A portal light emerged.

Gloria gave Soran a gentle look, and then she said softly, “Come with me.”

The two of them got up and walked into the portal. Soran frowned when he entered the portal. The scene just now made him reminisce about many things in his mind. First of all, the Wizard Towers of the Northern Witch Council were all connected. This was a huge enchantment array, with a very powerful force. Then again, although Gloria was the owner of this Wizard Tower, it seemed that the Eye of the North also had the power to control this Wizard Tower too, and she might even have had a higher authority compared to Gloria.

He knew this from the fact that she just opened the teleportation array of the Wizard Tower at will!

The Wizard Tower belonged to the Witch Council, but it was currently under Gloria’s control.

And it seemed like the Eye of the North had strong control over the Witch Council, and had a strong prestige within Gloria’s heart. As a legendary witch, who had been in charge of the northern land for hundreds of years, the status and influence of the Eye of the North were quite amazing. If one could get her goodwill, it was basically winning over the Witch Council. This was very important to Soran, who lacked strong allies presently. Another pirate king, Ashrod, had the backing of the Naga royalty. The Naga priests were all for the temple of the Sea Goddess. Soran needed forces outside the South Coast as his allies.

And it must be ones that would not affect his expansion in the Outer Islands!

Although it was just a small thing, Soran had considered a lot of things and had already thought of another reason to invite Gloria.

The Wizard Tower of the Witch Council.

Although it was managed by Gloria, it was not her personal asset, after all.

Two people stepped into the teleportation array.

As Soran expected, the Wizard Tower in the north was connected to this, basically with a teleportation portal. When Soran reached, there were already many members of the Northern Witch Council. All of them were good-looking women. It was difficult to judge their age from their appearance. Although there were high-grade male Wizards in the Northern Witch Council, those who were qualified to enter the Council were all women. The status of high-grade male Wizards was similar to that of Guest Officials, but they could not touch the core authority.

In the face of Soran’s arrival, the other Northern Witches were curious, but not hostile.

Many of them smiled and nodded at him and Gloria. After meeting the witches, they all nodded and greeted each other. From the atmosphere, they seemed to be quite harmonious. They did not have the vibes that they were fighting against each other for power in other organizations. This meant that under the management of the Eye of the North, the members of the Northern Witch Council were quite united. This would mean that they would transform into a formidable fighting force as soon as they went to the battlefields. Therefore, when Soran saw the Eye of the North, which was looked at with respect by many witches, he thought highly of her.

Worthy of standing at the peak for hundreds of years as a legendary Witch.

It was not only her formidable power but also the top tier way of controlling the Council!

This kind of wisdom was worthy of respect, but Soran preferred to be awed, rather than the other way around. So, he could never be loved and respected by others like the Eye of the North, but he liked to be worshipped and awed by his subordinates. It was hard to say which was better, but it was not as hard to win respect as it was to win awe. Soran still liked simple and rough things.

“Be seated!”

The Eye of the North looked slightly old. In fact, it was inevitable that some people would look aged when they have lived to her age. She looked at the other witches with her white pupils, then hit the ground with a staff. When her eyes fell on Soran, the Eye of the North paused for a moment, and then she said: “Quiet! I know what you all want to know! I’ll tell you what happened now, and let you know why the Githyankis attacked us! ”

A silvery-white light emerged.

A blade fragment, about the size of a dagger, appeared in the palm of the Eye of the North. When the silver blade fragment appeared, all the people present felt a certain power. Then they involuntarily showed a trace of surprise and communicated with each other secretly. All of them could not do without two words–“God Artifact”!

Soran and Gloria looked at each other.

Although neither of them spoke, they could guess the meaning in each other’s eyes.

It was that everything was all about the God Artifact!

God Artifact had incredible power. Although there had been many God Artifacts in history, there were very few God Artifacts that really landed into the hands of ordinary people. If one saw Soran’s equipment, although he had been fighting for so long, the limit of his exposure was only legendary items. A God Artifact to him was still very far away from him. It was also quite deadly because God Artifacts could be used with Fixed Spells.

In front of them was a piece of God Artifact or a fragment of a powerful God Artifact. Even a fragment of a God Artifact could make people feel the power contained in it.

And Soran also felt a strange breath!

It seemed to have come from some evil God.

He was the only one who had this feeling among all the people present because all the others were surprised. Only Soran could not help frowning with some uneasiness, some disgust, and some rejection. The God Artifact was naturally inextricably related to the gods. However, there seemed to be few Gods related to the Silver Sword of Gith, and it seemed to have more interactions with some evil Gods in Soran’s memory.

“This was what they came for!”

The Eye of the North looked at the other people present, then raised her hand and spread a light of isolation towards the rest and said: “About 150 years ago, this thing fell into our hands, so it has been kept by me since then. There are still some other fragments of such God Artifacts scattered in many places, but the two largest pieces are kept by the Wizard City and us, respectively. ”

“For so many years, we have been secretly studying its secrets.”

“The Silver Sword of Gith was forged in very ancient times, and the Kingdom of Mind Flayers was one that was no weaker than the Arcane Empire in the Silver Age. So, we have been trying to find out some of its secrets from it and the special divine power it contained. Unfortunately, the progress of our research was very slow, and some ancient knowledge had been lost and uninherited. In the past 100 years, we have only completed one and a half of research projects.”

The Eye of the North made a signal towards her back.

Following that, two older Witches with the same face could be seen coming out. They took a look at other witches present, who were obviously much younger, and took out two special silver-white metals.

The members of the Witches Council were appointed every 50 years. If one could not advance to legendary, they could only retire behind the scenes. The legendary witches could continue to be re-elected.


The Eyes of the North raised their hands and touched the silver-white metal, and then slowly said: “This is the first problem we solved, that is, the secret of the Silver Sword of Gith. The transformable silver metal has a special memory ability. What you can see with the naked eye is the silver flowing liquid, but in fact, its real deal is a kind of powerful memory metal that can repair itself!”

“According to the legends, the Greater Golems of the Arcane Empire could repair themselves. No matter how serious the damage was, they could not be completely destroyed. And they could change their shape by themselves. Many Archmages could turn them into a kind of structural weapon called [Greater Mana Armor] to protect themselves. We always think that the materials to make a [Greater Mana Armor] is closely related to these Star Realm metals! ”

The Eye of the North raised their hands and waved above the silver-white metal block.

Then, they could see a faint aura emerge. The silvery-white metal changed its shape automatically. First, it turned into the shape of a Silver Sword of Gith, then into a Beheading Sword, then into a pair of Gauntlets. Finally, it even formed the toy-like model of something similar to an Iron Golem with a height of about 20 cm. This change gave a lot of Witches on the scene a strong impact, so much so that they could not help but get stupified. Even Soran was a little bit stunned.

How sophisticated!

At that year, he also touched the relics left by the Arcane Empire, but seeing such a sophisticated one was a first.

“We’ve solved some of the secrets.”

The Eye of the North took a look around, and after thinking for a moment, she continued: “For example, its ability to change its shape, the ability to remember metals, and the fusion of elemental energy. However, we have no way to use it in other places. At most, we can only imitate the Silver Sword of Gith, which has not much use for us.”

“We lack the most crucial part of knowledge.”

“So this topic reached its dead-end 30 years ago, and has been sealed in the cutting-edge laboratory of the Witch Council.”

A brief silence.

The Eye of the North glanced at Soran and continued: “As for the other half of the topic, it belongs to the study of divine power. Silver Sword of Gith once ended three evil Gods, two of them were true Gods with a shard of divinity, and one was a demigod with weaker power. So there has been a residual divine power on this fragment of God Artifact. We’ve tried to use it to solve some secrets. There are many secrets about this topic that can’t be told to you. But when you enter into the legendary domain, you can come here to learn new knowledge. ”

“From today onwards, if any of you are interested in carrying out the research on the first topic, I will also open up the library and permit you to enter.”

“If there’s nothing else, all the others can go.”


“You and your friend stay back. I have something to say to both of you.”