When the notification finally appeared, Soran felt a sense of relief.

It was more difficult for the spellcaster to master his or her ability compared to other classes. Many melee class necessary abilities could be learned in a year and a half, but even the most straightforward abilities of the wizard took a lot of time. From the moment Soran multi-professioned in the wizard, the ability [Practiced Spellcaster] had been accumulating, but only until now did he mastered it. And among them, there were also the abilities [Able Learner] and [Sage], but it still took a long time.

“Practiced Spellcaster [Spellcasting ability]: as you cast spells again and again. Your ability to master spells had gradually improved, also enhancing your ability to master spells. When you cast any spell, the time spent would be -1. If you cast a spell that takes only one second to cast, you would instantly cast the spell. This cast time reduction effect can be stacked with other equipment of the same effect. ”

“Arcane Missile!”

Soran gently raised his fingers, without even chanting, then a series of arcane missiles shot out, penetrating the target in front of him. Practiced Spellcaster was the core ability of a wizard; many of the Metamagic Abilities mastered in the future would come from this basic ability.

Since he had mastered the ability [Practiced Spellcaster], Soran did not need to save up on the Slaughter EXP he got.

A row of data appeared:

“The Profession wizard is now Level 10.”

“Received 27 [DEX 21+ (INT 21-10)*0.5] Skill Points, HP increased by 10 [Profession HP 4+ (CON 22-10)*0.5].”

“Acquired one Free Attribute point.”

“Acquired one ability point.”

Soran allocated skill points to Literacy and Concentration. He still couldn’t master [Combat Casting] quickly enough because he didn’t have enough Concentration and was easy to be interrupted during battle. The Concentration of a wizard had a wide range of functions; learning magic or combat casting, all of this must pass a Test of Concentration. The Concentration level of a pure wizard was relatively high. The most important test of Concentration was the ability [Mobile Spellcasting].

The free attribute point was allocated to Wisdom, something important when he needed to master legendary spells.

Then there was a very important ability point.

“Maximize Spell [Metamagic Abilities]: This Metamagic ability can maximize the power of a spell, and increase the damage of a certain spell by 100% at the cost of upgrading two spell levels. For example, a level 1 arcane missile will become a level 3 spell after using this Metamagic ability to memorize it; the damage caused by the arcane missile to the enemy will be increased by 100%. ” (Note: a prerequisite for Empower Spell)

“Silent Spell [Metamagic Abilities]: This Metamagic ability could silently cast a spell at the cost of upgrading 1 spell level. This allows spells not needing any casting actions and chanting, casting any spell silently. The spell ignores any silent spell, and it’s hard for the enemy to notice that the wizard is casting. Until the moment when the casting is completed, it would not be detected by an enemy. ” (Note: Prerequisite for the epic ability silent spell.)

“Spontaneous Casting [Metamagic Abilities]: This Metamagic Ability allows spells to be instantly cast at the cost of upgrading three spell levels. Instant spells cannot be interrupted by any normal means. They are also immune to silence and counter-attack. ” (Note: Prerequisite for the epic ability Spontaneous Casting.)

Soran looked at the three choices that had appeared and went into deep thought.

Among them, Maximize Spell was an output maximization spell, which could greatly improve the power of a spell. If a person wanted to go all in, this ability was quite useful. Then there was the Silent Spell, which was a very effective ability when sneaking an attack on the enemy. During the Astral Plane wars, the Eye of the North used this ability to cast a legendary spell silently. No one noticed that she was preparing a legendary spell; they only noticed it when the spell had been cast — this ability used to be popular with trickster wizards because it could catch an enemy off guard.

Finally, Spontaneous Casting, which everyone was familiar with. It was able to turn a spell into an instant cast spell at the cost of making it 3 levels higher.

It was a rather useful ability that came at a heavy price!

Whether it was Silent Spell or Spontaneous Casting, they were both prerequisite spells for future epic abilities. After mastering this Metamagic Ability, advancing to legendary wizard would allow the mastery of other epic instant cast spells; Spontaneous Casting (silent) 0, Spontaneous Casting (silent) 1, Spontaneous Casting (silent) 2 and so on.

As long as you master this epic ability, the corresponding level of spells would not need to be increased additionally.

For example, if you mastered the epic ability Spontaneous Casting level 1, then all the level 1 spells would be automatically converted into instant cast. This epic ability could be upgraded to level 9. After mastering level 9 Spontaneous Casting, any level 9 spells would become instant cast.

That was why previously, many wizards mastered the ability of Spontaneous Casting early on.

To save ability points, and level up Spontaneous Casting after entering the realm of legend!

However, Soran had never seen anyone succeed in doing so.

Even the most powerful spell caster, that was, the elder princess of Arendelle; would not have mastered level 9 Spontaneous Casting, maybe only level 6.

This was a hard choice!

It determined whether a spellcaster wants to become the most powerful one, or give up and pursue other relatively easy and practical abilities, such as Silent Spell, Extend Spell, etc.

The Eye of the North chose Silent Spell.

This meant that it was almost impossible for her to become the most powerful wizard as she could only walk further and further on the path of Silent Spell.

The elder princess of Arendell and Vivian had chosen the path to become the most powerful wizard.

Soran was sure of one thing.

That’s Vivian’s had mastered the ability of Spontaneous Casting. Otherwise, her casting speed would not be so fast; many low level spells not even requiring any chanting.


It was Soran’s turn to pick, and he was not sure which path he should take.

If he picked Maximize Spell, then he would pursue the path of greatest damage. In the future, when combined with the ability [Epic Spell Penetration], it would be very devastating to the enemy.

However, if he picked Spontaneous Casting, he would be able to get close to the most powerful wizards.

This was a hard choice.