Abyss Domination

Chapter 319 - Dragon Dismemberment (1)

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The sword cut along the tendon, and Soran felt a strange smoothness.

It was like chopping wood. Before, he used to cut it horizontally, which required a lot of strength. Now it was as though he was chopping the wood vertically, with both the gravitational inertia and along the grain of the wood.

This cut was originally weak after stabbing three inches into the body of the red dragon, but now Soran stabbed nearly one foot deep and opened a nearly three inches of the cross-sectional wound. Simply said, Soran almost cut a piece of meat weighing about 100 pounds from the abdomen of the red dragon.

With only one cut!

The red dragon roared in pain, and it was even more painful than a round of spell attack from the northern witch.

Psionic spells couldn’t control the will of the dragon, and damage spells couldn’t break the protection of the dragon scales. Since the destruction of the Arcane Empire, the concept of elemental tides had been mentioned more than once, and a large number of pure lineage dragons had been cited to prove the impact of elemental tides on other creatures. Dragons could live for up to thousands of years. Some of the dragons had lived for such a long time that it was clear to see the effects of the elemental tides on these dragons.

The theory suggested that after 300 to 500 years, the dragon’s power was at a peak.

Some worried that this would lead to the re-emergence of the dragon island.

The witches had no formation.

The witches were not at their most powerful, but only retained about 80% of their power. Both Spellcasting Level and Spellcasting Score were not as powerful as their original bodies. The Projection of the wizard could retain about 70% of their strength, while the astral projection could retain about 80% of its combat power. It was said that before the Arcane Empire, there was a powerful spell called “Simulacrum,” which could retain more than 90% of the combat power, but this spell had been lost for a long time.

After the Arcane Empire was destroyed, many spells had been lost, especially spells from other planes.

Soran’s power was not obviously subdued, because he did not have many spell slots. That was, he could only shoot out a few Arcane Missiles. Since an astral projection did not reduce the person’s attributes, only affecting some basic skills, entering the astral plane had the least impact on Soran. In the state of astral projection, he retained most of the attribute points.

The howling wind came from behind!

When Soran cut through the dragon scales with his sword and caused great damage to the red dragon, its long and narrow tail also rose in the air, and then suddenly wiped towards him.

Soran did not want to take the hit, so he immediately pulled out his sword; a large amount of dragon blood shot out.

The scalding dragon blood fell on Soran’s body. The red dragon’s blood was even hotter than the white dragon’s, just like boiling water. It caused Soran some minor burns. This kind of injury would not affect Soran’s combat effectiveness, but he still trembled a little. He could only rely on his strong Dexterity and flexibility to turn his body to dodge, and then fly up and land on the side of the red dragon. Because its tail was raised, he saw a huge chrysanthemum; it must be said that the excretory organs of the dragon were not so different from other creatures.

This was a spot where there were not many dragon scales!

Dragon dung was a very useful tool that could disperse other wild monsters and make them dare not approach and attack the adventurer.

If there were dragon poop, then the dragon must have an excretory organ.

For any creature, this spot was definitely a critical point of attack. Usually, it was protected by the dragon tail, and there was basically no chance to attack. But now that the red dragon had just swept its tail towards Soran’s body, there was half a second with no defense. Soran, who was not honorable when fighting, immediately stabbed the enemy when he saw that the enemy had exposed a protective area without dragon scales.

Only when his sword stabbed in, did he find that the spot he attacked was quite special.


This dragon is a female!

The enemy’s gender didn’t affect Soran’s fighting effectiveness. When the red dragon made a scream, and at the same time, turned its head to spray dragon’s breath, Soran had retreated into the shadow again and then activated the Shadow Dancer’s new ability Shadow Leap. This was the general ability of the rogue, but the Shadow Dancer would master it earlier on. If it was a pure rogue, they would master it when they got to quasi-legendary level.

This ability was different from [Shadow Jump].

“Shadow Leap [supernatural ability]: with the increasingly close relationship between oneself and the shadow plane, the rogue begins to master the mysterious Shadow Leap ability. They could shuttle and jump in the shadow, just like the Blink spell mastered by a wizard. Shadow Leap does not need the user to enter the stealth state. As long as the body is in the shadow, the rogue can make a jump. The jump distance is up to 100 meters, but it can be divided into any number of times. Before mastering a special advanced ability, the limit of Shadow Leap in a day is 100 meters. ”

[Note: This ability can be used 10 times, every time leaping 10 meters. The user could also use it once to leap 100 meters.]

This was the legendary [Shadow Leap]!

It was a better ability than Shadow Jump; it did it not require the user to be in a stealth state, only needing the user to be in a shadow.

However, one weakness of this supernatural ability was that its ultimate distance was 100 meters. Unless you mastered a very special ability, the user could only jump 100 meters at most. From this point of view, Shadow Leap was no match for the Shadowstep ability, because the latter had more freedom and more lethality over a longer distance. In fact, Soran had always been considering whether to raise the profession level of the rogue or the wizard.

One was the present combat effectiveness, and the other was the future combat potential!


A large flame exploded!

Soran had only jumped about 15 meters, and [Shadow Leap] could only leap to shadows that were visible to the user. Only after the realm of legend could the user use shadows that were not visible. Soran’s thin figure disappeared in the shadow and then appeared in the shadow. At that moment, he completely avoided the dragon’s breath. In fact, the power gap between the rogue and wizard would gradually narrow after the rogue entered high-grade. Otherwise, they would not be the profession who had the ability to assassinate a wizard.

Previously, Soran relied on many supernatural abilities to fight against wizards.

Changes on the battlefield were fast changing!

The situation of the witches seemed to be getting a little bad. The strategy of the Giths was to constantly dispel, and then rely on the psionic knights to attack the enemy. This causes big trouble for the northern witch. If they do not continuously increase the defensive energy field, they would be exposed to the psionic knights. However, if they continued to use defensive spells, they would be in a passive position because ultimately, they would use up their spell slots.


A strange figure appeared out of the sky and then wielding his Gith silver blade to behead a northern witch who had exhausted her defensive spells. The wizard could remember at most one-third of defensive spells, so when her defensive spells were used up, she could only cast a large number of attack control spells, killing the Gith in front of her. However, without the protection of the energy shield, she was quite fragile and became the target of many psionic knights.

The silver blade of a Gith stabbed toward the heart of a northern witch!

“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

Something unexpected happened.

The northern witch, who almost exhausted all her defensive spells, suddenly seemed to have triggered some kind of Contingency spell; she waved her staff and blocked the psionic knight attack.

Strength, Dexterity, Reflex.

It was almost impossible for the northern witch to block the attack of the psionic knight, but she really did block the attack.

“Tenser’s transformation!”

It seemed that the psionic knight had realized something, but it was too late already.

The northern witch who looked very delicate swung her magic wand directly, broke one of his arms, and then the magic wand hit the Giths head. It was a horrible scene. From a glance, it was estimated that the witch’s strength had reached about 20 because she had almost smashed the Gith’s skull. All the people who saw it raised their eyebrows; even Soran was surprised to see it.

“Tenser’s transformation?!”

After rolling and avoiding the dragon breath, he muttered, “Never thought a northern witch would have mastered a transformation ability!”

Battle wizard.

A special school of spellcasters.

They mainly focused on transformation spells, such as the lower level Polymorph, which could transform the user into animals, spiders, and other creatures. When they were higher level, they would learn Tenser’s transformation, which could transform into a fighter of the same level. In the future, they could also learn all kinds of unique transformation spells, as well as a special legendary spell that could transform into giants, demons, devils, and other creatures.

This school of wizards was rare!

Especially after the destruction of the Arcane Empire, there were fewer and fewer wizards that mastered high-grade transformation ability.

(Tenser’s transformation [level 6 spell]: The user’s Strength, Dexterity, Constitution increases to 20. Natural Armor + 4, Fortitude Reflex +5. Automatically master military weapons, with vitality equivalent to a fighter of the same level, and lose the ability to cast spells during the effective period.)