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This was a relatively important spell for a Wizard.

However, there was a very big limitation on this spell, that was, Fly required the caster to maintain it. It was not realistic to bombard the enemy in the sky because it required a very high mastery of the ability. Even fighter jets needed to fly back and forth to attack continuously. If a Wizard wanted to cast spells in flight, he would naturally have higher requirements for the ability.

That was [Combat Casting] and [Flight Casting] abilities.

Without the support of these two abilities, the result of a forced casting might backfire, and then the caster would fall from the sky.

Soran did not have the Flight Casting ability, neither did he have Combat Casting, so there was no way for him to cast spells in the sky. Once he cast the spells, the chances of failure were higher than 90%!

However, under the flying state, it would not affect his other actions, such as nocking an arrow on a bow. This action was not part of the casting, but still within the controls of Fly. So when Soran’s figure soared and he shot three arrows in succession, although it was not as smooth as when he was on the ground, he still found a sense of balance with his strong Dexterity. Casting in flight was equal to maintaining two spells at the same time, but shooting in flight was a separate matter.


Three sharp arrows flew out, one hit the lower back of the bipedal pterosaur, and one hit the ventral side of the bipedal pterosaur. The last arrow shot directly into the jaw, and half of the arrow pushed into the flesh.

—- “Test of Death!”

Soran’s attack seemed to have triggered the Test of Death, and the bipedal pterosaur began to moan and shake, and then its huge body fell unsteadily.

The powerful immunity of the Dragon species saved it from death, but it still gradually fell from the sky.

At the same time.

A row of data emerged in front of Soran:

“Target hit!”

“You’ve dealt 16 Pierce Damage to the target!….”

“You’ve acquired part of the information on the ability [Precise Shot].”

“You’ve dealt 27 Pierce Damage to the target!….”

“You’ve acquired part of the information on the ability [Mobile Shooting].”

“Target Hit!”

“You’ve dealt 54 Pierce Damage to the target!… You’ve hit the enemy’s vital points!…. Test of Death Immunity triggered!…. Target has successfully passed the Test of Death Immunity!…”

“You’ve acquired part of the information on the ability [Flight Shooting].”

A dense amount of data alerts emerged, and even Soran paused in surprise. He did not expect to see so much information alerts on different abilities in one breath.

Dexterity was the most important attribute for long-range attacks. Soran was a quasi-legendary domain in Dexterity.

Hence, he would be very talented in archery. Even if he was not familiar with it before, he could master it very quickly, let alone, he had many other abilities to support it. That was why the leader of the Drow Warriors would suggest Soran try out archery because he saw Soran’s talent in this aspect. The quasi-legendary level attribute would strengthen Soran’s ability to master archery, and would greatly improve his speed of mastering such abilities. In the past, Soran had already found out that the speed of mastering abilities under the temporary blessing attribute would increase a lot.

The Quetzalcoatlus was already about to fall to the ground.

The body of the indigenous slave that it had hunted previously had already dropped, and splattered almost unrecognizably. Although it did not fall directly, it had lost a sense of balance while in flight. Having fallen, even if it did not die, it would also disabled.

Soran did not rush down to absorb the Slaughter EXP. He aimed directly at the other Quetzalcoatlus.

This time, Soran slowed down a little bit.

He aimed at the head of the Quetzalcoatlus and then shot directly at it. The arrow turned into a cold flying shot. However, because of the air and wind speed, there was a slight deviation, and he shot below the neck of the Quetzalcoatlus, which did not hit the vital point of its head.

The data alert did not emerge.

The first ability data alert was the easiest to obtain, but the latter two would gradually increase the difficulty, which would take time to accumulate.


A shrill scream resounded.

The Quetzalcoatlus released the body within its claws, then suddenly flapped its wings frantically to speed up and flew directly towards the distant mountains.

It was afraid.

Even monsters could also be scared, especially when their peers fell within such a short amount of time.

Soran continuously shot, finishing all the arrows in one breath. Unfortunately, the power of the arrows decreased significantly after the distance between them was extended. Only some of the arrows managed to hit its draconic wings, the resulting damage was not enough to threaten the Quetzalcoatlus.

The speed of Fly was not faster than that of the Quetzalcoatlus. Soran watched the enemy fly farther and farther.

In the end, he could only descend helplessly.

Flying in the sky with wings was much more convenient. The dragons were still the overlords of the sky. No one would fight with a dragon in the air.


Soran landed briskly on the ground, and behind him came the cheers of his men and the sound of other pirate leaders approaching.

He rushed directly to the Quetzalcoatlus that fell in front. Even if it fell from such heights, it still wobbled and maintained its trajectory. After landing, it did not directly fall to its death, but there were signs of fractures in its legs and abdomen. Not far away was the body of the indigenous slave. His belly was directly pierced by the draconic claws, and a large part of his intestines spilled out.

Soran’s expression was bleak. He went closer while frowning, and then he slashed towards the head of the Quetzalcoatlus.


Fresh blood splattered out.

Soran beheaded the Quetzalcoatlus, then frowned and looked towards the distant mountains.

“Your Excellency!”

The half-elf first mate and the red-haired female pirate went closer. When they saw Soran, they bowed down slightly. The half-elf first mate said: “It was these two Quetzalcoatluses that attacked the slaves. One of them had a scar on its tail. I remembered it very clearly.”

Quetzalcoatlus. It had a Challenge Rating of 8-12 belonging to the Dragon species, and Monster Level between 15-18. A small number of special lineage could reach the legendary domain.

Soran glanced at the body of the Quetzalcoatlus in front of him and said: “Have them transport the body back.”

“These Quetzalcoatluses wouldn’t dare to attack us again for the moment. We will clean them up in two days. It’s about time to clean up the surrounding monsters. ”

The Quetzalcoatlus looked a bit like they were Quetzalcoatlus from the Jurassic times.

Its body was quite large, with sharp claws and tusks, which were very offensive. Their necks were very long, which was a relatively obvious weakness.

As a relatively difficult Dragon species to deal with, it was still a little more difficult for Soran’s men to challenge them.

Soon, the others arrived.

The body of the bipedal pterosaur weighed close to two or three tons. It took a total of twenty to thirty people just to carry it back.

A bearded pirate at the back held onto the head of the Quetzalcoatlus. When they returned to the camp, someone immediately raised the head of the Quetzalcoatlus. Then, there were cheers from the pirates. Even many of the slaves cheered and looked at Soran filled with awe. Strength could always subdue many things, and the continuous attacks by the Quetzalcoatlus also frightened the slaves. But the creatures they feared were easily killed by Soran.

The Quetzalcoatlus, which Soran had to fight with his life on the line, was no longer his opponent.

When Soran returned to the camp, Gloria also happened to come out. She came out to have a look when she heard the cheers outside.

Gloria glanced at the bloody body of a Quetzalcoatlus in the distance and frowned slightly: “What happened?”

Soran smiled when he saw her and went: “There’s a Quetzalcoatlus nest nearby. It just attacked the slaves. I managed to kill one, and another one escaped.”

Gloria nodded slightly, raised her hand to lift her long hair to the back of her earlobe, and said with a playful smile: “Do you need me to make a move?”

“No need.” Soran smiled too, and said: “I’ll get rid of them tomorrow.”

“You can focus on researching the arrays, it would be better if you were able to open and close a portal stably. The shadow plane that’s connected here always gives me a strong sense of danger. If we could travel back and forth freely, then it would be easier to deal with it. ”

Gloria nodded and said softly: “Yes. I know.”

The bipedal pterosaur was soon carried away to be skinned and have its tendons ripped. The pirates were also eager to taste dragon meat.

The Drow Warriors were also busy giving orders. As dexterous warriors, they could not afford to equip themselves with expensive silver and golden armors. The extraordinary leather armor made of dragon skin was the best armor they could get. However, the Drow Warriors could not easily ask for it because they have not yet fully relied on Soran, and their status was no better than those of the elite pirates. Only a small portion of the extraordinary weapons shipped back from the North was allocated to Drow Warriors, and most of them were used to arm the core pirates under Soran.

Rewarding should never be done haphazardly.

If he just solely thought of trying to rope in the Drow Warriors, would it not mean that that would shun away the pirates under him!

Now, these pirates were the ones that were Soran’s most loyal men.

On the other side.

The leader of the Drow Warriors, Dark Blade-Andri, looked at everything in front of him and fell into deep thought. After a while, he called a Drow Ranger and gave a few words in a low voice. He went: “Get someone to send back the news.”

“He’s getting stronger and stronger!”

“Tell those stubborn women. They better not to act brashly! This man is not so easy to make use of! They just want to make use of his strength to strengthen our tribe, but they would have never thought that the one that was feeding them was a ferocious tiger! ”

Prideful female Drows.

These female Drows, who dominated in the Underdark, had statuses that were much higher than the males had still yet to fully accept Soran’s identity.

To Dark Blade-Andri, this was a very dangerous thing because he knew very well how dangerous his Excellency Throatcutter was, and at the same time, how cruel his means were. He was very worried about when his Excellency has exhausted his patience, what kind of terrifying things would he do.