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The red dragon’s roared past.

After shooting out the first round of dragon breath, it dived down.

The northern witches began to aim their spells at the red dragon in the sky, but there was little magic that could cause fatal damage to it since the adult red dragon had strong spell resistance. Spells below level 3 would hardly do any damage to it; sometimes, it was even impossible to break the dragon scale. Adult red dragons had a 10 point spell reduction. Its body was immune to any spell attack with less than 10 damage, as well as any fire damage.


A huge ball of fire came down from the sky.

However, it did not come from the other spellcasters; it came from the dragon.

As one of the most powerful dragons, the adult red dragon had a spellcasting level of 7-9. It was roughly equivalent to a level 8 or so Dragon Disciple. There were few dragons that would study, that was why all their spells were naturally known to them. A studious giant dragon was quite scary. This kind of giant dragon was very rare, and they would interact with humans.


An explosion was heard.

The first attack did not break the formation of the witches, but the second fireball had wiped out a group of the summoned creatures.

The spell of the dragon–even though it did not have as many spells as the witches–still had many spells.

The red dragon did not use the low-level control spells, because they couldn’t threaten the high-grade northern witches. All it used were AOE spells, aiming to clear away the summoned creatures. It was very cunning and knew how to use tactics. It even knew how to select weak enemies to attack. So when it found that it had an opportunity to attack the northern witch’s formation after clearing the summoned creatures, the red dragon immediately swooped down.

“Wing Attack!”

No spell was greater than the Strength of the dragon.

The adult red dragon had the highest strength among the other dragons. Without any inheritance, the dragon still had a minimum Strength of 33.

This amount of Strength was enough to flatten any creature of the material plane!

That was why anyone who got hit by the dragon wings would be killed on the spot, or their whole body would be broken.

This was the same for the northern witches.

Its why when they noticed the swooping attack of the red dragon from the sky, and the Wing Attack that followed, the northern witches all activated their Blink spells.


An elder Earth Elemental was knocked by 30 meters.

Even though the Earth Elemental was also a legendary creature, it was like a child in front of the red dragon. No matter the size or power, the red dragon would crush the Earth Elemental outright. Dragon wings beat the Earth Element elder into a dazed state, and cracks appeared on half of its body. All the other summoned creatures in the area were also knocked back. Even the demon was smashed by the dragon wings and broke its spine; now, half of its body was twisting and struggling on the ground.

That was the Strength of a dragon!

Taking it head-on would make you disadvantaged.

The northern witches all dodged the dragon wing attack of the red dragon. In fact, the red dragon didn’t expect to hit these powerful high-grade northern witches with its wings in the astral plane, a simple teleportation spell, whether Blink, Space Leap, or other similar abilities, could dodge the attack of the dragon. But the goal of the red dragon was also achieved–after the northern witches teleported to avoid the dragon’s wing attack, their formation had also completely dispersed.

How could they retain their formation once they’ve teleported?

The witches not only had to face the red dragon.

So when the summoned creatures, which were used to block the enemy and act as the front line, were destroyed by the dragon, the psionic warlocks immediately grasped the opportunity.

They got an opportunity to attack directly at the witches!

“Dispel magic!”

“Greater dispel magic!”

“Greater wall of dispel magic!”

The psionic warlocks couldn’t compare their casting abilities with those of the high-grade northern witches. However, when these psionic warlocks were determined to use their magic to remove the energy protection field of the northern witch, the situation began to change gradually. First of all, a northern witch’s protective field was completely destroyed, and then a psionic knight rushed to her, wielding his silver blade and slashing toward her.

Immediately it activated the protection spells of Contingency and also the protection spells of her items.

The second round of spell attack came, and the psionic knight who was charging over was killed by a spell. However, the last protective shield of the northern witch was also broken. Then there was a twisted figure; a Gith appeared near her, then stabbed her in the back with a silver blade. With all her spells exhausted, the northern witch was as fragile as a straw. In an instant, she was stabbed in the heart by the enemy, and at the same time, her neck was twisted.

Without protective shields, a witch was easy to kill!

The witch that died gradually disappeared. Her body was restored as energy and disappeared. It was hard to say whether she would wake up or not. With the death of the astral projection, one must experience a mandatory test of toughness, will, and spirit. If the person failed, the person might have reduced power, or the body may become a corpse. In the case of encountering an enemy who knew how to attack the soul in the astral plane, the possibility of the body becoming a corpse was as high as 90%!

That was why Soran did not like the astral plane. It was too dangerous!

The death of the first northern witch made the Giths excited because they knew that the powerful high-grade witches in front of them were not invincible.

The battle continued.

However, no one else could see Soran because he had put all his skill points into stealth, and his whole person was now completely invisible. As long as no one used a detection spell near him, few could detect the presence of Soran.

Soran was waiting for an opportunity!

Not only was he waiting for the dragon to launch an attack, but also waiting for the witches to further consume the dragon’s vitality.

There were not many spells that could kill a dragon instantly!

Even legendary spells were hard to break the great immunity of the adult giant dragon, but that doesn’t mean that magic couldn’t cause damage to it. In fact, when the red dragon flew from the sky, it had entered a light injury state. Its dragon wing attack destroyed the formation of the summoned creatures and killed all the low-level summoned creatures. Only the higher-grade Elementals remained nearby. The red dragon was not in a hurry to deal with the witches, because it knew that the witches were quite dangerous. If it was too impulsive, it would be struck down by legendary spells.

The cunning red dragon was not going to waste its HP!

“Dragon tail swipe!”

The red dragon was cleaning up the nearby Elementals. These summoned Elemental elders were not its opponents, but eliminating them could greatly increase the pressure on the northern witches.

Soran’s figure slowly got close.

When the huge red dragon tail swept over, his figure also immediately launched out. Soran’s target was the abdomen of the red dragon, which could cause damage to the internal organs of the dragon. However, to hit the heart of the dragon, one would need a dragon-slaying spear; the body of the red dragon was big, sp ordinary weapons couldn’t reach the heart at all.

The dragon was in front of him. When he was near the body of the red dragon, the huge monster seemed to have felt something. It flapped its wings and wanted to hit the potential enemy. However, Soran swerved and dodged, avoiding the wings of the dragon. He then grasped his curved sword tightly and aimed it at the dragon’s abdomen.


It was a very different feeling.

Soran easily stabbed into the body of the red dragon as if it had no dragon scales.

Then he noticed that when he attacked, he unconsciously stabbed the gap between the scales. Dragon scale was not a complete piece, it was a solid scale, and each scale had a small gap between them. It was useless to pierce the front, but with an angle, he could attack the gap between the scales.

Soran never knew about this because he never had such a great technique–to be able to launch an explosive attack but keep high precision.

However, it seemed that he had done so.

Soran not only do this amazing feat but when he clenched the curved sword and stabbed it through the gap of dragon scales, he also felt everything on the curved sword. He broke the tough dragon skin and stabbed it into the muscle layer of the red dragon. After stabbing the muscle layer, the curved sword he clenched seemed to become his finger. He felt that the curved sword was approaching a ligament.

All creatures were held together by many muscles!

Even muscles had a great defense. However, at the connecting areas of a muscle, the defense was the weakest.

“Dismember an ox as skillfully as a butcher!”

This was what Soran thought about.

(Curved sword [Legendary]: critical hit multiple + 1, fatal hit + 1)