Abyss Domination

Chapter 323 - Ending Technique! (1)

What makes a real man?

——”It’s not screwing; it’s fighting!”

Soran, who was bathed in dragon blood, stood out. Even though he had yet to enter the legendary domain, he gave people a sense of oppression like a legend. It made the other Giths surrounding him retreat. Especially for those Githyankis who were crossing sights with Soran, there was even a very rare trace of fear on their faces. That was the fear that would not even surface even if they were crazily resisting the Northern Witch’s death spell, but it was exposed when they looked directly at Soran.

——”Fear Gaze [Divinity]!”

The right place, the right time, and the hidden bonus of the outside world made Soran’s Fear Gaze reach its peak effects.

The enemy seemed to be afraid!

Their faces could not help but showed traces of fear. They retreated for quite a distance before they gradually recovered.

It was not a spell.

That was why it was more difficult to resist because Soran was putting a lot of psychological pressure on them. Soran, who was covered with blood, looked ferocious. The blood of the Red Dragon completely disfigured him, so now he looked like a demon coming out of the abyss. His expression was very calm, but his eyes were full of desire to kill and oppress. The Minor Divinity further strengthened Soran’s pressure on any non-divine creature, so that even the Eye of the North looked at him in surprise.

“Divine power?!”

The Eye of the North looked at Soran with the entire white eye, and then turned slowly to Gloria beside him and said: “Protect me! I’m going to prepare the last part of the ritual! ”

A strong spiritual force broke out!

Gloria nodded silently, then activated several pieces of equipment in succession. At the same time, she added other defense means such as Protective Energy Field, Elemental Energy Protection, Reversal, and etc. At the same time, she took out a very delicate ring. After activating the rune on it, the gemstone inlaid in the ring became dim and dull. Then another protective field unknown to Soran was enveloped on the two of them. This sort of protection was almost watertight, and even a legendary profession could not break it in a short time.

The Eye of the North seemed to chant incantations, but there were no sounds coming out from her mouth!

Soran, who was about to make a breakthrough, was stunned for a moment, and then, as if remembering something, bent over and rushed to Gloria’s position. If in the Star Realm, where you could instantly cast level six spells, even a legendary witch with profession level close to 25 needed to chant incantations. There was no doubt that her spells above level nine were more likely to be legendary spells of a higher grade. Because the destruction of the Arcane Empire led to the disappearance of some legendary spells, the boundaries between the level nine spells and the legendary spells were also relatively blurred.

——”Silent Spell!”

The ‘Metamagic Abilities’ that a Wizard could master could raise the level of his own spells by one level, and then release them in a silent way.

It was a harder feat to master compared to [Empower Spell], but it was a little easier compared to [Spontaneous Casting].

The Eye of the North did not only master the Metamagic Ability [Silent Spell] but according to Soran’s current judgment, this legendary witch had been fighting until now without any special performance, because she has been using [Silent Spell] to cast spells close to the legendary level.

This required a very powerful Metamagic Ability because, in the case of legendary spells, the ability of [Silent Spell] ability was not enough. Conservatively, she must master not only the Metamagic Ability of [Silent Spell] but also the legendary Advanced Metamagic Ability from [Silent Spell – Level 1] to [Silent Spell – Level 9]. Once she had this legendary Advanced Metamagic Ability, she would be able to cast any spell silently, and would not increase a spell’s level. The level eight spell would still be a level eight spell slot, and would not increase to level nine spell slot because of using Silent Spell.

From this point of view, the Eye of the North’s Silent Spell skill was close to the peak of the material plane!

Because even at this moment, Soran did not feel any traces of her legendary magic. It seemed that the elemental energy around was neutralized. The enemy attacked the Northern Witch for such a long time but still thought that the legendary witch had been holding back. No one thought that she had been casting a spell for nearly ten minutes. And it seemed that this spell had not been completed until now. It was basically impossible for Soran to believe that she was not casting legendary spells.

“Wizard’s ability.”

While Soran’s figure was approaching Gloria at full speed, in his heart, he went: “The basic Metamagic Abilities, from Spell Control, Combat Casting, Empower Spell, Maximise Spell, Spell Penetration, Silent Spell, Still Spell, Spontaneous Casting, etc., then extending to the level nine advanced legendary Metamagic Abilities!”

“The road to becoming a powerful Wizard is really difficult!”

“I don’t even have enough time to learn the same grade spells now, and I don’t know when I will be free even to practice these Metamagic Abilities!”

Spellcasters sometimes strived towards Metamagic Abilities.

Not mentioning the most terrifying spell, Spontaneous Casting. The legendary Silent Spell, like the Eye of the North, was absolutely invincible if it was used underhandedly to finish people off.

There were no traces of casting a spell!

There was no need to recite incantations nor especially have any spell concentration. Only when the spell was completed could the enemy be aware of it.

As expected, the longer one lived, the more terrifying a powerful spellcaster was. Even if they did not improve their profession level, the Metamagic Ability they have mastered after such a long period of time could make one shudder!


Half of the entire plane seemed to have vibrated.

As soon as Soran was near Gloria, the Eye of the North seemed to have completed the legendary spell. She lifted her staff and pointed towards the endless starry sky, and then her entire person leaned on Gloria’s shoulder with a little languid look. At this time, those Githyankis realized something was wrong, and a group of people rushed over here at full speed under the call of the Gith Queen. The Queen’s combat effectiveness was not weak. It was estimated that she was a legendary profession, but she did not join in the frontal battle from the beginning to the end.

Maybe the higher the status, the easier it was for one to be afraid of death!

Half the plane vibrated again.

However, Soran did not see any abnormality, it seemed that the legendary spell just failed. There were no terrifying attacks befalling. The Giths were still surrounding them. The situation on the battlefield was still not good for them, but it only lasted for about ten seconds. After ten seconds, a faint light appeared in the sky, then a huge comet crossed the sky, and then approached their position at an amazing speed.

“Be careful!”

In the eyes of the Eye of the North, white light appeared in her pupils, and the body projected by her soul gradually became huge, which seemed to have launched some sort of special spell. With a wave of her hand, she draped a curtain of light over the others, including Soran, who was on battle alert, transforming them all into a spirit-like form. This was another type of spirit form. The spell that the Eye of the North cast was a bit like level nine ‘Etherealness’, but it was quite different from Soran’s memory. This spell was very fast and covered a large area, and almost all the surviving witches were enshrouded in it.

At the next moment, the telepathic voice of the Eye of the North was transmitted to all the witches’ minds. She said in a deep voice: “All of you transform into the spirit form! Follow me and return to the material plane!”

——”Comet! [Legendary Spell] ”

Soran’s unrecognizable body quickly turned into a spirit form. The terrible burns on his face gradually disappeared along with the cracked skin that had been severely burned away. His entire body transformed into the spirit form and was not that much different compared to his original body on the material plane. If there was really any difference, it was that Soran’s soul has become a little redder. This red color looked a lot like the evil aura that emerged during the alignment detection, but it was the power of the red dragon from the baptism of dragon blood.

Time froze!

Soran’s soul rose and was sent back to the material world by the half-plane. The moment when his soul returned to the material plane, he saw a comet about 150 meters in diameter hitting the half-plane. Then, the terrifying energy burst out like a shock wave. The shocking impact force made the half-plane seemed to have formed a crater. The dust cloud raised covered the sky of the entire half-plane. The light was so dazzling strong, even the souls could not bear it. The flame shrouded the position of more than fifty kilometers, and the hot temperature spread over the entire half-plane.

It was like detonating an atomic… bomb!

Everything was mercilessly destroyed. Under the impact of the comet, the military fortress of the Giths were smashed like tofu. Even the space of the entire half-plane showed signs of breaking down.

Legendary spell!

Although Soran did not see it for the first time, everything in front of him was still so shocking!

[Note 1: From July 16 to 22, 1994, a comet named Comet Shoemaker – Levy 9 broke into 21 pieces (the largest piece was about 4 kilometers wide), and the bombardment hit Jupiter at the speed of 60 kilometers per second. The first piece of Comet Shoemaker – Levy 9 contained rocks and ice debris fell into Jupiter’s atmosphere at 210000 kilometers per hour at 20:15 GMT on July 16, releasing a force equivalent to 200 billion tons of TNT explosive. After the impact, many fireballs stretched for nearly 1000 kilometers, emitting strong light. Through astronomical telescopes, people could see the wide dust cloud rising on the surface of Jupiter, and the high temperature gases rushed directly to the height of 1000 kilometers, leaving the impact traces on Jupiter roughly the size of the earth. Scientists determined that during a period of time before the comet collided, the strong electromagnetic wave emitted by Jupiter was nine times stronger than usual, and the splash point temperature rose to tens of thousands of degrees Celsius in an instant. ]

[Note 2: Comet is currently one of the few legendary spells that could directly destroy planes.]