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The red dragon was on the brink of death.

Soran became more and more cautious. He even kept a good distance from the dragon, and then once again hid in the shadows. Leaving the giant and red dragon to fight each other. Soran needed to get the last hit. If he could end of red dragon’s life could, he gain a great amount of slaughter EXP. The Slaughter EXP given by the red dragon was the highest among all the dragon species. The amount of experience given by the red dragon was estimated to be twice as much as the white dragon.

It would be enough for Soran to level up his wizard twice while leveling up his Shadow Dancer once!

The amount of Slaughter EXP given by dragons was quite shocking.

The red dragon was gradually getting weaker, and the giant’s condition was not very good either. Nearby Giths tried to help the red dragon, but they were all blocked by Gloria. The witches obviously realized that if they killed the red dragon first, the pressure they would bear would be reduced a lot, at least they would not need to worry about the dangerous dragon. The northern witch, who had used Tenser’s Transformation, blocked the enemy with amazing close-quarter combat skills.

Even though she had temporarily lost the ability to cast spells, there were other witches to back her up. They cast different buffs on her, helping her to block the enemy.

The opportunity Soran was waiting for appeared!

When the red dragon’s head was in a bad position, Soran’s figure flew out. He leaped nearly 50 meters in the shadow, appearing under the shadow of the red dragon’s neck, then leaped and stabbed the red dragon’s huge eyes. With a spatter of blood, and through the eyes of the red dragon, Soran’s curved sword went directly into the red dragon’s brain. The red dragon’s huge body trembled for a moment, then jerked its head.

Soran was sure that he had stabbed into the skull and may have injured its brain.

Even so, the red dragon didn’t die; it only meant that its strong and incomparable Constitution allowed it to pass the test of death.

“Damn it!”

Soran didn’t expect the enemy’s vitality to be so tenacious. His body swayed in the air with the dragon’s head. At this moment, he didn’t spare any effort to pull out the curved sword. Unfortunately, he could only release his sword and then fall to the ground. At the same time, he held the silver sword + 3 in his hands at the moment of falling; then when he touched the ground, he suddenly jumped up, holding the blade in his hands and slashed it toward the neck of the red dragon.


The Gith silver sword got stuck in the red dragon’s neck. With the Slaughter Form, Soran’s Sword Form [Beheading] could not cut through the dragon’s neck.

Large amounts of hot dragon blood shot out.

This attack seemed to have dealt great damage to the red dragon again. Even though the attack did not trigger the test of death, the vitality of the red dragon was still fading. Its struggling body was becoming weaker and weaker. Finally, it fell to the ground with a bang and its head fell on the ground. Soran’s whole body was covered with scalding dragon blood, which was much hotter than the white dragon’s. Soran felt as though he was being baked. He could feel his skin cracking and as though he had fallen into magma.

“Activated Sword Form [Beheading]!”

“You’ve dealt 42 critical damage to the target!… Beheading failed!… You’ve successfully killed the adult red dragon!…”

“Extracting soul energy from target!…”

“Received 118000 Slaughter Experience Points!…”

A hot flow of energy flowed in Soran’s body.

Nearly 120000 Slaughter EXP gave him the ability to upgrade his profession level again, but he had no time to do that now because he really felt that he was in magma.

He felt hot as if he was being roasted on an open fire!

Even with Soran’s will, he was almost unable to bear with the pain. He could not restrain the moan of pain; his whole person knelt on the ground and kept shaking. There was a fire burning in his body, a fire caused by the blood of the red dragon; fire from the heart of the red dragon. Soran seemed to be burning. His HP was decreasing. If this continued, Soran may be burned into charcoal.

Baptism by dragon blood seemed to be failing!

With Soran’s Constitution and will, it seemed that he might fail the process.

Finally, he remembered something.

Soran almost stumbled up to the dragon head, pulled out the curved sword Icingdeath. A cold aura filled the air. Soon the flame on Soran seemed to arouse the independent consciousness of Icingdeath, and it began to automatically extinguish any nearby flame. The fire of the red dragon on Soran’s body gradually subsided. His whole body was burned. Soran couldn’t tell if the process was finished since he was an astral projection now.

A row of data appeared:

“You’ve accepted [Dragonblood baptism] ceremony!…”

“You gained additional buff!… You’ve inherited part of the dragon’s ability!…”

“Baptism successful.”

“You’ve gained the Passive Ability [Dragonblood baptism LV2]!…”

“Dragonblood baptism LV2 [Special ability]: you have successfully killed an adult red dragon. After finishing this feat of killing a dragon, you have carried out the second dragon blood baptism. This baptism strengthens your body and allows you to inherit some of the red dragon’s abilities. Dragon blood makes you stronger. You have inherited some of the most powerful red dragon’s physical strength. At the same time, because of the effect of the red dragon’s blood, you permanently increase fire resistance by 10 points. ” [Natural armor + 1, toughness + 2, flame resistance + 10. ]

(Note: Because the dragon blood baptism was done under the state of astral projection, some of the dragon’s abilities cannot be obtained

Finally done with the red dragon.

Soran stood up slowly; he looked very burned and was basically unrecognizable.

However, the aura from him was rather shocking!

His success in slaying the dragon had made him reach a mental peak. His completely burned face could not affect his momentum at all, on the contrary, it made him more dangerous and deadly!

This aura–Normally this would make people feel threatened and repulsive, but in Gloria’s eyes, it represented a sense of security.

She felt that she would be safe if Soran was still around.

It’s just like the time when they encountered the followers of the hunting God. She felt that way about Soran then, but this time it was more intense and hotter!

She had goosebumps at this moment. It was a feeling that was hard to explain.