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Omnipotent Hands.

In theory, this ability allows Soran to use any weapon and equipment.

So when he picked up the Gith silver blade, he was only hindered by the weight for a moment and swiftly mastered how to use the weapon. It was a pity that this kind of weapon needed psionic abilities to bring out its full effects. Therefore, when Soran picked up the silver blade, it was in its most basic form–longsword. It was only a silver longsword when Soran used it, but Giths could make the sword liquid and change forms.

Even though it was only a longsword, it still had shocking power!

Item Type: Gith Silver Sword [+3]

Item Grade: [Rare (Grade 3)]

Description: This is a weapon forged with special skills and enchanting techniques. Only the Giths living in the astral plane could forge this special equipment. When the Gith silver blade is pulled out, it is like a flowing silver liquid. It needs the corresponding power to give full play to its effect. The Gith silver blade has far more killing power than the superior weapons of the same level, but the user must master the ability [Exotic Weapon] to use it. Please note that this weapon is very powerful, but it is also very dangerous; any outsider who holds the silver sword of the Giths may be tracked by the Giths, and then they will try their best to get the sword back.

Requirements: Exotic Weapon ability

Effects: Astral plane weapon, Beheading feature, silver line severing, shapeshift, + 3 sharpness, + 3 penetration, + 3 toughness, + 1 armor-piercing.

Weapon effect: [Astral weapon], Astral weapons were made using special materials, which could cause normal damage to any enemy. Therefore, no enemy can be immune to the weapon.

Weapon effect: [Beheading feature], this weapon had a natural beheading feature. Its forging is to better adapt to the beheading attack. Without mastering the sword form, any beheading attack launched with this weapon would be the same as mastering the sword form Beheading. If the user has already mastered the sword form, it would make the weapon even more powerful!

Weapon effect: [Silver line severing], the silver blade of the Gith can cut the silver line of the soul connection, forcing the enemy to return to the body and take some damage. Please note that only astral projections have silver lines; creatures that inhabit the astral realm had no silver lines.

Weapon characteristics: [Shape shift], the silver blade of the Gith could change its form. When it enters the battle, the blade emits a silver flow of light. The form of the sword can change: heavy sword, beheading sword, etc. in combination with psionic ability. There are certain restrictions on the change, and only a part of it can be changed at one moment.

Rare grade 3 weapon.

In terms of killing power, the Gith silver sword was actually a legendary weapon.

It was no better than the legendary sword Icingdeath in terms of attack and armor breaking ability, but there were many features of the Gith silver blade, and it also had the features of silver line severing and beheading attack. This weapon was definitely much better than the curved sword + 1 that Soran used to hold. Soran had the ability Greater Dual-wielding, so it was better for him to hold two weapons to be able to have the maximum combat effectiveness. With Omnipotent Hands, he did not have too much punishment when using the silver sword of Giths. Instead, the sword seemed to fit well with him.


A loud explosion was heard from afar.

As more and more Giths rushed to the northern witches, the witches also began to cast destructive spells. They raised their magic wands, and with countless magic aura, Fireball, Ice cone, Acid Arrow and so on, shot toward the Gith knight in front of them one after another. Enemy casualties began to increase, but the situation of the witches was bad too because when the distance got closer to a certain extent, the Giths could attack the energy defense field.


A loud roar was heard.

Soran looked up at the sky, he could not help swearing, and then ran to the back with his life.

Red dragon!

This cunning dragon picked Soran as the target and was going to burn this little human first.

The damn red dragon was such a creature!

As the creature with the largest size, the strongest strength, and the most powerful dragon breath among the dragons, although the red dragon had a rather arrogant character, it liked to deal with the weakest enemies first in the battle. They liked to destroy their enemies one by one, first kill the weakest enemies, then kill the targets one by one, finally dealing with the commander. Therefore, when dealing with the red dragon, the weakest one was in the most danger. If the red dragon couldn’t see which was the weakest, the red dragon would attack the easiest one to deal with.

Since there were high-grade witches, without a doubt the weakest one there was Soran and the easiest to deal with was Soran too!

That was why the red dragon picked him as the first target.

Its huge body dive down did not directly dive down to attack Soran with claws, but took a deep breath in the air, and then opened his mouth to spray out a burning dragon breath!

“Evade Sight!”

“Shadow Jump!”

Soran suddenly disappeared from thin air.

He could barely handle the dragon breath of the white dragon, but he couldn’t handle the dragon breath of the red dragon; because the dragon breath of the red dragon was the most powerful one among the five dragons. If there was no flame resistance, the dragon breath of the red dragon could cause about 120 fire damage. Under normal circumstances, a level 1 fighter’s HP was about 15, that was to say, the place hit by the fire would be a forbidden zone of life.

This was also why the red dragon appeared most in the epic legends and represented the most dangerous creatures!

A heatwave soon came from behind Soran.

Soran had no choice but to activate his Shadow Jump ability and then appeared behind an Earth Elemental in front of him.

The red dragon’s huge body came after Soran from the rear. Although it was a little surprised by the cunning enemy’s escape, it didn’t care about it at all as a giant dragon. Because it was an adult red dragon, adulthood meant it was strong and powerful, and it could use dragon breath continuously. The burning dragon breath left a scorched piece of land immediately. The Earth Elemental that was behind Soran got covered by the dragon breath; it only withstood for two seconds before becoming a pile of crystal pieces.

The fire of the red dragon was the hottest fire in the realm.


There was a cry of alarm from Gloria ahead, and then a flame protection spell was cast to Soran. At this time, Soran had no time to look around. Rather, he took an awkward roll, then dodging as far as possible to the right. The breathing sound of the dragon came from behind him. Soran felt the burning breath from his back, and then a dragon breath enveloped him in the sea of fire!

He still couldn’t dodge it.

The red dragon’s breath covered nearly twice the area of other giant dragons, and the fire they spat out could last for half a minute. In short, the red dragon could fly all the way from one side of the town to the other, and then spray a line of fire across the town. This was the biggest wall of flame that Soran had ever seen. It was about 30 meters wide and about 600 meters long!

The huge body of the red dragon allowed it to have great lung capacity.

The burning dragon breath shrouded Soran. For a moment, his whole body felt burning. Although the fire protection spell released by the witch absorbed hundreds of fire damage, Soran’s HP was still decreasing at the rate of 20 or 30. His extraordinary Constitution gave a certain degree of toughness and immunity, but Soran couldn’t endure the whole dragon breath. He felt as if he had entered a melting pot, and his flesh and blood were almost scorched.

However, when Soran felt that he was about to enter the state of serious injury, the legendary curved sword Icingdeath in his hand suddenly burst into dazzling light.

Cold energy flowed into Soran’s body.

It counteracted the burning dragon breath that enveloped him and reduced the damage he received. The blade of Icingdeath emitted a dazzling light, which was more striking than the silver blade of the Gith. The hot dragon breath had enveloped around Soran, but the temperature of Icingdeath had reduced to below zero. It transferred cold energy to Soran, constantly offsetting the damage of the red dragon breath; it even sent out a glow of magic to put out the fire in the surrounding area.

It had awakened!

Soran felt a great will when it woke up. It was as simple as an animal’s will.

This will power tells Soran that it had woken up!

The cold aura spread out. The fire damage Soran took was getting lower and lower. The nearby fire which burnt because of the dragon’s breath was also gradually put out.

Curved sword [Icingdeath]!

For some unknown reason to Soran, the sword awaken after it was hit by the red dragon’s breath.

When it woke up, the ability that it lost, for some reason began to recover. As a curved sword in epic legends, its ability was not only that it was very sharp and had a little cold damage.