Soran was working on many things.

As a matter of fact, as soon as he arrived, his men wanted to report matters to him; but because Gloria was by his side, he waved him away. Later, when Gloria and Vivian went to the camp, he had to deal with things. Although he left Vivian here, it was still the pirate leaders who were in charge of day to day matters. In addition, Soran took notice that the relationship between his subordinates seemed to have changed; there seemed to be groups forming.

Among all the pirate leaders, Adele Isabella should be the highest-ranked.

She had the most subordinates, and her power was above high-grade. However, after Casa, the half-elf first mate won Soran’s praise for his ability in handling affairs and gave him a part of the ships to take care of, the half-elf first mate’s rose through the ranks. For a long time, this half-elf first mate had the intention of competing with Adele Isabella. Last time, he successfully plundered the fleet of Asrod, the pirate king, and brought back a large amount of wealth and a fleet. His strength had, in turn, surpassed Adele’s.

On the other hand, Adele, who failed to contact the alchemy guild, not only failed to complete Soran’s task, but also was delayed, so Soran did not have a chance to meet her before leaving for the north. As a result, the pirates were less impressed with her. The pirates respected and obeyed the strong. Since Adele Isabella was not able to complete the task, the pirate leaders below her despised her.

Also, she was a woman, and that made her position in the group more awkward!

Before Soran left for the north, he designated the construction of the camp to the pirate leaders below. The half-elf first mate was the manager, and Adele Isabella came back to the camp later. Naturally, he would not give her the power in his hand, so Adele was like a leader without power. Although there were still many people under her command, she was quite free every day. Other pirate leaders, such as the one-eyed pirate, the housekeeper, the Giant Hunter (all nicknames), were not satisfied with a woman controlling them. Therefore, when the half-elf first mate wanted to create factions, they also formed their own small circles, with the intention of isolating Adele.

In all aspects, it was always more difficult for a woman to be a pirate than for a man. Besides, Adele’s capabilities were not enough to suppress the other pirate leaders.

If she were a legendary profession, her position would not be threatened!

However, she was only a high-grade profession, and the other pirate leaders were not weak.

Pirates were not idiots.

Although they were all working for Soran, they knew which pirate leader had more power and was more important, which pirate leaders had more resources.

That was why Soran immediately noticed the awkward situation Adele was in!

The other pirate leaders stood in a circle, with the half-elf first mate standing in the front; Adele stood alone with her arms crossed, and her expression seemed indifferent.

“Your excellency, Throat Cutter!”

When Soran came, many pirate leaders immediately bowed their heads to show respect. Adele stood alone and seemed down.

Because she didn’t complete her task, she became frustrated!

“Transport the items!”

Soran glanced at the others, then finally looked at the half-elf first mate and Adele, and said slowly, “Everyone else, get to work. Casa and Adele stay behind. ”

The other pirates looked at each other, then swiftly bowed and went.

The half-elf glanced at Adele and stood still. He knew that Soran was a man who attached importance to ability. During this period of time, the half-elf worked hard to build the camp. For this reason, he even used some cruel means to suppress his discontent underlings. Now the construction progress of the camp had been improved by at least 30%. Although there were some cruel means in the process, his underlings had been overwhelmed by him. In all respects, Casa had perfectly completed his task.

Therefore, the half-elf was very confident. He believed that Soran knew who was the best.

“Good work!”

Soran looked at the lighthouse, the road and the wharf, then said slowly, “It seems like it was the right decision to give you this task! There haven’t been any problems, right? ”

Hearing Soran’s words, Adele became even more down, while the half-elf first mate showed a confident smile.

He bowed his head slightly, then said in a deep voice, “there was no big trouble during this period of time, but we did encounter natives from another tribe a week ago; they seemed to have come from another side of the island. They were scouts and didn’t attack us, but they did send people to monitor the other side of the river. ”

“There was also a group of Quetzalcoatlus nearby that took three slaves from us half a month ago, but they didn’t attack us again; it should be just an accident. In addition, your excellency, we recently found a group of Kou Tao around the port. There was no conflict, but we should be careful. ”

Soran nodded and said, “Good.”

“Very good job. Bring someone to account for the items and slaves.”

The half-elf first mate bowed and went.

Only Adele Isabella was left in front of Soran. The red haired pirate had a somber expression and bowed her head, “Your Excellency. I didn’t finish what you asked of me! ”

Soran looked at her and said, “I know.”

“I!…” Adele felt conflicted–a sense of disappointment and frustration. “I am useless!…”

Soran did not console her.

He was one of the three pirate kings on the south coast, not a kid who played around. Soran’s rapid rise to power and at the same time, able to control a group of elite pirates, was due to his style of reward and punishment. Soran was able to make his men serve so actively because he would reward good work. If he broke the rules for Adele, then the name he had built up in the past would be affected. He couldn’t make an exception because she was a woman.

Soran looked at the red haired female pirate in front of him and said slowly, “put down your work in the camp. I will take charge of the fleet for the time being.”

“I will send you to receive the training of the drow fighters in two days. You have the talent and are much stronger than others. I hope you can go close to the realm of legend as soon as possible.”

“Soon, I will give you a very difficult task.”

“I hope you learn not only the fighting skills of the drows but also their insidious and cunning methods. Because this time, the task is very difficult for you. You will deal with many noble and religious people who are good at playing these games. You must learn to use intrigue and cruel means. The drows are the expert in this field. ”

After hearing this, Adele was shocked and trembled slightly.

Soran was depriving her of her power, which was a severe punishment for her. However, when she heard about a difficult task, her eyes could not help glow with light again. She nodded solemnly: “Don’t worry, your excellency! I will surely not let you down!”

As long as there was a chance, she would prove herself and regain her power and status.


Soran looked at her and said, “Go now. I hope you can enter the realm of legend one day.”

He turned and left after saying that.

Adele Isabella stood there and took a deep breath. Her gaze was fixed on Soran’s back, her hands clenched.

This was not it!

How could she easily be surpassed by a half-elf who was not as good as herself; her body flowed with the blood of the Amazon. How could she admit defeat so easily!