Abyss Domination

Chapter 331 - Arms Trade

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A day has passed again.

It was also unknown how Gloria’s research progress was going, and Soran did not disturb her either.

This time, Gloria’s research was to analyze the unique metal of the Githyankis. The progress of the study had lasted for decades, and she had obtained the corresponding data through her authority. Now, she had to analyze the data again and grasp its characteristics. Whether she could make a breakthrough or not depended on whether she could find a new research direction, so, now Gloria seemed to be learning some knowledge. She was not making academic breakthroughs, but her progress was still quite fast.

Soran was also curious about the Githyankis’ memory morphing metal!

He felt that this item was quite sophisticated.

Even in the Star Age, the research on memory metal was not so supernatural, but it also could transform itself. Soran supported the progress of Gloria’s research and tried to buy any expensive materials that she needed. Even if this thing could not be used to make Golems for the moment, if it could make Soran a transformable weapon, that would also be quite amazing!

Githyankis’ transformable weapons required spiritual power.

But Soran had no spiritual power, so he could use the Silver Sword of Gith, but he could not transform it. So if there was a breakthrough in Gloria’s research progress, maybe they could try to make it have the ability to transform through energy storage.

For top Rogues like Soran, weapon transformation could bring out an unconventional combat power!

On the third day.

Even with Gloria’s status as a member of the Witches Council, Soran did not receive the approval until the day after. The Witches Council had very strict control over large-scale food and weapons trade in the North. Let alone such extraordinary weapons. Even ordinary military weapons were also very strict. The high-grade Witches in the North were more confident about themselves. If it was in other places, such as some kingdoms in the South, they might even have a large iron trade under strict control.

Like the salt and iron monopoly in the Central Plains, many kingdoms were worried about weapons falling into the hands of foreigners.

For example, Lizardmen, Beastmen, Gnolls, and so on, it was better off that the weapons fell into the hands of insurgents within human beings. If they fell into the hands of these naturally powerful humanoid creatures, it would greatly improve their combat effectiveness if they were equipped with a large number of weapons.

“Your Excellency.”

A middle-aged man who looked like a clerk came to Soran and bowed his head slightly: “What you want has been delivered. This is the bill to be paid. The Council is still awaiting my return.”

Behind him were three heavy Iron Golems, and several city guards dressed as bodyguards.

With the arms trade value of nearly 100,000 Gold Derahls, even the Witches Council had sent out Iron Golem guards. Although the middle-aged man in front of him was dressed as a secretary, he was a third-grade Wizard. Depending on Gloria’s relationship, Soran finally bought a batch of grade one weapons from the Witches Council, and also got the implicit support of the Witches Council. Now that they were willing to sell him arms, the Witches Council had accepted Soran’s identity.

“No problem.”

Soran looked to the second mate behind him, then opened a box filled with weapons in it. All he had ordered were weapons. Weapons supported half of the fighting capacity of the pirates. On the contrary, the need for armor was not as great. Besides, Soran had a dragon and a group of two-legged Quetzalcoatlus near his camp. If he needed armor, he could make a batch of high-quality leather armor by himself.

Pirates did not wear heavy metal armor. Their fighting style was not suitable for heavy armor!


Soran pulled out a long sword and looked at its attributes.

“Item Type: Long Sword [+1] (Enchanted)

Item Grade: [Extraordinary (Grade 1)]

Description: The weapon was made of precision forged steel. It was infused with other special materials when forging. It was made by folding forged steel craftsmanship of the North. After completion, it had a simple alchemy enchantment. This weapon has a basic rune on its blade, which could cause additional damage after hitting the enemy.

Requirements: Strength 8 points and above.

Effects: Folded forged steel characteristics, Sharpness +2, Penetration +1, Energy Damage +1.”

Based on its attributes, such a grade one weapon could not compare with Soran’s personally forged Curved Sword +1. After all, these were all extraordinary weapons that were mass-produced. However, as the extraordinary weapons were made in the North, they all had a quite obvious feature, that was, all these weapons had undergone a simple enchanting process. Although it only increased 1 point of energy damage, it had a great impact on the battle, especially when dealing with some enemies.


Soran swung his sword and slashed it at a commonly forged dagger. The latter had been broken directly, but the former had no scratches at all. After all, extraordinary weapons were still superior weapons. Once compared with ordinary weapons, the gap was quite obvious. He nodded to the man next to him, and immediately two men brought in a heavy box. Soran’s profits from this trip were all in it. Even the profits from killing the white dragon were mostly used on this batch of weapons.

When these weapons were shipped back and equipped, the pirates under his command would have combat power equivalent to that of a city’s standing army–against the indigenous people, against another pirate king, or even when attacking cities on the South Coast in the future, Soran’s elite pirates would have the ability to engage regular forces. It was impossible for Soran to stay on guard overseas all the time. At the right time, he would finally stretch his hands back onto the mainland.

It was getting closer to February.

Soran unexpectedly stayed here for five more days, and then waited until Gloria finished her research on the Silver Sword of Gith. Then they set out on their way back to the Outer Islands. Before leaving, Soran took another look at the port city in the North and did not know whether it would still be so peaceful when he came back the next time. Because there were powerful Witches in the North, the impact would not be very big. He just received a message that some kingdoms in the South have fallen into war.

Duke Peter.

A southern nobleman whose name Soran had never heard of, had just declared his dissatisfaction with the cruel rule of the king and the other nobles three days ago and then led his loyal army to revolt.

This was the news on the surface.

Soran also learned from Gloria, that the Witches Council had investigated, and found the presence of the devils.

This rebellious Kingdom bordered Soran’s territory!