Abyss Domination

Chapter 326 - Reward!

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One by one, the northern witches carefully withdrew from the room.

Before they left, they could not help but look at Soran curiously, and all of whom had gazes that seemed interested. A person that could let the Eye of the North appoint and stay was not ordinary. Faced with the gaze of so many high-grade witches, Soran felt a little stressed. They were almost equal to 80% of the top combat power of the North. Any one of these women was at the strength, status, and position of a City Lord level.

“Be seated.”

The Eye of the North took a look at Gloria, then her gaze fell on Soran where she said slowly: “Thank you for your help this time! The Witch Council would be merciless against the enemy, but never stingy to friends! If you didn’t kill that red dragon, I’m afraid our battle would not be so easily won. I’m going to bestow you a reward in return for your help. ”

A faint magic aura emerged.

In the palm of the Eye of the North, there was a virtual shadow similar to the treasure house, and three items appeared in it at the same time. She looked at Soran in front of her and said slowly: “Choose one from the inside. Or you can choose the soul of this Red Dragon. When you’ve killed it, a Soul Locking Crystal that I carry around had automatically restrained part of its soul. To some extent, it also contains a lot of power, but your casting ability is too low. I’m afraid you would not be able to use its power!”

A dark red crystal emerged.

This was an extremely rare kind of crystal that could only be found on the edge of the Hell of Baator. It was a legendary item. The effect was to automatically cast a Soul Locking Spell on some powerful enemies after killing them, so as to imprison the whole soul or part of the soul of the enemy. This kind of crystal was rarely exposed to the material plane. But since the Eye of the North had this sort of crystal, Soran was basically sure that she had been to the Hell of Baator.

The soul of Red Dragon?

Soran took a look at the dark red crystal, but his face did not seem very interested.

The power of the soul.

Although powerful, Soul Locking could only bind a part of it, and it required some special abilities to be able to utilize it. Otherwise, this kind of crystal could only be regarded as a top-level soul stone, which could be used to trade soul with the devils. Soran had not yet been able to enter into the field of souls. If he got the soul of the red dragon, he could only absorb and transform it into Slaughter EXP. He might have tens of thousands of Slaughter EXP, but he had other ways to accumulate Slaughter EXP. There was no need to waste such a precious opportunity.

Hence, he looked at the other rewards that the Eye of the North had presented him with.

Three Legendary Pieces of equipment.

But sadly, Soran could only choose one of them.

The first legendary equipment was a Cape. It seemed that the Eye of the North did not intend to introduce the use of the equipment to Soran and just let him choose one directly.

This was a time to test his eyesight!

Soran could not judge what the first piece of equipment was, but he was certain it was a legendary item. It should be between the first and second legendary grade.

The second piece of equipment was a ring.

There were lifelike dragon patterns carved on it. It seemed that the inlays were not ordinary gemstones, more like the eyes of creatures. There was a strong magic aura on it, which should be a more powerful legendary jewelry. Soran could not see the object nor use the Slaughter EXP to appraise it quietly, so he could only focus on the third item.


Soran’s body shook.

He turned his head and looked towards the Eye of the North in front of him. He bowed slightly and said: “Your Excellency. I choose the last piece of equipment. That pair of boots should be what I need most.”

The Eye of the North smiled and nodded, she said slowly: “Very discerning. It looks like you’re an experienced Rogue. ”

“And good knowledge as well!”

She turned to look at Gloria next to her and said: “Gloria, go and take out the Storm Boots. I have temporarily released the restrictions of the Treasury. ”

Gloria took a look at Soran and then bowed and left.

Soran thought for a while when he heard those words. The Eye of the North asked Gloria to collect the equipment. It was obvious that she meant to have her leave for a moment. Was it possible that there was something else she had to say to him alone?

After Gloria left the room, The Eye of the North was looking at Soran deeply. An invisible pressure made Soran tense, but he did not feel an obvious hostility. It took a while for the pressure to subside. The white pupils of the Eye of the North gave off a light, then she sighed: “I couldn’t imagine that I would be able to see people beyond my fate! Maybe that was why Gloria chose you! ”

People beyond her fate?

Soran was stunned when he heard her words as if he could not respond yet.

The Eye of the North watched his expression and said slowly: “You should have heard the story of the Goddess of Fate, tossing coins. You are the kind of person who would pick those coins up when they’ve landed. ”

So, it turned out to be this.

Soran had a thoughtful expression, but he did not know what to say.

He did not know Divination, nor the knowledge of fate. Soran could not see what the Eye of the North could see.

“When I was young, I’ve met someone like you.”

The Eye of the North seemed to have remembered something, with a gentle expression, she slowly said: “People like you would only have one or two every hundred of years, all of them were restless masters. It seemed that everything that had anything to do with you would eventually deviate from their original tracks. It could be a good thing, a light of hope, but it could also be bad, a fire of destruction.”

The seemingly old woman in front of him seemed to be in reminiscence.

Her white pupils looked towards the horizon, and memories seemed to be recollected. She said softly: “It’s a pity that he chose a way that was different from us….. Young one! …. I don’t know what you would choose in the end!…. But I’ve felt a sign that something terrible is going to happen!…. The stars representing the Gods are dim. That can never be a good thing!….”

“Young man.”

“For a man like you, fate is free–even freer than the gods.”

“I hope you can make the right choice!”

The Eye of the North sighed as if she had met the man who picked up the fate coin in the legends. She sat down slowly, without saying anything else, but just being lost in thought. When life was as long as hers, one would have a lot of recollections. Wizards who could advance to legendary were rarely the practical academics. Many of them had experienced many battles, and even set foot on many different planes and spaces.

There were sounds of slight steps.

Gloria’s figure soon came in from the outside, her hands was a pair of exquisite leather boots with special runes on them. This was the reward Soran chose. It was a piece of legendary second grade equipment and also a very famous legendary equipment.

Item Type: Storm Boots [+2]

Item Grade: [Legendary Item (Grade 2)]

Description: This is a pair of legendary boots. They appear in many stories because they were the pride of many legendary professions. In fact, there are many pairs of these legendary boots, but now, there are less and less. In any case, it’s a dream for many professions to own one, whether it’s for fighting or escaping.

Requirements: None.

Effects: Permanency [Haste].

Special Effect —- [Haste]: This equipment has a constant effect of Haste. Anyone wearing it would automatically gain the spell effect of Haste and greatly improve the movement speed, and increase the attack speed by a little. This spell effect cannot be dispelled with dispel magic unless someone destroys the equipment, such as Disintegrate, Dispel Magic, Mordekainen’s Dispel Magic, etc. ”

Equipment from the legends.

A legendary piece of equipment that is not that high of a grade, but still quite useful.

Permanency [Haste]!

It was called “Haste Boots” by Adventurers. It was also equipment that could be encountered but not acquired. It was also necessary equipment for top Rogues.

The Eye of the North seemed a little fatigued. After she handed the equipment to Soran, she waved them to leave. When Soran and Gloria bowed over slightly and left, she looked at Soran in front of her, then smiled at Gloria and said: “He’s very good!”

Subsequently, The Eye of the North closed her eyes, as if she wanted to be alone for a while.