The arrival of the Goddess of Riches priest made Soran slightly cautious.

As his strength grew more and more, it would inevitably attract the attention of many old and powerful forces. Fortunately, it was the priest of the Goddess of Riches. If the Storm temple secretly sent someone to contact him, it would be even more troublesome.

Soran’s island was very close to the Amazons, thus rejecting them would mean hostility.

If Soran was able to ignore the Sea temple then he would have the power to do what he wanted.

He must enter the realm of legends!

Soran felt that he must quickly become more powerful. If there were three figures around the realm of legend, then no temple would try anything on them.

After settling the priest, Soran then brought some men to deal with the Quetzalcoatlus.

With Gloria in the camp, the eye of the wizard was always watching the cracks in the shadow plane, thus Soran was not worried about the other party discovering the secret here. That was why he took a group of his men out early in the morning to hunt the Quetzalcoatlus. As a dangerous dragon subspecies, they would give Soran a great amount of Slaughter EXP; this EXP could certainly level up his wizard. However, to avoid damage, it was not realistic for Soran to hunt these creatures alone. There may even be a few of them together.

The back of the mountain was a cliff.

Soran had built a brick factory here. Craftsmen from the East were busy working here. Behind the red earth was a river, the land beyond the river was the territory of the Quetzalcoatlus.

The Quetzalcoatlus dung around the area prevented other creatures from getting close.

The men that Soran brought along were grade 3 and above, including the elite who had participated in the white dragon battle. The dragon skin armor was in the process of making, and it was not so easy; the process may also require the skills of the drows. A group of people walked up the mountain road. Before they got close to the cliff, they heard the low roar of the Quetzalcoatlus. These dragon subspecies had noticed them but did not launch an attack. Instead, they roared at them to drive them away.


Soran shot one of the Quetzalcoatlus on the wing, provoking the beasts; immediately two of them swooped down from the sky with a roar.


Soran yelled, pulled out his curved sword. He leaped then stabbed the beast in the belly; the force was so great that it opened a wound nearly two meters long, and a lot of intestines came out. Immediately the Quetzalcoatlus slammed into the ground and hit Soran’s abdomen with its wings.

“Cough, cough!”

Soran coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood. He suffered a lot of bruises, but the price was worth it. The Quetzalcoatlus in front of him was almost dead.


The curved sword slashed at the head of the Quetzalcoatlus.

A row of data appeared:

“Activated Sword Form [Beheading]!”

“You’ve dealt 72 slashing damage to the target!… Beheading successful!… Target dead!…”

“You’ve gained 5600 Slaughter EXP!”

Even though Soran was doing well, his men were not doing very well. Although they hit the enemy with a harpoon when they dispersed, another Quetzalcoatlus had also rushed in. The iron armor could not block the sharp claws of the Quetzalcoatlus. Its claws pierced the armor and went into their flesh; their ribs were even lifted. The attack of large dragon subspecies was quite fierce. With its huge size advantage, they were powerful enough to lift a mammoth.

One diving attack, and immediately it killed one of Soran’s men. Immediately the Quetzalcoatlus wanted to fly away.

Soran wasn’t going to let it get away. He immediately picked up a harpoon and threw it out. The harpoon shot out and hit its wing, making it stumble to the ground. Without the chance to fly, the Quetzalcoatlus immediately swept its tail, and then opened its mouth to bite the nearest man.

“Allow me!”

Soran needed the Slaughter EXP, so he wouldn’t want his men to kill it. He yelled out, “Everyone move aside, use the harpoons to attack it.”

“Bull’s Strength!”


Soran activated the permanency Haste spell on his legendary boots, and then his whole person became a blurry figure.

Although permanency spells could be activated all day long, it was not so convenient in normal life, and sometimes it may even become useless. Most of these permanency spells were activated during combat. Some permanency spells were tattoos that required special environments to activate.

For example, the dragon wing like permanency spell.

If the spell was revealed early on, it could even be a disadvantage.


The curved sword became a cold light and slashed on the back of the Quetzalcoatlus. After the white dragon and the red dragon, these dragon subspecies became easier to deal with.

It might be harder if he was alone, but now he had his men to help him kite the beast.

With the light of his curved sword, the Quetzalcoatlus in front of him was killed quickly. Soran stood beside the body of the Quetzalcoatlus and gasped for a moment, then said in a deep voice, “go straight up! Don’t worry about the bodies. We’ll deal with them when we come back! ”

The rugged mountain road winds up.

Sometimes there was no road at all and they had to rely on ropes. They soon got to the Quetzalcoatlus’s nest.

Immediately they saw two Quetzalcoatlus guarding the nest.

There was a reason why the Quetzalcoatlus stayed in their nests and did not help their companions when they were attacked; neither did they run away when they encountered powerful enemies. Soran was a little stunned when he came up, and then he looked passed the two Quetzalcoatlus and saw several eggs hidden behind them.

Spring seemed to be the time for Quetzalcoatlus to lay their eggs. Then in summer and autumn, they would go out and bring food back.

Soran looked at his men and ordered, “All of you, do not attack the dragon eggs.”

“They may become useful!”

Taming dragon subspecies was very difficult.

However, if they were hatched, the difficulty of domestication would be reduced a lot. Quetzalcoatlus could grow rapidly and grow to more than 1000 pounds in half a year as long as they had enough food. Although Soran didn’t know how to domesticate Quetzalcoatlus, the drows had the skills to domesticate Basilisk. The giant lizards were very similar to the dragon subspecies, which meant that the possibility of domestication was about 30%.

30% was enough for Soran to give it a try!

Soran’s men immediately retreated, while Soran slowly approached the two Quetzalcoatlus in front of him. As Soran approached, the Quetzalcoatlus was very uneasy, but they did not leave the nest. Whether pure dragon or dragon subspecies, the chances of them laying eggs were not very high, thus they often protected their eggs at all costs.

A glow of cold light appeared.

Soran’s figure disappeared. The next moment, he appeared behind the Quetzalcoatlus. However, he didn’t attack the enemies in front of him. Instead, he went directly to those eggs and collected five eggs one after another at a dazzling speed.


Soran stabbed the Quetzalcoatlus at the back and yelled, “Kill them!”

As long as they didn’t need to worry about the eggs, they could attack the Quetzalcoatlus freely.

This Quetzalcoatlus was not hard to deal with. If Soran transformed into the Slaughter form, it was not difficult to deal with these Quetzalcoatluses alone.