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Soran followed the Iron Golem to another room within the Wizard Tower on the other floor.

This room had a unique door handle, which seemed to belong to a relatively private place. It appeared that there were also spell restrictions. The Iron Golem did not enter either. It just stuck out a ruby-like crystal in the palm of its hand, and then gently put it on the rune mark of the gate. A reddish aura emerged. Soran heard the sound of a magic lock being unlocked, and then everything inside appeared in front of Soran. It was a very spacious bathroom, but it was definitely not that simple.

As soon as Soran entered, he smelled an exceptional fragrance.

It was a little like the fragrance on Gloria’s body, but it was more like sandalwood. When Soran went in, he saw the burning censer. It was a censer inlaid with agate jadeite, and its runes were imprinted with golden silk. The simple array made the oriental fragrance burn slowly, and at the same time, spread a calming scent into the whole room. On the opposite side of the room was a couch, which had something similar to a square Futon. There were many books beside it, as well as some delicate objects that Soran did not quite understand.

There was another door on the side.

You could hear the slight yet inaudible sound of running water. Soran saw a large bath immediately after entering it, but this was not the most crucial part. The most remarkable thing was that there was a vast magic array under the tub. With Soran’s knowledge, he could not recognize this array, but he could feel the elemental breath contained in it.

This bath was not that simple!

The room in front of him should be a secret room for Gloria’s meditation because there were many items that helps a Wizard enter a state of meditation.


Soran stretched out his hand and made a stroke in the bath, and he immediately felt that there was an energy in it. It was the energy of the converging elementals. It was not so explosive, but rather very gentle.

“Elemental Pool?”

Soran closed his eyes to feel a little. Unfortunately, his Wisdom was too low. It was hard to find anything without Extraordinary Wisdom. But Soran’s vast experience told him that this pool should have some connection between the Elemental Pool and the Wizard Tower’s core energy. It also reminded Soran of the dark blue Seawater in the Sea Temple. Almost every time when he used Restoration, he would wake up stark naked in the dark blue Seawater. It was within the Sea Temple but similar to the Elemental Pool.

Even the Holy Water of the Sea Temple was continuously made from it!

However, Soran seemed to have bathed in it twice.

Soran was not worried that Gloria would hurt him, so he looked around, took off his clothes, and then went into the pool naked.

A refreshing breath permeated his body!

Soran could not help but spit out a mouthful of turbid gas, for a moment, it was as if all his fatigue had been washed away.

The power of Water Elemental.

Soran could feel that the Water Elemental in the pool became more active, and a weak magic aura appeared on the sidewall of the bath, which seemed to have activated some special array. This cool breath lasted for about 15 minutes, and then began to turn into another energy that was more agile, and gradually infiltrated into the body along with the pool water.

The power of Wind Elemental.

Soran closed his eyes and felt the effects like an Elemental Pool. Special energy emerged and gradually penetrated into his body.

Water, Fire, Earth, and Air.

The power of the four Elementals emerged one by one. By the time Soran experienced the whole process, it was nearly an hour.

Then a row of data appeared:

“You’ve acquired a special energy effect!…..”

“You’ve experienced the basic baptism by the Elemental Pool transformation!…. You’ve automatically mastered [Minor Magic Resistance] Ability!…”

“You’ve acquired a Minor Magic Creature Property!….”

“Minor Magic Resistance [Gifted Ability]: For some reason, your body has acquired magical properties, which increases your resistance to magic. In the face of any spells, you would gain an additional resistance bonus of 1 point. This resistance bonus could be applied to the Test of Spell Immunity and would be converted into 1 point of damage reduction effect when suffering from Magic Attacks. This ability could not be improved by conventional means. You will gain a stronger resistance bonus with the increase of spell resistance! ”

Soran stood up in surprise.

He looked at his newly acquired abilities, and helplessly showed an expression of surprise.

Magic resistance.

This was one of the most difficult Gifted Abilities to acquire. Unlike cold, fire, poison, and other resistances, magic resistances were challenging to obtain by conventional means. And the magical resistance ability could be increased with the immunity ability. When it accumulated to a certain extent, he could be directly immune to some low-level spells. Soran had not seen legendary equipment that could increase magic resistance before. This was the first time he had seen a way to add such abilities directly. It seemed that Gloria had just activated something by herself?

Magic creature.

That refers to the real supernatural life. The legendary monk’s ‘Perfect Self,’ making himself entirely immune for any non-supernatural weapon’s attack. Thereby belonging to a complete transformation into a magical creature.

At the level of the legendary monk, he had basically wholly separated from the constraints of ordinary people!

It was like having run out of energy.

The magic light in the whole pool gradually dissipated. Soran stood up and took a look. Then, he put on his clothes and went out. Legendary Wizards had some means to transform their bodies. The simplest way was to pay the price to increase their attributes by using Wish, and then, using all kinds of energies to strengthen their body.

Live enhancement was a very sophisticated segment!

Basically, only Wizards in the period of the Arcane Empire could do it. At present, the experts of body enhancements were Liches. Ordinary Liches could enhance to nearly 50% of physical resistance and magic resistance. If they were Demigod Liches, their resistance would be more powerful. After all, they were all dead creatures. Even if they broke their bodies, it did not matter. At most, they could just recreate and replace their bodies. In contrast, other Wizards obviously had it harder.

It seemed that Gloria had also studied the topics of the Arcane Empire!

Soran walked out of here and then went towards the room from the start. There was an Iron Golem that was not activated on the corridor. Normally, they were all dormant, and only activated when they were met with a situation because the energy pool of the Wizard Tower could not maintain their long-term operation. The most coveted knowledge of all Wizards should be the secrets of energy sources during the period of the Arcane Empire. They were enough to activate huge energy sources to sustain the floating city, which was the key for the Archmages to fight against the Gods.

Even Soran, a half dabbler wizard, knew that energy sources were the key to sophisticated combat effectiveness!

Back to the room.

When Soran pushed open the door, he paused for a moment, then walked to the front bed as if nothing had happened.

There was one more person in the room.

Gloria was wearing snow-white pajamas. Now she was reading while lying on her back with a soft pillow. Her white and slender thighs overlapped. Through the gaps of pajamas, one could see her fair skin–like white jade. Each toe was round and jade-like. In this era, few women were like her–even her toes were like pearls. This required a superior living environment, like a princess. Regarding Soran’s arrival, the Northern Witch seemed very calm. At least, she looked very calm because she was flipping the pages with her fingers very steadily, and did not look up to see Soran. Her pajamas were tied with a white belt, so one could not see much, but one could definitely see a full chest that was straining the collar. As a northern woman of status, Gloria was far more developed than other women with regard to her chest and hips.

She also seemed to have just bathed, with a very nice fragrance on her body, and her long, silky hair was flowing at will.

Soran naturally sat on the big bed. After taking a bath, he had changed into loose clothes. So now, after sitting on the bed, he laid on his side next to Gloria. Then he reached for a big soft pillow, and also placed it below his back. Of course, Gloria knew that he was coming, but she was still reading. She seemed to be very concentrated, except for a little shortness of breath when Soran came over.

Soran looked at the woman that was fatally attractive and alluring in front of him. The corner of his lips could not help but showed traces of a whimsical smile.

He did not speak at all.

He just leaned towards Gloria, pretending to read the things in the book. In fact, it was regarding a very profound knowledge of magic, which Soran, a half-assed Wizard, could not understand. But it did not matter if he did not understand. Soran’s purpose was to deliberately approach the woman in front of him to let her feel his breath. He breathed onto the side of her earlobe, but what he saw was her delicate skin, seemingly having tiny goosebumps.

The entire progress only lasted a minute or two.

Soren felt a little dizzy after reading the book for a while. He pretended to stretch. Then he raised his arm up and slid it down through Gloria’s back naturally. The woman beside him trembled a little, but there was no repulsion. Then Soran’s arm encircled Gloria’s slender waist from her back, which made her involuntarily lean onto Soran’s shoulder. She did not speak but turned her head turned to look at Soran rather thoughtfully, and then continued to focus on her book.

Gloria’s face was still calm, but her cheeks blushed a little more.

“It’s nothing much.”

Soran began to speak with his voice sounding as if he was a little sleepy. He closed his eyes directly and said: “You can keep reading your book; it’s nicer to sleep while cuddling like that.”

The warm palm of his hand was pressed against her navel.

Soran closed his eyes as if he was sleeping, but his fingertips were brushing slightly across Gloria’s smooth abdomen. He could feel the slight tremor of the other party’s body, where his grin on the corners of his mouth became more and more obvious. Inadvertently, he started drawing circles around her navel.


Gloria’s breath was a little short, but her expression was still very calm. She did not even look at Soran. Her eyes were still on the thick book, but she seemed to be a little absent-minded.

His fingertips were circling inch by inch.

It was not a surprise attack. Soran’s fingers ran down her navel, and he could feel the slight tension of the skin. Gloria could clearly feel the fingertips near her chest, so the moment when he was about to touch her front, she involuntarily took a deep breath. Then Soran stretched out his palms and held something soft and plump, a silk-like touch. It was so warm and smooth like jade so much so that he could not let go of it. He also vaguely remembered that he had not been so close to a woman for a long time.

His palms held onto it and kneaded a little.

Soran knew that for women, this was not a technique that was very comfortable, so he squeezed lightly till it left a little red print. Then twirled his index finger a few times and brushed his little finger on the full and delicate edge.

He felt Gloria shake slightly.

Soran’s fingers had afterimages within a small range, and the next moment, Gloria’s breathing was completely disrupted. Her delicate body that was half leaning in Soran’s embrace was obviously tense as if it received a slight electric shock.

The pages of her book were scattered.

Soran’s eyes were still closed, and his act of closing them helped Gloria relaxed a little because it would have made her more nervous if she was watched at this time. So when Soran’s fingers stopped, she quickly adjusted her breathing, turned her book back to the original page, and then automatically folded her legs into another position.

That was a subconscious behavior, but it made Soran grinned the corner of his mouth more strangely.

“Come closer.”

Soran opened his eyes a little bit, his palm still holding her left chest and said in a very casual way: “This is much easier.”

With a slight force in his arms, Gloria’s delicate body leaned over, entirely in his embrace.

Much easier to?

In actual fact, both of them already knew what would happen next, but this sort of thing should not be rushed, especially if it was the first time. Maybe Soran should have directly adopted a straightforward and rougher way since Gloria, who fully accepted Soran, would neither resist nor reject. But Soran could not do this kind of behavior. From the beginning, Soran took the initiative, merely going step-by-step, but he was also observing and being entertained.

His palm kneaded the full white balloons into various shapes.

The entire process lasted for three minutes, and Soran was not in a hurry to do anything. He was just in control of Gloria’s body, from the initial nervous tremors to the gradual familiarity of his touch.

It was the first time she was so close to a man. Soran could feel it from her body!

When Gloria’s body began to get used to Soran’s touch, he began to move onto the next part of the action, his fingers gently slid down her flat abdomen, going a little bit deeper. The loose Pajamas had already been automatically untied, and Gloria’s clothes were only covering various parts here and there. There was no way for her to read at all. When she felt that his fingers were approaching closer and closer to a particular place, she subconsciously clamped her long legs, and then pressed onto Soran’s palm with the heavy book.

She was nervous!

Her already relaxed emotions suddenly tensed up again. Her skin helplessly tightened as well.

And it was at this moment.

Soran opened his eyes, then frantically reached for her to be in his embrace. He subsequently threw the book straight down and leaned over to kiss Gloria on her lips.


Compared to the first gentle and meticulous kiss at the start, Soran’s kiss was a little rough and almost suffocating.

Gloria’s reaction was clumsy and slow. In fact, she only held onto Soran’s neck and passively accepted his invasion. His hot breath and devastating momentum gave her no room for resistance.

They kept kissing.

After the first fierce invasion, it gradually turned into gentle nibbling, licking, touching, and intertwining the tip of their tongues. The breathing was so close, maybe not as thrilling as an electric shock, but it made Gloria have a kind of harmonious sweetness. Kissing would always be an expression that was the closest, even closer to each other’s hearts than the last step.

Then, she began to feel a finger continuing to slide downwards.

But this time, she did not have any rejections, and she was not even that nervous either. Maybe it was because she was a little out of breath now.

His fingers touched skin that was as smooth and delicate as ever.

This surprised Soran a little because he had touched the lubricated, wet, honey-like spot, but he did not feel any hair.

Gloria clamped her legs at the moment when they touched, almost trapping Soran’s hands in them.

But that did not matter.

Soran’s fingertips were wet and moist, and then he slid along her delicate and tender skin. He could feel the sudden tremors of Gloria. She seemed to want to make a low sound from her mouth, but because he kissed her lips, she could only make a slightly nasal sound. Soran was seemingly gentle. His fingers were circling in a small radius, and then occasionally vibrating with a fantastic frequency.

Gloria’s body was taut.

In fact, from the moment Soran started, she was entirely in a state of unprecedented pleasure.

—- Omnipotent Hands.

There were only a few people in the world who were more flexible than Soran.


The uncontrollable moan finally came out, and Gloria fell on his chest, breathing heavily. Her beautiful face was flushing red. Her white forehead was covered with a fine sweat. Her five fingers tightly held her legs, and her feet were shaking. Even her legs were shaking. She had just experienced an odd feeling. It was quite strange to her, but the aftertaste was still intoxicating.

“This is just the beginning.”

Soran withdrew his lubricated fingers and smiled gleefully: “It seems like you are ready.”

With no extra movements.

A beautiful communion of spirit and flesh was unfolding.

It was still early.

She still had enough time to enjoy the novelty and intoxication.