ”

The young Ranger was also nervous and whispered, “A lot of important positions had been taken over by those pirates. We can’t get close to the warehouse! The pirates obviously want to prove that they are no worse than us. I’m afraid we will be replaced if we go on like this! Besides, those pirates are all humans, but we are all drows. I’m afraid if we go on like this, Throat Cutter would… ”

The young drow ranger paused for a moment.

The two looked at each other and could not help shaking their heads. Dark Blade Andri frowned for a moment, clenched his teeth, and said, “Those damned females are really stubborn! It’s clear that we’re under someone else’s roof, but they still act as though they’re in the Underdark! ”

The drow ranger had a thought after hearing what Andri said. He suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Lord dark blade, the drow warriors are very supportive of you! And your reputation is not inferior to any priests, but because they are females, they always have a higher position than you! I think, since we have gradually integrated into the surface world, maybe some of our customs should be abandoned. As the males in the group, we have more responsibilities, but no corresponding status.”

“I think it’s time we made some changes!…”

“If your excellency is willing to stand up, I believe many drow warriors and rangers would support you!…”


Dark Blade Andri fell into silence, but his eyes burst with excitement, which seemed to be a little hot. In the society of drows, the status of male drows was very low. They did not have much power. Even in the belief of The Dark Maiden, the female drows were still firmly in the dominant position. After thousands of years of inheritance and accumulation, the suppressed males were not without complaint. It’s just that the custom of the ethnic group had been deeply rooted, and the rule of the female drow had become unshakable!

However, since they had come to the surface world, maybe there could be a change?

In the Underdark, if a male drow of any family was in the upper position, they may be ridiculed by other drow families, or even considered to be challenging the dominant position of female drows. Often they would be punished by the Queen of Spiders or even attacked by other drow families. But they were now on the surface world, and no one would attack them.

There was a cold light in Andri’s eyes. He slowly grasped the handle of his blade and said in a deep voice, “Give them another chance! They don’t know the strength of the Throat Cutter, but we can’t let our group be dragged into the abyss of eternal doom! ”

Soran’s methods were very ruthless.

For a long time, he had always been decisive. Dark blade Andri was worried about what will happen when he ran out of patience!

The port.

As soon as Soran arrived at the port, he saw the priest of the Goddess of Riches walking around. Kim still had many jewels, just like a noble lady. The best description of what they liked was the color of gold.

“Your excellency.”

The one-eyed pirate had been waiting nearby for a long time. Seeing Soran, he immediately handed over a list and said: “these are the goods that arrived. Also, here is the message from the sea temple.”

“En,” Soran took it over.

“Half the resources given to the drows, all the other goods give them to the eastern craftsmen as a reward.”

Soran opened the letter from the sea temple.

After looking at it, Soran could not help but frown. He kept the letter without saying a word.

“Your excellency!”

Kim came over with a smile on her face. She played with the agate ring on her index finger and said slowly, “It seems that we can sign an agreement? We are interested in the land, from the front slope to the land here, and we are willing to buy it at a price absolutely satisfactory to you. At the same time, if you have no problem, soon, the City of Wealth would send someone to support your construction of the port and wharf. ”

What a great appetite!

Soran glanced at the place she was referring to, and the position she had chosen was rather tricky. At one stroke, nearly one thousand Mu of land was zoned out. From the port to the border there, almost one-third of the most useful land was zoned out by her. And she seemed to have included a third of the ports, which made Soran a little hesitant.

“Don’t be in a rush to reject our proposal!”

Kim had been secretly observing Soran’s expression changes. After noticing that Soran seemed disagreeable, she immediately said, “the fleet of the City of Wealth set out yesterday. Maybe you’ll change your mind after you see our strength. Money has the most powerful effect on people. I’m sure we won’t let you down. ”

Saying this, she could not help let out a confident, playful smile.

Soran, however, was silent for a moment and then put the letter away. It seems that the priest had faster access to information than Soran. The fleet of the City of Wealth had actually set out yesterday; this was a way to show their strength. The foundation of a temple that had stood for thousands of years was really greater than a pirate king who had just laid his foundation.

At the warehouse.

As soon as Soran got back, the half-elf first mate was there waiting for him already.

Seeing him, the half-elf first mate bowed down slightly and then handed over well-made leather armor. He said excitedly, “We have finished crafting more than ten dragon leather armor. This is the one just made today. I have tested it slightly; its protective ability is similar to iron armor but is a lot lighter.”

“Please take a look, your excellency!”

Is it completed?

Soran smiled and reached for it. He looked at it carefully, felt the weight, and said with satisfaction, “Good! But this seems to be the dragon skin of the Quetzalcoatlus. What about the other parts? ”

Hearing this, the half-elf first mate said in a soft voice, “the other part is difficult to make. It may take a while, but the quality should be better than this batch.”

Soran nodded and said, “Tell them to get it done soon, we’ll probably be cleaning up the wildlings near here.

There was a bloodthirsty smile on the face of the half-elf first mate, and he said, “Don’t worry. We will definitely finish the task this month. ”

Item Type: Dragon Skin Armor

Item Grade: [Rare (Grade 1)]

Description: This is a leather armor made of dragon skin of Quetzalcoatlus. It is stronger and lighter than other armor and has good protection ability. Part of the dragon skin characteristics of the species will remain on the leather armor; it is durable against fire, ice, and acid, and will not be easily damaged. This Dragon Skin Armor is rough and is not at it’s best. It had the potential to be enchanted.

Requirements: 8 Strength or more [Because it’s dragon skin, it is relatively heavier compared to other leather armor.]

Effects: Dragon subspecies, Fortitude, Defence +5.

Item special effect: [Subspecies dragon skin], this dragon skin armor has the protective effects of the dragon subspecies. It is immune to any attack with an attack strength of less than five and can reduce the damage it receives when receiving most attacks.

Dragonskin was different indeed!

Soran took the Dragon Skin Armor + 1 in his hand and nodded his head contentedly. Compared with iron armor, the protection ability of this armor was also good. Giving them to his men would greatly increase their ability to fight.

Unfortunately, Soran could not wear it because there would be a higher chance of failure if a wizard was wearing armor. If the armor was too heavy, the chance of spell failure could increase to more than 50%. The only advanced class that could easily spell cast with armor was the arcane knight. They had a unique ability, which was called [Casting with Armor].

(Arcane Knight [advanced profession]: had the ability to be alert and iron-willed. Advanced specialized in combat casting and skill specialization [Focus]. You can wear any armor to spell cast.) [Note: one of the advanced professions of high-grade heroes, the advanced system of double cultivation of magic and martial arts. ]

The number of Arcane Knights was too small, so it was hard for him to learn the ability of “Casting with Armor.” Therefore, in the future, he could only find a way to get the legendary enchanted robe. The legendary wizard robe also had a strong protection ability, and could even directly be enchanted with a protection field.

After a day of work.

During the evening, after Soran had finished the work, he walked along the camp.

On his way, he went to see the research progress of wizard Saruman. The reclamation of cultivated land was almost completed, and it would be sown soon. The fertilizer had to keep up with the progress, or the harvest this year would never pass the mark.

Now, there were no weeds around the camp. The neat road was almost everywhere. Saruman’s lab was in the north corner. He seemed to like studying the plants in the tropical jungle.

Soran quickly came to an independent yard.

There were specially arranged magic traps nearby. Soran could easily find them by relying on the intuition of rogues. Meanwhile, the traps Saruman set up had also alerted of Soran’s presence.

“Welcome your excellency!”

The gate of the courtyard opened automatically. There was a simple alchemy array, from which Saruman’s voice came out, “What you need is almost finished.”

“I’m doing some experiments and cannot leave. Please come in freely, your excellency.”

Soran looked around, then went into the yard.

As soon as he went in, he saw some strange plants, which looked like pitcher plants. There were many plants that were not easy to identify. These plants were planted around the yard, and they were enclosed by special fences. Each plant had a sign in front of it, recording the planting time and so on.

“This is?…”

Soran frowned slightly and muttered, “Man-eating plant? He is cultivating these plants?”

It should be those strange plants.

Even though its size was similar, it lacked some life aura. But these plants should be the man-eating plants from the forest.

The difference was the plants seemed animated in the forest while they were just plants here.

Saruman stepped out of the room, bowed slightly to make an inviting gesture, and then said, “I have completed what you wanted.”

When he saw Soran observing the plants, his expression changed a little, and he pretended to be relaxed, “these cannibal plants are interesting. I’m studying them.”

“Oh yeah.”

“These plants were fertilized with the fertilizer your excellency wanted. You can see that they are growing very well.”

Soran noticed the momentary unnatural feeling Saruman had, but he didn’t ask much; after all, Saruman only had an employment relationship with him. The research hobby of wizards was very special. As long as it was not dangerous, it was within Soran’s tolerance. He had dealt with necromancers before. Compared with those who studied corpses all day, Saruman’s hobby was nothing. He got up and went into the room. At once, he saw a lot of bottles and cans, as well as a lot of glass test tubes.

For a moment, he felt that he was in a chemistry lab.


There was a field that included potions, enchantments, engineering, magical constructs, and so on. Even soul building was in the realm of alchemy.

There were three apprentices busy in the laboratory, beside which there was a heavy clay Golem. The clay Golem looked very stiff as if it hadn’t been infused the soul.

“Look, your excellency!”

Saruman took out a box, which contained something the size of sand, and smelled like urea. He reached for his beard and smiled, “this is what you wanted. I’ve tested it, and it works with any plant.”

Soran took one and looked at it.

This was a little different from the fertilizer in his memory, but the difference was not too far. It was technically not difficult to convert struvite stones into fertilizers.

He put it back and said, “How’s the production?”

“This!…” Saruman became awkward and said in a soft voice, “About this much per day.”

Soran frowned and said, “No, this is too little!”

How much was there in this box.

The amount of land he needed to reclaim was quite large. There were nearly a thousand slaves in charge of farming alone; this amount of fertilizer would not meet the demand for farming at all.

“I know!”

Saruman continued, “I’m already thinking of ways to change the alchemy engine. If I succeed, the production will increase.”

“En,” Soran nodded. He tapped on his shoulder and said, “Try to increase production. My request is not only that it fulfills our needs, but it would become something we can sell.”

“I think you understand what I mean.”

Saruman nodded seriously and claimed, “By the end of this month, the production would be to your excellency’s expectations.”