Abyss Domination

Chapter 333 - The Red Dragon Duchess

With Gloria, Soran was even more powerful!

No one could ignore a powerful high-grade witch, let alone an influential member of the witch council, who owned territory of her own. Information about Gloria could hardly be concealed from others. After all, she had ruled a city in the north for nearly ten years. Gloria reached a high grade 10 years ago (above profession level 15), but had only recently become close to the realm of legend (above profession level 18).

A wizard’s power grew slower at the end, but Soran was the odd one!

The life span of legendary witches was quite long, far longer than that of any close combat profession, so they also had many requirements when it came to choosing their spouses. Otherwise, they were still in the prime of their life, and their spouses were already old. In terms of life span, legendary close combat professions were at a disadvantage. It may be that they had consumed a lot of Life Force due to bleeding and injuries before entering the realm of legend. The life span of the legendary close combat profession was only one-third of that of the spellcasters, sometimes less than 200 years.

Gloria chose Soran because of his potential.

Sea temple.

After sending Soran and Gloria away, the Naga Siren priest had a cold expression.

“Get me the deep-sea hunter!”

The sea temple priest stood in front of the goddess with a scepter in her hand, and said to the servant beside him, “Let the news of Gloria spread out immediately, and Ashrod must know about this as soon as possible. He will be afraid, and will probably kill Soran, or even let the Naga Siren royal family start a conspiracy in advance. Otherwise, Ashrod is doomed to be defeated! ”

“As long as they go to war, Soran’s strength will be weakened!”

“He already has most of the outer islands. I must weaken his power and then take the power of the sea so that I can compete for the position of high priest!”

“I have a hunch that the goddess will soon come down. Only the high priest is the closest to the god.”

A trace of ambition appeared.

The Naga Siren priest turned and entered the pool in front of the temple. A wave of divine power poured into her body. Then her blue skin became transparent, and something like scales could be seen falling off. This was the power of faith gathered by the sea temple. Since she was awarded a little divinity by the sea goddess, she could try to absorb these powers. The power gathered in the temple of the sea would change her little by little, and eventually, she would be completely out of the realm of mortals. She might become a Chosen or a chance to enter a higher realm.

But she must first suppress the people with ill intent!

A twisted shadow appeared from the sea.

A creature that was strange, full of terror, appeared. It hid in the water below the temple and expressed its emotions with a strange voice.

The Naga Siren priest took off her robe, looked at the ambiguous hunter of the deep sea, and said slowly, “pay attention to the restless Naga Siren royal family. If there is any change, open the prison door of the deep sea immediately.”

“Let the pet of the sea goddess give them relief!”

While saying this, the Naga Siren priest had a strange smile.

The blurred shadow gradually went away. Its body twisted in the seawater. Although it had no shape, it had a deadly aura. It was a very horrible predatory aura.

The eastern sea route.

On an island near the eastern trade border, it was a transit station similar to port Tylon, and also a place that belonged to the pirate king Ashrod.

“What did you say?”

A man with a stern face listened to the report from his subordinates and said, “he got a high-grade witch? How is this possible? How can a proud witch of the north be with a pirate king? Is the witch council ready to step in on the south coast? No! Why would the witch counsel care about the benefits of the south coast! This is the territory of the sea temple!… ”

“Damn it!”

“I knew I should have tried my best to eliminate the Throat Cutter!… I never thought he would become so powerful so soon!…”


“Send a message to the Duchess of the Principality of Rosard immediately!… Since the sea temple had attacked the outer islands last time, the red dragon Duchess lost the most!… She must hate the Throat Cutter too!… She is certainly not willing to give up her interests in the outer islands so easily. Maybe we can try to form an alliance with her! ”

Hearing his words, a half Naga Siren woman who did not look human hesitated and said slowly, “Your Excellency! The red dragon Duchess is now the enemy of the sea temple. If we openly contact her, we will be in direct violation of the order of the sea temple! In that case, I’m afraid the Naga Siren priest would take the opportunity to create trouble! ”

The man frowned, looked up at her, and said slowly, “I don’t care!”

“If we don’t ask for the help of the Duchess, we may not be able to withstand the joint attack of the Throat Cutter and the high-grade witch. The Throat Cutter had a grudge against us when he dealt with the Swamp King! This time, with the northern witch’s help, he would surely take his revenge! ”


“I want to write a letter to the red dragon Duchess!”

The outer island sea route.

Soran didn’t stay in port Tylon for long. Now the territory of the outer islands was his foundation. So, after a short time, he led his fleet back to the outer islands. This time, however, he brought back quite a lot of people. There were 12 ships that Soran’s men robbed.

There were quite a lot of goods to be transported this time, and more than 800 men needed to be brought back.

Half of them came from the mainland. Many of them used to work in mines, but for some obvious reasons, they recently fell into Soran’s hands. It had to be said that a group of villains were really efficient as subordinates. Soran’s current slaves could easily dilute the proportion of local slaves he had on the outer island. Soran had asked for a group of mainland slaves since he wanted to transform the local slaves into more civilized people.

The journey on the sea was quite boring.

For half a month, Soran had to turn his attention to learning magic again, and at the same time, explore the secrets of teacher Gloria. With a high-grade witch as his teacher, Soran’s learning of magic knowledge was much faster. After learning the most commonly used level 1 spells, Gloria suggested that Soran should stop learning more spells, but instead become familiar with them and improve the speed of casting.

In other words, she hoped that Soran would research deeper; using his mastery to get the battle ability [Practiced Spellcaster].

Therefore, Soran’s next day was to keep remembering spells, and then continue to cast them after that. He repeated this continuously so as to gain the ability [Practiced Spellcaster].

After three days on the sea, a late data log appeared in front of Soran:

“Astral plane battle [Legendary battle]: in the middle of January 1676 in the new moon era, when you went to the north to invite a witch to the outer islands, you accidentally encountered the Giths attacking a wizard tower. In this legendary event, you chose to help the northern witch against the Giths and killed an adult red dragon in the battle. This greatly improved your relationship with the witch council and spread your reputation beyond the material plane. However, as the witch council had strictly blocked the news of the battle of the astral plane, your name would only spread among the Giths. [Legend Rating + 3]”

Previously when Soran joined in the sea battle of the betrayers, there was also a delay before he got his legend rating notification. However, it was longer this time; maybe it was because the matter had only ended, or because it was a cross-plane battle. Soran obviously had no time to think so much about it now. He merely glanced through and continued to train his spellcasting ability.

With the experience of the astral plane, Soran had felt the secrets of instant cast early on, at the same time he also got part of the information for [Practiced Spellcaster].

Success was within his reach. He could feel that he was going to master a new magic ability soon.

Days went by.

When Soran arrived back on the outer island, someone from the base camp immediately came to welcome him.

A new lighthouse had been built near the port. It was more than a month since Soran had left. According to the layout Soran left, the people in the camp were very busy with construction work. Even the natural port nearby had a relatively simple port. There was also a five-meter wide paved road, which was used for transport, extending all the way to the east gate of the camp.

The crew of the ship became busy, unloading the many things onboard.

Soran looked at the dock, led Gloria’s hand and walked down. Before they could get on land, Vivian appeared in a white princess dress.

“Big brother!”

The little girl yelled with joy and went straight into Soran’s arms.