Abyss Domination

Chapter 332 - Strong Alliance

The cold sea breeze blew over.

It might have been that the last winter was too cold, and this year’s snow melting was much later than the previous years. In the South, the weather had already almost transited to when it was almost February, but the coastal area was still quite cold. The journey back was peaceful. No one would disturb a pirate king if they had eyes, and there was a quasi-legendary Northern Witch in the fleet. So there was almost nothing for Soran along the way. His task was to catch up with his knowledge of magic and try to learn all the first level spells.

That was the basis of all spells. Most of the later spell models were based on level one spells.

Level 0 spells were a kind of magic that was only for show. It belonged to something that did not enter the eyes of the Wizards.

Learning magic would be boring and naturally needed some extra spices, so Soran was always willing to explore the exquisite and delicate body of teacher Gloria in his spare time. It seemed like there was an inconceivable life meaning within the depths of the valley, and he could not help but indulge in the sea of knowledge. Although this research would easily turn into a fierce battle, there was no doubt that both of them are powerful forces. Of course, Soran’s fighting capability was needless to say. Although Gloria’s physique was not good enough, there were other ways as a high-grade Witch.

So, in the end, it was either him or her, there were not many choices. In the end, it was inevitable to seek a truce, rest, and live to fight another time!

Life on the sea was a bit interesting, but with half a month’s voyage, even the patient Gloria was getting a little bored. So, Soran stopped at the Shipwreck Bay and went to Port Tylon after a simple rest. For the rebellion in Kingdom in the South, Soran did not put too much energy into it, because now he did not have enough ability to intervene on the mainland, one should know how much appetite they had to determine how much they would eat. If the rebellion lasted long enough and had not been put out in a short time, then it would be worth Soran’s investment.

He was one of the three pirate kings on the South Coast!

Even if he wanted to get involved in this matter, Soran couldn’t help the Royal Army. If he wanted to get more benefits, he had to invest in the rebels in the end.

So no matter what his thoughts were now, it still depended on the strength of this rebel force.

If it could not last for three to five months, then it would not be worth Soran investing any resources, and this sort of rebellion would not be able to influence anything.

The Southern kingdom has degraded.

But even the decadent Kingdom had such a thick foundation there. Soran could be dominating at sea, but it was not so easy to go on land. Besides, many of these places were strange. There might be a devil among them. Whether or not to go through this muddy water depended on whether the benefits were big enough and how sure they were.

Whatever Soran had conspired for, would naturally not be simple!

Port Tylon.

The return of Soran made the people who had their little minds floating around settle down. At the same time, through various channels, where some even bought the eyes and ears of the pirates, and so on, they had learned that during this trip, Soran had roped in the powerful Northern Witches Council, and even negotiated a trade with them. This had caused a huge wave in the hearts of the rest of them. The value of trade with the Witches Council was not only just purchasing a group of extraordinary equipment to arm their own people, but it also had a more profound meaning.

Even if it did not have much meaning, in other people’s eyes, it was also not an easy feat!

Not to mention that many of the core pirate members learned about Gloria’s existence this time, along with Soran’s close relationship with Gloria, which was not deliberately concealed to others. So, all the pirate leaders under Soran knew Gloria’s identity, and also knew that she might become the lady of the house for all of them. The pirates referred to Soran as something similar to ‘Mylord,’ which could be understood as ‘your Excellency’ or ‘master.’

For Gloria, she could easily crush these rebellious pirate leaders regardless, in strength or status!

Maybe in the past, some people thought that Soran’s background was not enough, but after Gloria appeared, her identity completely knocked those thoughts away. If Soran married the noble Northern Witch, he would have a powerful ally. The identity of the pirate king and a member of the high-ranking Witches Council would be a strong alliance that was enough to suppress anyone with any funny ideas. Such a combination of strength was enough to scare everyone–even malicious people might panic.

In fact, some people had already begun to deliver the news back, which had also caused many people’s concerns.

At the Port.

Soran’s fleet entered Port Tylon. Because of the supply of overseas trade, the protection fee (flag) set by Soran made the pirates lead a good life. So far, no one had attacked them. The world needed rules, and Soran had made a rule. Some people felt that the rule was good and could bring them more benefits. Then, they started to abide by it. These people, while obeying Soran’s rules, had started to develop a sense of awe in their hearts.

When the warship was close to the port, all the other merchant ships gave way.

Soran was standing on the deck in a black suit. He bent down slightly to make an invitation sign. Then he took Gloria, who had a quiet and elegant smile on her face, and walked towards the downtown area of Port Tylon. He was like a noble Lord with his wife patrolling the territory, with strong self-confidence hung on his face, yet it was without arrogance nor complacency.

He was showing his strength!

To be able to build such a foundation in just a few months, who dared to say that he had no strength nor power now?

There was a slight commotion ahead.

When Soran took Gloria’s white hand and walked down the warship, there was the figure of a temple guard in the distance. He saw that the people on the left and right were hulking away, needless to say, it was the Naga Priest who had appeared. It was no doubt that it came as a little surprise to Soran, and then there was a smile on his face because the Naga Priest met him in this situation. It was an affirmation of his strength.

But his face soon stiffened.

After the appearance of Naga Priest, she did not even take a look at him. Instead, she came directly to Gloria and smiled a little: “Welcome to Port Tylon! Your Honorable Witch! ”

Soran was livid.

In the beginning, in order to let the Naga Priest came out to meet him in person, he forced her to bow her head, and that took an unknown amount of effort.

But even then, the Naga Priest had never used such a humble attitude to greet him, but now that Gloria came to Port Tylon, not to mention that the Naga Priest took the initiative to greet him, but her attitude was still so humble. Comparing the two experiences, Soran’s heart suddenly felt quite unhappy. Even though Gloria was his woman, he was still quite unhappy. The gap between the status and position was completely two extremes. The status of the high-level Witch was vividly displayed at this moment.

Facing the humble posture of the Naga Priest, Gloria naturally nodded and smiled, but she soon noticed sensitively that Soran’s face was not very pleasant.

So the intelligent woman naturally turned a little sideways, and then changed the position of being led by Soran into taking the initiative to hold his arm.

This way!

Suddenly, the atmosphere looked totally different. In the beginning, they were walking hand in hand. Now, Gloria was gently holding Soran’s arm and leaning half on his shoulder.

Soran, who was intentionally ignored by the Naga Priest, suddenly became the main character of the entire scene.

Even the Naga Priest had become a foil!

At this moment, Soran’s eyes were soft with a tenderness rarely seen in his eyes. Gloria glanced at him, a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, and then blinked naively.

If they weren’t in public, Soran would really like to give her a big kiss now!

Faced with Gloria’s initiative to make Soran the protagonist, the face of the Naga priest was not looking very good–as if all the rumors were true. In just a few days, Soran, relying on his powerful male charm and reproductive organs, completely conquered a noble Northern Witch, and she was also a powerful high-level Witch with the status of a member of the Witches Council. (Note: all of the above are anecdotes of taverns, and the more exaggerated it was, the more they spread, the more people would believe them. Especially the pirates under Soran who liked to brag about it. Telling everyone how powerful their leaders were. Even the noblest Northern Witch had been conquered. They could even reject all those ladies and girls when they saw them one by one.)

Everyone knew what went on in the pub.

But when one repeated something for a hundred times, and someone would believe the story in the end, and it would have become reliable gradually.


The Naga Priest tried to find out the relationship between the two. But she could not help but squeeze out a smile on her face and said slowly: “I have prepared a place for the Honorable Witch.”

Gloria’s status was more distinguished than many other City Lords.

In fact, she was the ruling class above the City Lords in the North. Even if the ruling power belonged to the Witches Council, she was no lower than the Naga Priest in terms of identity. Therefore, the attitude of the Naga Priest to meet her was actually to show her goodwill to the Witches Council, to invite her and to arrange accommodation for her, and to prepare according to the standard for welcoming the other City Lords when they visited.

No matter how close Soran’s relationship with Gloria was, and whether he could control her in the future, these were things in the future.

Now for the Naga Priest, the most important thing was to find a way to get on the line of the Witches Council. If she could get involved with the Witches Council, then she could have powerful help!

Soran’s growth was beyond the estimation of the Naga Priest.

Especially now, with the help of a Northern Witch, he had become the most powerful pirate king force on the South Coast!

It looked like a reshuffle would begin here soon.