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The huge body of the red dragon roared through the air.

The red dragon did not check whether Soran was dead or alive because it was confident. The dragon believed that even grade 4 fighters would not survive a direct hit from its fire, let alone Soran, who was just a weak Rogue. Rogues were the weakest melee professionals. Even if Rogues advanced to the realm of legends, they would be dead after one hit from a red dragon.

Soran did not suffer that much damage!

The burning dragon breath reduced Soran’s HP by more than one third and caused him hundreds of damage. However, when the cold light emerged from the Icingdeath, the damage he suffered began to decrease significantly. The curved sword once helped a powerful legend fight against a Balor. As a high-grade demon who was born covered by fire in the Abyss, any creature going near it would suffer fatal burns. In other words, the fire damage of Balor was similar to a red dragon’s fire.

Thus, if the sword could handle the flames of Balor, it naturally could resist a red dragon’s breath of fire.

Soran’s figure stood in the fire, which was burning all around him. The decrease in his HP slowed down to a single digit. This degree of fire damage was not fatal enough. At least it would allow him to resist one or two hits of the dragon’s breath.

However, the burns on his body were still a pain.

Soran saw the dragon in the air, and killing intent filled his eyes!

“Level up, Shadow Dancer!”

For so long, Soran had resisted the desire to level up his class in order to have the ability to turn the tables when necessary. He knew that he was good with the fighting style of the Rogue. As a wizard, he was unqualified. So even if he had the Slaughter EXP to level up the wizard’s profession level, Soran still saved it. That was so if there was a battle beyond his abilities, leveling up his wizard class would be useless. On the contrary, raising one or two levels of his Rogue class could increase his combat power significantly!

Wizard was a class that needed a lot of resources.

An NPC wizard would require at least 20 years or more to become a full-fledged wizard, Soran had only multi-professioned in wizard for three months.

He used merely three months to complete three years of wizard training.

However, he was still not a god. He couldn’t finish 30 years of training in 3 months!

Even if he had a high wizard profession level, it would still not be enough.

A row of data appeared:

“The profession Shadow Dancer is now Level 4.”

“Received 31 [DEX 25+ (INT 21-10)*0.5] Skill Points, HP increased by 14 [Profession HP 8+ (CON 22-10)*0.5].”

“Acquired Shadow Dancer Gifted Abilities [Shadow Leap]!”

“Leveled up to a grade 4 profession.”

“Acquired 1 bonus Ability Point!…”

“The profession Shadow Dancer is now Level 5.”

“Acquired Shadow Dancer Gifted Abilities [Dodge Roll]!”

‘Acquired 1 Free Attributes.”

“Acquired 1 Ability Point!…”

“Profession level of Rogue at 12, acquired 1 bonus Weapon Point!…”

All Slaughter EXP was like water, but Soran’s Rogue was getting more powerful exponentially!

His rogue was now at level 12. He not only got a free attribute point, an ability point, but also an extra weapon point. At the same time, Soran had gained an additional ability point after entering grade 4. Therefore, when he had leveled up two times in a row, his combat ability had increased drastically!

“Level up ability [Danger Sense]!”

Soran’s figure flew out of the fire. When he had upgraded the profession level of the rogue, the first ability he chose to level up was danger sense. This was the most powerful supernatural evasion ability; if not for the fact that he had not accumulated enough in the beginning, he would have chosen this ability early on. Because [Danger Sense] was a supernatural dodging ability. Not requiring too much judgment at all, and it could immediately provide perceptive information.

“Danger sense [special ability]: from now on, you will have a strong intuitive dodge ability. When you are unprepared or attacked by invisible enemies, you can retain the reflexive dodge ability brought by Dexterity. Furthermore, you will have a minor sixth sense, which would let you feel the attack on you in advance. This prediction ability is affected by Wisdom. ” [Note: the higher the Wisdom, the stronger the ability to predict attacks. ]

As he mastered the ability danger sense, Soran’s body moved a little.

Without even looking, Soran was able to use his sword to block an arrow flying towards him. With the sound of “Ting,” Soran’s figure immediately went into the shadow.

He had entered a state of Sneak!

This was why danger sense was great–relying on perception to predict danger. Even if Soran’s wisdom was not high, 16 points of Wisdom could still bring 3 additional evasion abilities.

“Consume 1 weapon point, mastered ability curved sword [Grandmaster]!”

Soran’s eyes were cold, and his eyes locked on to the red dragon in the sky. At the same time, his whole person was completely invisible, following the flight path of the red dragon. He was waiting for the time for the red dragon to land. After the first round of dragon breath was over, the red dragon would try to dive down to attack the enemy, and then launch a ferocious round of dragon wing attack. Soran had dealt with dragons several times. Their habits were very similar. As long as someone attracted their attention, Soran would able to find the chance to attack the dragon.

However, before that, he still needed to increase his lethality. [Danger Sense] had greatly increased his survival ability, so now, he had to increase his combat ability.

Soran now wanted to acquire his first legendary combat ability!

“Consume 1 ability point, mastered ability curved sword [Legendary]!”

As the last ability point was consumed, Soran’s legendary curved sword Icingdeath, seemed to give out a happy warble sound, just like the pleasant sound when a blade was flicked. It was as though the legendary sword felt that its user had perfected the use of the curved sword.

“Curved sword [Legendary]: you have become a legendary master of the curved sword. There are few people in the world who are better at using the curved sword than you. Your mastery of this weapon is comparable to that of the legendary sword saints. Only a few epic characters in the whole world or some gods who liked the curved sword could compete with you in the mastery of this weapon. This weapon has become part of your body, and you can use it at any time to do more damage. [Accuracy + 5, damage + 5, attack speed + 3, critical hit multiple + 1, fatal hit + 1] ”

It was a mysterious state.

When Soran leveled his curved sword mastery to legendary, he seemed to have entered a wonderful realm for a moment.

He could now feel the simple consciousness of the legendary curved sword–the feeling of airflow across the blade as if his nerves had extended to the sword. As air flew across the blade of the curved sword, Soran could feel as if the air was passing his skin. It’s a rather wonderful feeling, just like the sword had become a part of his body. He could clearly feel the trembling blade when blocking the enemy’s attack, and the little deviations that would occur in the next attack.

A very mysterious sensation.

Soran had a feeling of “man and sword in one.”