Abyss Domination

Chapter 346 - Spells

Soran went into deep thought.

He went back to the room. When he saw the scroll of the level 3 spell [Melf’s Minute Meteors] on the table, he made a decision as he remembered something. Instant cast was something of a legendary level, and the most important thing for him now was his current combat power since it was too hard to save up enough ability points for the legendary Spontaneous Casting. Furthermore, if he had become a god, he would have other spells to replace Spontaneous Casting.

The realm of the gods was indeed filled with mystery!

Thus Soran made the decision and muttered, “select Metamagic Abilities [Maximize Spell]!”

As he chose the metamagic ability, Soran’s thinking had also been completely opened up. He had a new idea about the total amount of spells he had mastered at this stage, the combat application of all kinds of spells, and the types of spells.

First, the level 1 spells!

Most defensive spells could not stop Soran, who had amazing Dexterity and Constitution. It could be said that most of the level 1 spells were not as good as his own attack. Therefore, all the level 1 spell slots were used to memorize [Arcane Missiles]. Soran currently had six level 1 spell slots. If all the slots were Arcane Missiles, he would be able to rely on the ability [Practiced Spellcaster] to instantly cast 30 missiles, which was equivalent to one level 6 spell [Missile Storm].

(Note: Arcane Missiles maximum five rounds. Lesser Missile Storm maximum 15 rounds, cast time 2 seconds. Greater Missile Storm maximum 30 rounds, cast time 3 seconds.)

In addition to the transformation type wizards, there were also ice wizards, necromancy, Arcane missile wizards, and wizards that specialize in Bigby’s Hand. The most powerful ones were the transformation wizards and the wizards that specialize in Bigby’s Hand. These two wizard systems were born before the Arcane Empire. At present, few could master these two sets of combat magic systems.

(Note: Bigby, one of the most famous battle wizards in history, is the inventor of Bigby’s Interposing Hand [level 5], Bigby’s Forceful Hand [level 6], Digby’s Grasping Hand [level 7], Bigby’s Clenched Fist [level 8], and Bigby’s Crushing Hand [level 9]. These five spells were the legendary battle spells of Bigby’s Hand, which were enough to kill a legendary fighter in face-to-face hand combat.)

There were two spells that could overpower the gods in combat; the spell Melf’s Minute Meteors, which Soran had discovered, and Bigby’s Hand.

Among them, the spell Melf’s Minute Meteors had a lower casting requirement.

After his thoughts had opened up, the other things were easier to work through.

Soran did not lack the ability to survive, so there was no need to memorize a large number of protection spells like other wizards. It was better for him to fill his spell slots with buffs or explosive spells. He filled his level 2 spells slots with Bull’s Strength and Cat’s Grace; the remaining level 3 spell slots were all used to memorize Arcane Missiles [Empower Spell].

Soran gave up most of the other spells and only retained the spell Fly; he used the other spells to memorize Arcane Missle [Maximize Spell].

With that, his ability to ‘BIUBIUBIU’ would be complete. From level 1 to level 3, he had memorized a total of 12 Arcane Missile spells.

With this amount of firepower, it was possible to end an enemy within moments!

From level 4 spells onward, Soran was more careful about which spell to memorize. That was because they were important in battle and great buffs.

In the end, he chose Bull’s Strength [Maximize Spell], Cat’s Grace [Maximize Spell], and Greater Invisibility.

As a level 10 wizard, Soran still had the remaining two level 5 spell slots. However, he did not want to use it for other spells. Instead, he wanted to use it to memorize his ace.

‘Melf’s Minute Meteors’!

Even though it was a level 3 spell, after combining it with the metamagic ability [Maximize Spell], it would require a level 5 spell slot to memorize.

Since he wanted maximum damage, he could not use level 3 spell slots to memorize the spell.

For the first time, Soran had a clearer picture of what spell slots he should use.

As a top-tier rogue, he was still a novice in the field of spellcasting. It wasn’t until he had mastered his own spells and abilities that his thought process became more clear. Although he had 22 Wisdom and 10 professional level in wizard, Soran only had about 20 spell slots. He didn’t have enough spells slots for him to cast spells freely like other wizards. He could only turn the core of his spellcasting style into explosive type, and try to match his rogue’s fighting style.

With his spellcasting style forming,

This would make it so that he wouldn’t need to rememorize the spells from scrolls.

Profession level 10 was the beginning of another tier. The Slaughter EXP needed to level up from here would be greatly increased. Especially for spellcasters, as the Slaughter EXP needed would be 20% more compared to other melee professions.

In the short term, Soran would not have enough Slaughter EXP for his wizard class. Instead, he wanted to focus on his Rogue and the legendary ability [Shadow Realm].

The afternoon passed quickly.

After having a clearer idea of what to do, Soran opened his attribute page. Soran was now not a thief who lived in the streets of Amber City and had many advantages compared to before.

His attributes were now:

Name: Soran

Race: Half-elf [Son of Slaughter]

Attributes: Strength 19(+7, Belt of Giant Strength+6), Dexterity 26 (+2), Constitution 22 (+1), Intelligence 22 (+2), Wisdom 16 (+1), Charisma 19 (+3, Sadness of Mohe +2).

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Profession: Level 10 Commoner (Max)/ Level 7 Rogue (0/126500)/Level 5 Shadow Dancer (0/18500)/Level 10 Wizard (0/148500) [Grade 4]

Health Points (HP): 292/292 [Strong]

Experience Points (EXP): 72075 Slaughter EXP, 1545 Profession EXP [Unassigned]

Skill Points: None

Attribute Points: None

Legend Rating: 27

Divine Points: 12 [Minor Divinity]. (Level up to [Lesser Divinity] requires 30 divine points.)

Status: Normal

Profession Skills: Sneak 225, Literacy 275, Steal 75, Pick Lock 80, Snare 75, Focus 65, Diplomacy 75, Appraise 45, Deception 40, Intimidation 75, Taunt 20, Performance 25, Listen 45, Evade 120, Parry 55, Block 30, Heal 65, Search 45, Detect 50, Scribe Scroll 45, Spellcraft 35, Survival 45, Use Magic Device 35, Cooking 35, Alchemy 25.

Legendary Skills: Omnipotent Hands, Epic Dexterity.

Special Skills: Blessing of the Maid of Misfortune, Blessing of the Sea Goddess, Dragonblood baptism level 2, Heart of Slaughter, Slaughterer, The Ascetic, Sage.

Personal Abilities: Nimble Left Hand, Eidetic Memory, Perseverance, Able Learner, Practiced Spellcaster, Reflex Evasion, Danger Sense, Dodge Roll, Darkvision, Spell Control, Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, Minor Magic Resistance, Lesser Cold Resistance, Lesser Poison Immunity, Greater Dual-wielding, Regeneration [Moderate], 10 feet Telepathy.

Profession Abilities: Grasp of Shadows, Martial Weapon [Proficiency], Curved Sword [Legendary].

Combat Skills: Shadowstrike, Conjure Shadow, Shadow Jump, Shadow Leap, Fear Gaze (Divine), Fear (Divine), Vampiric Touch (Divine), Counterspell, Sword Form [Heavy Hack], Sword Form [Horizontal Slash], Sword Form [Beheading], Sword Form [Spinning Strike].

Attributes, skills, abilities–Great power came from the accumulation of these three factors.

Soran basically had surpassed other professions at the same level in these three elements. The only obvious weakness was his Taunt, which was 20.

This was natural.

Soran’s fighting style had always been to deal with enemies in a clean-cut manner, so there was basically no chance to ridicule or provoke the enemies, that was why his Taunt skill was the slowest growing one.

Maybe it was because he had come in contact with more women, but his Acting skills had also improved.

A day went past.

Soran had devoted most of his energy to the analysis of the spell Melf’s Minute Meteors. However, he still took time out to work on the layout of the camp. At the same time, he also analyzed some of the information he got from port Tylon.

A war had broken out.

The northern beastman and the southern kingdoms have had small skirmishes.

The rebels of the south coast had attacked a city, and the decadent kingdom announced that they were bewitched by an evil devil. At the same time, they urgently called on the nobles in the kingdom to eliminate the rebels.

Unfortunately, there were a few responders. It seemed that in this period of chaos, many people felt the omen of the Time of Trouble. The old aristocratic would want to preserve their strength. Thus few would be willing to waste their resources. In particular, the main force of the rebel army had not been seriously damaged. Furthermore, there were only rumors about a devil, and no one could confirm his identity.

South gate.

A furtive figure came around from the side and climbed into a room through the window.

“Your excellency.”

The thin figure took off his cloak, then leaned over slightly and said, “I didn’t find anything. The guards were strict around the warehouse, and there were magic traps cast by the witch. I didn’t dare to go in. ”

There were many rogues among the believers of the Goddess of Fortune.

He was one of the followers in disguise. He had been trying to spy on the camp since he came to the camp.


Kim wore a gold robe inlaid with pearls and jewels, slightly nodded, and said, “Be careful. Although he is friendly to us, it’s better not to provoke him.”

“Any news from the temple?”

A middle-aged man stood behind her. He looked like an average believer but was, in fact, a grade 3 wizard.

The Goddess of Fortune had a wide range of believers, and there were many wizards who gave their faith to money. Hearing this, he immediately replied, “there is no clear message, but the temple is secretly sending people to negotiate with the Sea temple.”

Level 5 spell ‘Message.’

After listening to his words, Kim pondered for a moment and then said: “Let them speed up. The decline of the City of Wealth may result in the goddess being dissatisfied with us. If we can establish a trade route here, the prosperous trade could enhance the goddess’s power and influence.”

“Yes.” the middle-aged man nodded and replied.

At that moment, s

“I don’t think Throat Cutter is business savvy at all!”

“I went out a lot these days and found that he put most of his human and material resources into that useless land. The cultivated land that has just been reclaimed is basically of little value. Even if there was good weather, it would only yield very little. He’s better off just doing trade. If he invested all his time, energy, manpower, and material resources into the construction of a port and wharf, he would get 20 years’ worth of yield from that field in one year of trading.

“At the end of the day, he’s just a rich village pumpkin with little vision. He just wants to keep the land.”

Kim turned to look at her. It seemed that the identity of this woman was quite high, so her attitude and tone were relatively soft. She shook her head slowly and said, “maybe it’s not that simple. A pirate king who could rise up in such a short time would certainly not be a simple character. ”

“Perhaps he has a bigger plan!”

A bigger plan?

What could be this big plan? What plan would make him put more importance into that piece of land and not the wealth in front of him?

The woman thought for a while and seemed to have an idea.

Sea temple.

With a crash of smashing something, then from the hall came the angry roar of the Naga Siren priest, “How could it be! This hungry white-eyed wolf! When did he get so close with the temple of wealth! ”

The Naga Siren priest had an angry expression.

There was a strange voice nearby, which seemed to come from the seawater under the temple. It asked, “Your Excellency, the priest! What now? ”

The priest thought for a moment and said, “This guy is becoming harder and harder to control!”


“We have to send people to build the temple. He has developed some power in the outer islands. It’s time to build the belief of the sea goddess there.”

A strange voice continued to come from under the sea, “What about the temple of wealth? These guys are not easy to deal with! ”

“Agree to their request. But they have to pay for it,” said the Naga priest, with a wry smile on her lips! “If they want to get their faith into the outer islands, they would have to give up part of their own interests. Tell them that we have to allow us to spread our faith among the fishermen in the coastal areas before we would allow them to expand their trade in the outer islands. ”

Trading of faith.

This was the priest’s intentions!

For a long time, the sea temple has had a hard time moving their faith inland.

The request for the temple of wealth was an opportunity for her to spread her faith to the coastal areas. She dared not put forward too many conditions, but only focused on the fishermen who may become believers of the sea goddess. As for whether they would be able to expand the scope and influence of the sea goddess further after they had laid a foundation along the coast, that was something of the future.

The fisherman was an opportunity for them.

As long as the temple of wealth permitted them, they would be able to root their faith among humans.

As for who would gain more and had more influence, in the end, it depended on the strength of each temple. The Naga Siren priest was very confident about this because as long as she cut off the sea route, the situation of the temple of wealth would become quite passive.

Thinking of this, she could not help showing an evil smile!

Inside a dark valley.

The strong smell of blood almost enveloped the land. There were dead vampire bats everywhere, and ferocious vampire slaves.

At the center were the corpses of Blackguards.

As a powerful fallen profession, they were ultimately killed by the numerous vampire bats.

“How is this possible!…”

The priest with a black robe was covered with blood. Under the torn black robe, the body armor he was wearing was exposed. He held a heavy mace in one hand, and a shield with flowing light in the other hand. He mumbled in a daze: “How could I fail!…”

There were five followers around him.

Only the priests survived; high-grade priests who could wear full body armor without affecting their casting ability.

In this kind of fierce battle, the priest would always be the last standing!


The figure of the vampiric demigod descended from the sky. There were serious burning marks on his chest, but flesh and blood there was regenerating rapidly. He didn’t have the grace and calm expression at the beginning, because half of his head seemed to be severely burned. Many high-grade Darkguards fell nearby, and few vampire slaves survived.

“It’s finished.”

With a smile on his face, the vampiric demigod slowly said, “the elite of your temple were all buried here by you. Even if you go back, the high priest will not let you go.”

“So, what do you say?”

“Serve me! Or die!”

“Now that you have no power to stop me, why do you cling to a fallen god? Become loyal to me! You would be the chief priest. Anything he can give you, I can give you too!”


A weapon fell on the ground.

The priest seemed to have given up and slowly kneeled down.


The vampiric demigod let out an uncontrollable laugh.

After defeating the temple of Fear, they would no longer be able to prevent the vampiric demigod from stealing the power of Fear. After accumulating a certain amount of power, the vampiric demigod would be able to take up the divine title of Fear.

In the dark corner of the valley.

The Hellpoemer kept the magic flute in his palm. He was surrounded by corpses with various ways of death. However, they all had a calm expression when they died.

He looked silently at the vampiric demigod, as his eyes glowed with a strange light.