Abyss Domination

Chapter 327 - Gloria’s Present (1) !

He is very good.

This sentence seemed to have another meaning.

However, there was no doubt that this represented the affirmation of Soran by the Eye of the North. Although Soran was seemingly quiet from the beginning to the end, he had proved himself–following Gloria to the Star Realm at that time without any hesitation. Some things were not said but were done instead. As a legendary witch, who had gone through countless trials and tribulations, the Eye of the North had seen many men who were good at flattering. But what she appreciated the most, was the kind of man who proved himself through his actions.

No matter how much one could say, it would still not beat one having done something for her.

Maybe stupid women would be easily blinded by words, but women like them had seen a lot more.

So when Gloria heard it, there was a faint blush on her face, and then she turned to look at Soran. At first, her impression of Soran was very vague. He was just an interesting Rogue, a brother who loved his sister very much. Since having met Soran in Amber City, she did not pay much attention to this man. She just thought he was a little special. He obviously knew more than other Rogues. What really attracted her attention was Vivian. That little girl was the key to her attention.

But, as time went on, bit by bit, more and more things about Soran attracted her. She did not expect that such Adventurer had such rich knowledge, let alone that he could grow up so fast. Soran’s improvement speed was beyond her. She became interested, secretly watching him. On the other hand, Soran’s and Vivian’s relationship made her envious. As a northern Witch, she seldom experienced family affection, so Vivian woke up her deep maternal nature to some extent.

In fact, before she met the Malarites, Soran was just an interesting person to her.

As a noble northern Witch, she could not be easily attracted to a man. But all of this changed when they met the Malarites. Under such circumstances, Soran did not hesitate to fight for them no matter the chances of survival, even if it was possible for him to die in the hands of the Hunters.


People in the face of death would tense up, and it would be very easy to influence them at that moment.

During that moment, Gloria saw the courage to face death in Soran’s eyes. At that moment alone, Soran gave her a very different impression. The figure of this man rose and finally fixed at the scene where he was full of blood, rushing towards the Hunters. He was facing death to let them escape safely. Although it was more for Vivian, Gloria remembered everything in her heart–his courage and protection at that moment.

Time flew by like that.

Gloria remembered this man, and even thought of him, worried about his safety, and even used Fortune Tell regardless of its consequences.

Some emotions seemed to be brewing.

Although they hadn’t seen each other for some time, he seemed to have been working hard for Vivian all the time. Gloria has deeply remembered this man, and would even be happy to see him again. Sometimes, she even thought that if he was half as good to her as he was to Vivian, it might be nice to even marry him. After all, as a noble and powerful Northern Witch, she could only choose between a few men. Ordinary people could not match her at all. There were only a few legendaries with similar strength and status.

She did not want to end up finding a man randomly like her mother to bear children.

Although Gloria knew that her father was also a powerful Wizard, she had hardly seen him because her mother and he were just trying to breed better offsprings.

Sometimes, a Wizard could be so rational and unfeeling!

As a Northern Witch, Gloria knew that she could not be impulsive. A Spellcaster needed to be calm and meticulous, but when facing this man, she always seemed to have an impulse in her heart.

That was why.

When she saw Soran again, she subconsciously dressed up a little.

If nothing else happened, emotions like these would continue to develop. Sometimes it might gush out when they accumulate to a certain extent. It might return to its original peacefulness with time. But a little accident happened. When the attack of the Githyankis spread to the material plane, and Soran did not hesitate to go with her to the Star Realm, the emotions accumulated in Gloria’s heart broke out. Although she did not seem to change much on the surface, no one knew that her heart was shaking.

It was because this time, he was not doing this for Vivian, but for her.

Inside the wizard tower.

When Soran came back, he was arranged to a large room by Gloria. A battle across the planes would cause fatigue, not only the body but also Soran’s highly tensed mental state. So when he got back to the room, he was ready to have a rest. To his surprise, the big room seemed to be decorated a little too well, looking like Gloria’s boudoir.

The floor was covered with soft velvet carpet, and the walls were beautifully painted. There was a dresser directly opposite, near the window, which looked like it was made with some kind of expensive purple wood. The whole room was filled with a faint fragrance, which was exactly the same as Gloria’s. The big soft bed had enough space to fit a dozen people. Soran remembered that Vivian seemed to have mentioned Gloria’s bed very large because she liked to sleep so much. This discovery in front of him made Soran’s heart beat faster, and his mouth a little dry.

His body was hot and dry all over, and his skin was a little red as if his breathing had become a little short.


Soran gently opened the wardrobe, and sure enough, he saw those soft and close-fitting women’s pajamas. There were also pieces of witch robes beside them. Inside the corner of the wardrobe was a female belt. There was no doubt that this was Gloria’s room because everything that Soran saw told him that Gloria usually slept in this room.

Heavy footsteps resounded.

Soran stepped back a little, then closed the wardrobe. When he came to the door, there was a dull voice of the Iron Golem outside: “Your Excellency. Master has asked me to take you to the bath.”

“Please follow me.”

Hearing the voice outside of the door, Soran suddenly felt that his body was sticky. Just now, his whole body was hot, it seemed like he was sweating a lot. Whether it was because of the side effects of dragon blood baptism or it was due to other reasons, one could not know. Soran felt that his current state was not quite right. In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it should be ‘Excessive Yang.’ It might actually really be because of the dragon blood baptism.

Going beyond the limit is as bad as falling short.

After three minutes, the medicinal effect would become toxic instead.