Abyss Domination

Chapter 329 - A Peaceful Day

The morning sun was shining.

Soran woke up slowly from his deep sleep. He might have gotten a lot of satisfaction last night, or maybe he had never had such a good rest for a long time. That was why he actually slept through the day and woke up at noon. His nose was still surrounded by a light fragrance. It seemed that his fingertips were still tingling with the soft and delicate touches of last night. However, Gloria had not been here for a long time, and even the messy traces of last night’s madness were cleaned up.

That was just a piece of cake for a high-grade Northern Witch!

There was even a set of brand-new clothes stacked neatly on the bedside cabinet. It was not the Adventurer’s clothes that Soran used to wear, but the kind of simple, loose, and comfortable clothes. The style looked like those that were fancied by the northern aristocracy. The clothes of the northern aristocratic men and women were styles that had a tad bit of waist binding. Soran stood up naked and stretched his muscles a little. Then he put on this rather casual set of clothes. At this time, he found that his past had been so tense that he had never prepared the sort of clothes for home except for the Adventurer’s clothes (combat clothes).


All of Soran’s clothes were designed for fighting. These sorts of clothes, where he could not open his legs widely, were those which he would not have even considered before.

All the clothes he prepared were like those training clothes, which could open and close his hands and feet, but in fact, the clothes people usually wore were a little similar to the clothes we were wearing now. It was just a time-bomb for a spinning kick with raised legs to have the pants open up. If it had been before, Soran would not have put on such clothes, because he was ready to fight at any time. However, this was obviously prepared for him by Gloria, so he still put it on. Besides, this was Gloria’s Wizard Tower.

He heard sounds coming from the room.

There was a dull sound of footsteps immediately, and a Clay Golem came in with a breakfast box. He lowered his head slightly and said: “Your Excellency! This was what the master has prepared for you. ”

“She’s in the lab now, and the master tells you to go find her when you wake up.”

Clay Golems used lesser energy.

They were the regular low-level Golems within the Wizard Tower. They were basically in operation all day long. They were also the ones in charge of cleaning in the Wizard Tower. Many of them had been injected with a higher level of intelligence. After seeing Soran’s nod, the Clay Golem served the breakfast box like a servant and put it on the table stably. It weighed about 600 pounds, much heavier than adults, and was suitable for a lot of heavy work.

Breakfast was simple.

Because it was the Wizard Tower, the cuisine was also very wizardly. Most Wizards also liked to drink morning tea.

Tea bricks from the East were ground and made into something similar to milk tea.

Soran did not like the taste very much, but it was not to the extent of totally rejecting it. He just ate a few bacon slices, then a large piece of white bread, and finally filled in with milk tea.

If it came to food, there was no other region or race other than Halflings that could match the Greater China’s food.

Soran soon headed to the laboratory.

Gloria seemed to have lifted the restrictions for him within the Wizard’s Tower, because Soran could give simple orders to the Puppet Golems, such as leading the way, opening a room, and more. In fact, the powerful women in the world were all very strong-willed. Soran never expected the other party to be so obedient because of their closer relationship. He was a man that rose from the Underdark. He was a man where the Drows from the Underdark stuck to, but for the sake of benefits, had sliced him up into pieces in the turn of an eye.

It could be imagined that the men who have stayed in the Underdark were not thought to be so naive by any woman.

In the laboratory.

By the time Soran came in, Gloria already knew.

But instead of turning to look at him, she stared intently at a small piece of silvery-white metal in front of her eyes. Gloria, with a special pair of black-framed gold lining glasses, was shining slightly on the crystal lenses at the moment. She was surrounded by many intricate instrument parts and a test tube filled with an unknown liquid. At the moment, she had lost the charm of last night because she was now wearing a thick wizard robe. The robe had many dense defense runes. In case of an accident, the magic on this wizard robe would trigger collectively, and then protect her from all kinds of emergencies.

No wizard’s experiment was absolutely safe!

It could be said that Alchemy was trained through continuous explosions. If a Wizard was not careful against accidents, they could easily die during experiments.

“You’re awake?”

When Soran’s footsteps came nearer, Gloria gently flicked her fingers, put down the silver and white metal using ‘Wizard’s Hand,’ and slowly took off her gold and black glasses. She turned to look at Soran and said with a gentle smile: “You really slept like a child last night. After I got up, I saw you sleeping soundly. I couldn’t wake you up.”

Soran looked at the beautiful woman in front of him. Even if she was wearing a thick wizard robe, she could not hide her delicate body. He stretched out his hands and hugged Gloria in front of him. Instead of dodging, she leaned into his arms meekly and arched like a kitten for a more comfortable position.

A warm hug.

Soran could smell her hair at the tip of his nose. His always sharp eyes seemed to soften a lot at the moment, and he said slowly: “Hmm. I slept quite deeply last night. But I didn’t expect that you had just thrown away your armor. You recovered so quickly today.”

When Gloria heard that, a blush formed on her charming face. She gave him a gentle thump and raised her head to say: “It’s just that I hadn’t gotten used to it for the first time. Don’t forget that I’m a high-grade witch. A well-prepared Spellcaster can deal with any situation calmly.”

After hearing that, Soran pointed out: “Like Grease spell?”

For a moment, Gloria blushed turned her back to him as if she had been stabbed.

Of course!

Soran’s face showed that it was evident.

It was no wonder that last night felt so smooth and greasy. He thought it was Gloria’s special physique that the discharge was relatively more. So it turns out that she secretly used some special Grease spell.

A powerful Spellcaster was really omnipotent!

He spread his arms around Gloria’s slender waist from the back, bent over to her earlobe and kissed her. Then, he held her soft body tightly in his arms, and the two of them enjoyed their intimacy at this time. After a while, Soran turned over Gloria’s delicate body, then looked at her beautiful face and leaned over to kiss her lips. Gloria closed her eyes Finvoluntarily, and then placed her hands around Soran’s neck. Compared to the astringency of last night, she had learned some skills from Soran. She could also occasionally counterattack during the engagement between their lips and tongue.

Her breath was a little hasty, and her charming face was flushing.

“One more time?”

Soran briefly panted, his hands already holding onto her bosoms, and gently kneaded them over her clothes.

Gloria’s delicate body trembled a little, and she shook her head gently. “No. It’s still a little painful! ”


“What about letting me drink a bottle of healing potion first?”

In the beginning, she obviously wanted to refuse, but when she felt Soran’s heat and firmness, she could not help biting her lip and put forward some suggestions that would make Soran helplessly laugh.


Soran rarely laughed, but when Gloria asked if she should drink a bottle of healing potion first, his laughing point seemed to have been stabbed. For the moment, he did not want to continue, but just held her tightly and gave her a kiss on her lips.

Both of them continued embracing for awhile.

Then Soran was driven out by Gloria, who was flushed with her heart racing because his fingers were not honest at all. In fact, none of the Rogues’ hands were honest.

Gloria wanted to continue her experiments before they left for the Outer Islands.

As a noble and powerful Northern Witch, she would never forget the sensual pleasure. Although she enjoyed the joys brought by Soran, it was just an ornament in her life. She also had a very important subject to finish as soon as possible, because Gloria had a premonition that if she went to the Outer Islands, she was afraid she would not come back so soon.