The Intelligence of the cat girl did not seem to be too high.

Most of the beastfolks were not very smart, but it did not matter much because they were born with the natural ability of [Beast Sense]. Even if their Wisdom was not very high, the Beastfolks still had a strong sense of intuition. For many things, they had a beast-like intuition, and when in combat, they were even more powerful. These kind of creatures were quite rare because they were not natural species, but intelligent creatures generated by some taboo experiments.

It was said that there were two types of beastfolk.

On the one hand, there were the Gnolls, with a jackal’s head and a humanoid’s trunk. The other was like the cat girl, with a human appearance and some animal characteristics. The former belonged to the creation of nature, while the latter was produced artificially. All the rumors point to the taboo experiments of the Arcane Empire because it was recorded that among them; some great arcanists mixed the blood of humans and animals and wanted to cultivate excellent servants with special purposes.

They interfered with nature and created a new lifeform.

For thousands of years, many conspiracy theorists believed that the fall of the Arcane Empire was due to the creation of these forbidden lifeforms.


The little cat girl opened her mouth and talked as if she was a little pleased. She stammered, “brother… Brother… Your excellency… Master… Eat… Hungry… ”

As though a child was speaking. As soon as she spoke a little too fast, “Meow!…Lulu!…Meow!…”

What the cat girl said was what she heard the most.

After saying about thirty or fifty words in a row, she suddenly shuddered and hid behind Vivian with great agility.


The little cat girl seemed to be a little frightened. All her hair stood up, and she immediately went behind Vivian.

Vivian touched the cat girl’s head and asked, “Lulu? What’s wrong?”

Gloria too looked up to the door, and then saw Soran’s figure coming in from outside. When he noticed that all the people in the room were looking at him, he was a little stunned and asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you all looking at me?”

Vivian turned around and stroked the cat’s hair. She said softly, “don’t worry! Lulu! Brother won’t hurt you! ”

The kitten curled up and looked at Soran with a kind of fear in her eyes.

It was as if a beast had seen a tiger, or a new recruit encountered a veteran who survived hundreds of battles. Her instincts sensed something from Soran, a very bloody aura, which represented the lives he had taken. From the first time she saw Soran, he was the one she was most afraid of. She was more scared of Soran than the pirates who caught her. Even after spending so much time with Vivian, she still hasn’t eliminated her fear of Soran.


The end of each life left more blood smell on Soran; ordinary people wouldn’t feel it. Only a beast like her could detect it.

Perhaps because of Vivian’s consolation, the cat girl mastered the courage and took a look at Soran.


Vivian took the cat girl’s little hand, took her to an open space, and said seriously, “Lulu! Do a few somersaults! Show them what you can do! ”

Maybe because of the distance, the cat girl’s nervous expression relaxed a lot.

She was held by Vivian’s little hand, and she seemed to be a little hesitant. But when she saw the little girl’s eyes, she nodded softly.

After Vivian backed off, the little cat girl did a somersault.

Not 360 degrees.

But a complete 720 degrees.

The cat girl’s petite figure fell to the ground after spinning two rounds. Her body was so flexible; her slender waist looked almost boneless. The somersault was just the start. The cat girl’s small body turned in the air. Her speed was dazzling, which meant that she not only had amazing toughness, dexterity, and coordination but also had far more physical strength than ordinary people.

The petite cat girl landed on the wall, but she didn’t fall down. Instead, she continued climbing the wall.

As though she had the ability ‘Spider Climb’!

She rolled and leaped between the walls. The 90-degree vertical walls seemed to be flat ground to her. At last, Soran and Gloria were shocked.

“Natural extraordinary Dexterity!”

Soran was quite shocked. As a top-level rogue, he was the one who saw the potential in the cat girl. So the shocked expression on his face was also the most obvious. He found that not only did she had great dexterity, but her flexibility and balance were also almost the same as him now.

Soran was almost a legendary grade profession, but the cat girl was only a child.

Gloria looked shocked and said slowly, “More importantly, she’s still young!”

“Even as a minor, she already has such talent. Her future will be filled with great potential! It seems that there is no mistake in the records. This kind of beastfolk has some amazing talents! ”

“Pa, Pa, Pa!”

Vivian looked at the surprised expression on the faces of Soran and Gloria with great satisfaction. She seemed to be entirely happy, and clapped her hands and jumped in front of Soran. She said in a crisp voice, “Big brother! Isn’t Lulu amazing? I found her talent in this field! In order to train her, I baked fish for her many times and spent a lot of time! ”

Soran and Gloria both looked at each other for a moment.

He crouched down and stroked Vivian’s little head. Then he said softly, “She’s fantastic! If she had proper training, she might become Vivian’s good helper! When she grows up in the future, big brother will help you teach her something more powerful! ”

The little girl nodded after hearing that.

However, after a while, she frowned slightly and said in a small voice, “Big brother. Actually, I still want to train Lulu to be a maid. You see how beautiful she is and how flexible she is. She’s probably very good at plate spinning. ”

Plate spinning!?

Soran became speechless after hearing that. What plans did Vivian have for the cat girl?