Abyss Domination

Chapter 342 - Imposingly Rich!

On the way to the camp, the Priest of the Goddess of Riches had been observing the surroundings.

These people who believed in Mistress of Riches had very keen insight, especially within the grasps of wealth and business opportunities. Regarding the Mistress of Riches, Soran did not know much she knew because she was usually a very low-key God. Even when the new Mistress of Riches replaced the old Mistress of Riches, people didn’t realize until hundreds of years later. The reason for the discovery was that the Mistress of Riches was promoted from Lesser Divine Power to Great Divine Power, and at the same time, she changed her original Divine Title.

In the past, the Mistress of Riches was the ‘Goddess of Trade and Riches,’ but now she was the ‘Goddess of Riches and Trade.’

This change of a position meant that the power she had mastered had been multiplied!

The Mistress of Riches, who used to take [trade] as her core Divine Title, had fluctuated in power. Once the war broke out and spread to the trade, her power began to be affected. In that scenario, there was no way to trade, and naturally, there was no way to increase the divine power she would receive. However, with [Riches] as the core Divine Title, her divine power has gradually stabilized, and because the Temple of Riches had become a bank-like existence, she had almost always maintained a strong Divine Power and therefore touched the [Protection] of money domain.

Riches, Trade, Money, and Protection!

This new successor of the Mistress of Riches was only discovered by others at this time. She had already replaced the past Goddess of Riches!

Henceforth, the power of the Temple of Riches had become the first-class power on the mainland, which occupied an important position within the competition between the godly Temples.

When he heard this information for the first time, Soran was also quite surprised!

He had never thought that he could make such a big change just by changing his Divine Title, and let a God who was already on the verge of decline rush into the field of Great Divine Powers at one go. If not for the Mistress of Riches’ strong control over trade, and because of the underdevelopment of trade in the mainland that has affected her Divine Power, he was afraid she was likely to be the first one to enter the [Great Divine Powers] in the past hundreds of years.

There were rows and rows of neat brick houses and numerous lanes of straight drainage ditches.

There were simple shops, taverns, and blacksmiths on the streets, as well as specially built public toilets. There were no filthy messes like the other towns, and there was no garbage on the roads.

Everything here was clean and tidy, and even other people thought that Soran had a slight compulsive habit for cleanliness!

“Your Excellency really surprised me!”

The Priest of Riches, who was bejeweled, looked around her and revealed a thoughtful expression then said slowly: “There is full of life and vitality here, that is the breath of riches.”

In such a town, as long as there was stable public order, it would soon attract many businessmen.

Overseas trade was now in Soran’s hands. Port Tylon and the town under construction were two points, strangling the ends of the Outer sea routes. If Soran was willing to open up a little, he could attract a large number of adventurous businessmen. Trade was exactly what Mistress of Riches needed, which could expand her faith and strengthen her power. The decline of the City of Wealth had temporarily affected trade, and the turmoil that had happened previously had not been able to recover in a short time.

That was also the reason why she came here!


Soran raised his hand and made a gesture of invitation, then turned and entered the hall.

When the Priest of the Mistress of Riches just sat down, Gloria, who was dressed in a black witch’s robe, appeared in the hall. She gave Soran a slight look and nodded gently.

“Your Honorable Witch!”

Ms. fortune’s Pastor stood up and leaned over to show her respect. As a representative of the fortune church, she knew her identity and status, and her influence in the witch Council. Even she knew that Gloria had been promoted and praised by the witch Council because she had touched the field of legendary witches.

Gloria smiled and nodded in response, reaching out and making a gesture of invitation, just like the hostess here.

She smiled and said: “Welcome, the emissary of the Mistress of Wealth. Your presence brings light to my humble dwellings.”

Everyone was seated.

The Priest of the Mistress of Riches glanced at the others, got up and smiled, then went: “Just call me Gold. In fact, I did bring the goodwill of the Mistress of Riches here.”


What a strange monosyllabic name.

The Priest in front of them named “Gold” walked to the center of the hall and said slowly: “It seems that your Excellency is planning to develop this place into a city. I have to admit that your Excellency’s vision is unique! However, it requires considerable manpower and financial resources to develop such a remote Outer Islands. As far as I know, although your Excellency has a close relationship with the Sea Temple, they have not provided any help. On the contrary, a large part of your trade that your Excellency has in the Outer Islands will be handed over to them.”

She gave a little smile, filled with confidence and a rather exquisite demeanor. Then, she took out a golden transaction card and said seriously: “This is a divine power gold card of the Temple of Riches. As long as you have it, you can withdraw 100,000 Gold Derahls from any Temple of Riches on the mainland at any time!”

She handed the gold card to Soran and said with a confident smile: “This is just a small gift for your Excellency. Please do not reject this!”

“This gift is not included within our next transaction. Whether we cooperate or not, this gift just simply represents our good intentions, and to express our thanks for re-establishing the rules on the South Coast, restoring the trade to a normal order! ”

100,000 Gold Derahls!!!

Even Gloria, at the side, was astonished.

Even with Soran’s experience, it was not that he had never met a person that was rich and imposing. He had been in contact with the Royals and godly Temples and so on. However, it was his first time receiving one hundred thousand Gold Derahls so freely.

The Temple of Riches was rich and imposing!

With the Gold Derahls, Soran could not help but breathe heavily, and then smiled and reached for it.

He might as well take it.

Seeing Soran accepting this divine power gold card, the Priest of Mistress of Riches showed a satisfied smile at the corner of her mouth, and her expression became prouder.

The Temple of Riches was that confident!

o one would be able to reject them sternly.

Gold raised her finger and turned the ruby ring on her index finger one round, gave a look to a servant beside her, and someone handed a document to Soran. She was quite confident as she went: “The Temple of Riches has the most powerful strength on the South Coast! We can fully support the financial resources your Excellency needs to build this place! At the same time, the Temple of Riches also holds the largest and most mineral resources on the South Coast. We have an abundant amount of slaves, which can replenish the manpower you need at any time! ”

“It can be said that compared to the Sea Temple, who would only exploit benefits from you. We can offer you much more! As for what we want: It’s just that you open this city to us, give us the freedom to trade Outer Seas, and then build a Temple of Riches here to let us bring in more believers for the Goddess.”

Gold looked at Soran with some ambition and satisfaction. She believed that the wonderful conditions she offered could make the other party agree.

But to her surprise, Soran looked at the document and said firmly, “I’m sorry! I’m afraid I can’t agree to the above conditions!”

The conditions were actually pretty good.

The Temple of Riches would provide Soran with funds, manpower, and materials, asking only to open up the city’s authority, giving them the authority of free trade in the Outer Islands, and let them develop their faith and establish temples. For Soran, who had just completed the prototype, if he could get the support of Temple of Riches, it would be able to speed up the construction process greatly, but it was also quite dangerous for him to do so because of the Sea Temple!

In addition, after hearing the conditions, Gloria also kept her silence on the surface, but she was secretly using telepathy to Soran: “You cannot agree to this! The shadow plane is connected with the camp. We can’t let other forces know the existence of the Wizard Tower! ”

Of course.

Soran suddenly woke up at the sound of Gloria’s words.

The value of that Wizard’s tower was immeasurable. Therefore, no matter how good the conditions of the Temple of Riches were, he could never agree to them.

The authority of the city must be fully controlled by himself, and the establishment of Temples with open authority would interfere with Soran’s influence.

Furthermore, he relied on the Sea Temple behind everything. Now, the Sea Temple had yet to get stationed. If the Temple of the Mistress of Riches took station before the Sea Goddes, they would Soran to settle the disputes.

Gold’s face was full of astonishment. She had no idea that Soran would refuse so firmly.

Soran couldn’t be too rigid with the Temple of Riches, let alone they just gave them 100,000 Gold Derahls, so he pondered for a moment and said slowly: “But as for my goodwill, I am willing to open part of the free trade authority to the Temple of Riches. As for other things, I’m afraid I have to seek for the Sea Temple’s opinion on this!”

The Sea Temple.

Having heard this. Gold could not help frown. She came here because she knew that the influence of the Sea Temple on Soran was far from great. If he asked the Sea Temple about this, they would never agree because the Sea Temple also required faith. This place has not been developed yet. Once it became an existence similar to Port Tylon, the Sea Temple would send Priests to settle here. At that time, how would the Temple of Riches be allowed to enter? Although the forces of the gods were complicated, the establishment of the Temples was to each his own.

When the Temple has been established, the foundation would be laid.

You could see that the Sea Temple and Storm Temple’s countless fights against each other in Port Tylon, but neither of them could win the other. It was because there was support from the Temples behind them.

Building a Temple here was equivalent to building half a Wizard Tower!

As long as the gods standing behind them have yet to fall, in the end, who would have the ability to stem out a Temple with Divine Power in operation?

In the battle at Amber City of yesteryear, many Knights of Terror of legendary Challenge Rating couldn’t easily attack any Temple. From this, one could tell how powerful a Temple’s protection ability was.

Soran could not allow the power of Temples to enter his territory.

Moreover, if it was even possible, he would keep the power of the Sea Temple to the outskirts. This was also why he constantly planned to expand the port. There were too many important secrets in the camp.


Gold’s expression was a little shocked and disappointed, but she did not give up on the idea. The Temple would lower its evaluation of her if she could not finish her task.

With a smile on her lips, Gloria said to Soran through telepathy: “Hold her back. We could use her as a counterweight, and seize this opportunity to demand from the Sea Temple! ”

Eating from both sides?

Soran was stunned for a moment, and then he thought for a while. He turned his head and looked at Gloria in surprise.

This woman’s political acumen was so high.

Facing Soran’s surprised look, Gloria smiled quietly, then raised her hand to lift the long hair near her earlobe gently, and her eyes wandered to look at him.

Therefore, Soran stood up and said: “If your Honorable Priest is not in a hurry, maybe you can stay here for a few days. I can immediately send someone to ask for the opinion of the Sea Temple.”

“Your Honor, you should see the port here where the land is very open. In fact, I’m going to sell some of the lands there. Although it’s a little expensive, I think that with your Honor’s eyesight, you will be able to see the potential of these lands.”

A very clever answer.

After hearing this, the Priest of the Mistress of Riches looked deeply at Soran and said: “That’s for sure. Fine. I’ll stay here and wait for your Excellency’s reply.”

They did not agree with the terms of the exchange, nor did they agree to let her establish her Temple, but they were willing to sell part of the land.

This was very meaningful!

In Gold’s view, Soran was undoubtedly quite afraid of the Sea Temple and did not want to lose the support of the Sea Temple. But he was also attracted by the superior conditions of the Temple of Riches and did not want to give up such powerful support easily. So there was a euphemistic answer. If he was willing to sell the land near the port, the ownership of the land would belong to the Temple of Riches. Even if it was impossible to establish a Temple in a bold way, it was fine to be a stronghold for the development of faith for the Temple of Riches.

As for whether they could finally build a temple and strengthen their faith here, it was obvious that he wanted to see the collision between the two Temples.

He was a very cunning and treacherous man!

He wanted to swallow the benefits from the two Temples, but he did not want to get involved in the fight for faith between the two Temples.

Gold had seen the topography of the port, which was a very superior natural port. If it developed into a place like Port Tylon, the port would undoubtedly be the place with the most prosperous people, and the fleets coming and going would fill the whole port. On the contrary, the camp here was not so advantageous geographically because it was built inside, surrounded by mountains on both sides, close to the tropical jungle on one side and a little far from the port. However, the terrain here was quite open, which could be used to develop arable land. When she came, she had already seen a lot of arable lands.

Gold had a little more contempt towards Soran. After all, he was just a pirate leader with little business sense. He only thought about what was dug out of the land and did not realize that the biggest wealth here was trade.

If she came here to build, the city would be close to the coastal port and directly built into a port city!

Now, If the port was developed, it would be divided into two cities. Even though the distance was relatively close, it was still not connected at last. With the powerful power of the Temple of Riches, it might not be able to nibble the port bit by bit. If the port was swallowed and the core area of trade was occupied. The value of the city here would be reduced a lot.

Her sharp business vision made her realize that the port was the key, and the fight for faith in the future was also in the prosperous port area.

Now, the most important thing was to fight with the Sea Temple. If they could not meet each other head-on, they could only give each other part of their interests and strive for each other to meet their needs.

It would be a terrible thing to have friction between two powerful godly Temples!

The group of believers of the Mistress of Riches was soon settled down.

When Gold left the hall, she could not help but see some figures of the Drow Warriors, which surprised her quite a lot, and turned to take a deep look at Soran.


These kinds of creatures were very difficult to deal with. It seemed that they were subordinates belonging to this pirate?

Maybe she had looked down on him too much.

The group was settled near the South Gate by Soran, and at the same time, they were watched secretly to prevent these people from moving in the camp at will. Gloria also quietly set up a Vigilance Array to block the area connecting the shadow plane. Now the portal has not been completely secured. If the portal’s shadow cracks were fixed, they would gather, and then the rest of the camp would not be able to enter the shadow plane. The port was under development. When the time was right, they should be settled near the port.

“This might be an opportunity!”

When the Priests left, Gloria immediately came to Soran and said: “The goodwill from the Mistress of Riches will make the Sea Temple filled with a sense of crisis! This can let us reap more benefits! ”

“I know,” Soran gently nodded his head.

But then he subsequently said in a deep voice: “But we must be careful about this, because if we are not careful, we may offend two godly Temples at the same time.”

Having heard this, Gloria frowned, then raised her fingertips and made a light stroke on the map for planning and construction, then separated an area from it, and said slowly: “Give up part of the benefits! Let them fight for it!”