Abyss Domination

Chapter 334 - Soran’s City!

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Soran caught the girl and swung around with her. Then, he lowered his head and kissed her cheek. The little girl put her hands around Soran’s neck and hung on his body. Then she raised her head and looked at Gloria, with open arms as though wanting a hug.

Vivian opened her arms and pounced on her. “Sister Gloria! I missed you so much! ”

Seeing the lovely girl, there was a gentle smile on Gloria’s face. She reached out to catch the girl and stroked her long hair. She said softly, “Vivian. I missed you too! ”

The little girl hung on Gloria and laid her head on Gloria’s chest comfortably.

After a while, Vivian suddenly frowned slightly, then shrugged her nose. She sniffed like a dog, which made Gloria feel a little uneasy. The little girl went around Gloria, and could not help but say, “sister Gloria smells like big brother!”

Hearing Vivian’s words, a flash of red appeared on Gloria’s face. It was extraordinarily charming and moving.


The little girl put her nose to Gloria’s chest. She sniffed a little bit closer and said to herself, “He smells the most here!”


Gloria smacked the little girl’s buttocks. Her charming face was so red that she held Vivian and walked forward; even her earlobes were red. Before she left, she gave Soran a slightly angry look. As for Soran, he didn’t blush at all. He just looked far away to hide his embarrassment.

The little girl seemed to have understood something!

After all, she grew up in the slums, so she was more mature than the other children of her age. She put her head out and looked at Soran, then at Gloria. Then she said, “shame!!!…”

“Sister Gloria! Did you do something shameful with big brother?!…”


The little girl touched her small buttock that was hit again and did not speak again. But her big eyes turned several times, as though she was thinking about something.

She did have a curious expression!

The little girl soon forgot about it. Then she took Gloria’s hand and took her toward the camp. At the same time, her little face looked proud. She led Gloria and told her that the paved road was completed only the day before; also, all the monsters in the neighborhood were cleaned up by herself. After walking a little bit, they saw a camp surrounded by fences. The place now seemed like a town.

Soran had to deal with cargo, so he was still at the port. Meanwhile, Vivian led Gloria and explained everything to her.

The little girl did take part in the building of the camp, after all.

The camp was now different from when Soran left. First, the fence was much higher than before; it was three layers thick and couldn’t be easily hit by powerful beasts. At the same time, it was convenient to increase the number of towers. At present, there were 16 watchtowers in the whole camp, which was comparable to many medium-sized towns in terms of scale. Soran had no plans to build a solid wall for now because it costs too much, and there was no need for it now.

The north gate had guards; not only were there pirates guarding it, but there were also some drow fighters.

Gloria was shocked by this!

Since Soran didn’t have time to explain everything to her, when she saw these stern and resolute drow fighters, she was shocked. It seems that she was shocked at Soran’s speed of development.

Having the drows yield was not an easy task!

“Young madam!”

The young drow fighter bowed his head to little Vivian. At the same time, he turned his eyes to Gloria. He seemed to have noticed Gloria’s powers, and he was quite shocked. He bowed his head respectfully and said, “Welcome to the camp. Your excellency! ”

The drows would always be a race that respected the strong.

Gloria nodded slightly, and then followed Vivian into the camp. She noticed that these drows were not afraid of the sun. It seemed that they were not pure drows but half-drows. Only half-drows could move on the surface so easily.

Inside the camp, there were four big roads!

Unlike any town Gloria had seen before, she felt a strong visual impact as soon as she entered the camp.

Not because the buildings were impressive, but because everything here was very neat. It was more orderly than any city she had ever seen. The straight roads divided the area into four. The drainage channels on both sides were the same too. All the built houses were of the same style, a kind of brick house that looked very strange and neat. The design of the houses was not clever, but because they were arranged in rows on both sides of the street, it was very pleasant to watch. At a glance, Gloria liked this place a little more. She liked this clean and tidy environment.

There was no excrement on the road. Even though there was a large population here, there was no foul smell in the air.

Although the pirates dressed messily, they obviously knew a lot about following rules. When they saw Gloria, who was with Vivian, they all bowed their heads to show their respect. There was a blacksmith in the corner of the street. The noisiest places were the three pubs; it was hard for pirates not to have alcohol. There was also no brawls here because Soran had set up a special competition arena. Any personal grievances had to be resolved in the arena, and the leaders were also required to be present during the duel.

Gloria saw many slaves!

However, unlike slaves in other places, they were strong–not at all weak or skinny. Some of them even looked ruddy, which meant that they had enough food.

From the west gate, there were cars of bricks and tiles. There were still many open spaces that had been divided into areas but had not yet been built. Many craftsmen were busy. Among them, there were some that looked oriental. Among the rather lazy pirates, there were some who were obviously serious and fierce-looking pirates who were in charge of patrolling.

Outside the south gate was an open field.

A group of slaves worked in the fields. More preparations were needed for the first cultivation. There were also fierce pirate overseers nearby.

There was a need for good quality fertilizer.

Otherwise, the first year’s harvest would be very poor, even though the soil here was quite fertile.

Gloria gazed silently at what was in front of her; the more she saw, the more surprised she was, for she knew how quickly Soran had built it. Even with the help of the power of the witch council, it would not be possible for Gloria to build something like this in such a short time.

It was hard to imagine!

If Soran was given some time to develop, what kind of city could he finally built in the outer islands!