Abyss Domination

Chapter 344 - Practiced Spellcaster


As the last Quetzalcoatlus fell to the ground, Soran could not help standing up and gasping. He clenched his teeth and pressed his arm, then put back the arm which was almost dislocated by the dragon. There were three dead Quetzalcoatlus in front of him.

“How are the injured?”

Soran moved his arm and turned around to looked around at his men. Someone had been hit by a Quetzalcoatlus near the dragon’s nest. They were hundreds of meters from the foot of the mountain, so it was almost impossible for that person to survive.

A sneaky pirate counted the men that were there and reported, “Your excellency! Four dead, seven injured.”

“En,” Soran nodded.

This was acceptable to Soran since the dragon subspecies were dangerous creatures.

One Quetzalcoatlus gave him nearly 5000 Slaughter EXP. Clearing this place up, Soran got nearly 30000 Slaughter EXP, which was enough for him to level up his wizard once.

However, For the time being, Soran wanted to hold off spending the EXP. Since Soran had acquired two notification on the ability [Practiced Spellcaster], he would master the metamagic ability after getting the next notification.

Combat casting progress was slow.

However, if he mastered the ability Practiced Spellcaster, acquiring Combat Casting would become faster.

It was difficult to move so many corpses back.

Soran could only take his men back first, and then arrange other subordinates to take the corpses back. Soran went back with five dragon eggs and got rid of the Quetzalcoatlus. The camp should be relatively safe now unless some dangerous creatures were migrating.

Inside the camp.

Just as Soran returned, he saw the attendants of the Goddess of Wealth. They were observing the place, but because Soran had banned certain areas. They could only secretly observe the layout here. The location of the shadow crack was close to the warehouse, where people were not allowed to approach freely. They could only observe the situation of the south gate and the east gate at most.

“Big brother!?”

After Soran returned, Vivian soon came to him.

Today, she wore a black princess dress while her beautiful long hair was tied with a bow. She came near and immediately saw the dragon eggs Soran had placed neatly. Behind the little girl was the petite cat girl. Today, she seemed a little timid, following Vivian nervously. Maybe it was because the little girl in the black princess dress put more pressure on her today, or because of other reasons.

“Hmm?” Practiced Spellcaster

The little girl widened her eyes and asked, “Big brother! Are these dragon eggs?”

Oh no.

When Vivian asked about the eggs, Soran thought it was bad news. He knew that the little girl had always wanted to have a powerful pet. Now that she saw these dragon eggs, she would want one.


The little girl jumped close to the table, reached out her little white hand and touched it, then cheered, “It’s a dragon egg! I have long wanted one!”

“Big brother is the best!”

Vivian stood on the chair, tiptoed and kissed Soran on the cheek. Immediately she ran out with a dragon egg in her arms.

She ran away like the wind!

According to the little girl’s judgment, Soran had a 90% chance to disagree with her keeping such a dangerous creature, but she still really wanted to keep a fierce pet. So in the end, she decided to run with her brother’s dragon egg after kissing him, and wait for two days to hatch out the baby dragon. Then Soran wouldn’t be able to say no.


Soran finally let out a sigh.

He didn’t trust the little girl to raise a dragon, even if it was only a dragon subspecies. The dragon family had a genetic memory, so they were naturally wild. Dragons would not recognize the first person they saw as parents; those were just the story of bards. The real domestication of the dragon species was controlled by magic.

“It’ll be fine.”

Gloria’s figure appeared outside the door. She was wearing a long black dress and her hair was tied up casually with a hairband. After entering the door, she took a look at LuLu, who was sneaking out. Then she said to Soran, “With Vivian’s powers now, there should be no danger in raising a dragon subspecies.”

“It may be dangerous if it were a pure dragon.”

She walked to the table and looked at the rest of the dragon eggs and said, “Do you plan to domesticate it?”

Soran nodded and said, “I have that thought.”

Gloria reached out and touched the eggs, then frowned and said, “One of the eggs has died. It’s very difficult to domesticate the dragon species. Only the people from dragon city would know the secrets of dragon domestication. Maybe it’s easy to hatch them, to control them, but it would be very difficult to make them listen. ”

Soran heard her and pressed his hand on the dragon egg that Gloria said; the egg was dead.

This dragon would not be able to hatch.

Even with dragon eggs, some of them would not hatch.

Sometimes it was similar to chicken eggs.

Only some of the eggs would hatch among a large number of eggs.

Soran put the egg aside and replied, “I’ll give it a try. The drows have the skill of taming Basilisk. During this period, they relied on me to supply materials, but only sent a team of drow warriors to work. It’s time for them to do something. By the way, we should also test the attitude of female drows!”

“If these female drows do not recognize the current situation, then I’ll have to end them!”

Gloria raised her hand and gently tugged her long hair. She looked a little worried and said, “Drows are all about conspiracy and betrayal. I still can’t trust them. You’d better be more careful! ”

Surface creatures do not trust creatures of the Underdark; it was also the same the other way around.

Soran nodded and said, “I know. If they made any moves, I’ll immediately erase them.”

With a slight hum, Gloria took out a scroll and handed it to Soran, “Vivian and I were in the process of deciphering the mystery of this scroll. Apart from studying how to arrange the connection to the shadow plane, the little girl’s talent is amazing. She’s learning so fast that I’m surprised. I’m afraid it won’t take long for her to surpass me completely. ”

“Translation of [Melf’s Minute Meteors] complete.”

“This is a copy of our transcription. It has been parsed with words you can understand. However, there is still a paragraph in the original script that we can’t solve. It seems that it’s not part of the magic, but more like an improved technique of an arcane master. For the time being, Vivian and I haven’t been able to decipher it. It’s a personal note that would take us some time to decipher. ”


There were many words in this world. After some wizards become powerful, they would also create their own words.

For example, a twisted wave line. It may only be a wavy line in other people’s eyes, but it represented some meaning to someone. These were the most difficult to decipher since they were created by individual wizards. Unless you could find the corresponding magic book or use some special ability to understand it; even the knowledgeable Gloria couldn’t decipher it in a short time.


Soran took the scroll, nodded and said, “Thank you. I’ll memorize it quickly.”

The arrival of Gloria had given him much help.

Vivian spent more than a month without deciphering the spell “Melf’s Minute Meteors”. Shortly after Gloria arrived, she had completed most of the analysis.


Gloria smiled and looked at Soran then left the room.”Access webnovel.live if you like watching manga,comics.

Around midnight.

After Soran had made arrangements for the night watch, he went back to his room.

He carefully spread out the magic scroll in front of him, and then picked up the goose pen to transcribe on some white paper. Each piece of white paper was filled with dense symbols, and he wrote a lot. Then he rubbed his forehead and sighed.

“Why is this so hard!”

Soran felt dazed. He got up to the window and took some air, then went to study it.

The difficulty was high!

Even though this was a level 3 spell, Soran felt that it was more difficult than a level 5 spell.

He studied for half a day and didn’t complete the prototype of the magic model. With this progress, it would take at least half a month to complete the memorization. There had been no spell that was so difficult for Soran.

The night was over soon.

Soran had not slept all night. He only rested when the sun was about to rise.

The progress of the spell model analysis was less than 3%. There was already a lot of paper on the table that had all kinds of symbols. Soran rubbed his forehead to relax his nerves and then began to remember the magic he had mastered.

As morning came.

Soran left the room and practiced spellcasting. After he had used all his level 1 spells, a long-awaited notification popped up.

“Ability level up!”

“After a long time of practice, you’ve gained part of the information for the ability [Practiced Spellcaster].”

“You’ve mastered the ability [Practiced Spellcaster]!”