Abyss Domination

Chapter 315 - [Omnipotent Hands]

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“Zhi, Zhi, Zhi.”

Soran’s figure retreated immediately, and at the same time, he reached out and pulled off half of his sleeve–getting 15 meters away. Just now, he hit the enemy with his Spinning Strike, but it seemed to have met an invisible energy barrier. This was the psionic armor of the Gith knight. It could withstand certain damage and could cover any armor. That was to say, Soran had broken the psionic armor and had to break the gith armor of +3.

The enemy in front was a real tin can!

For the first time, Soran felt so powerless. Maybe it was too early for him to come here. The astral plane should be a place to explore after the legendary level. The enemies in the astral plane had too many tricks up their sleeves, but what really made Soran feel threatened was not the enemy’s protection ability, but the fact that the Gith knight who actually opened his mouth and spewed out dragon’s breath!

“Breath of Black Dragon!” [Level 3 psionic spell]

The sudden attack caught Soran completely off guard!

If it wasn’t for his amazing Dexterity, his head would have melted off. Even so, the attack still caused nearly 18 points of strong acid damage to him, eroding a layer of skin off his left arm. This was not a complete version of black dragon’s breath. However, it was still a psionic copy of dragon breath attack after all.

“How many tricks does he still have?”

Soran wandered nervously. The present Gith knight was very difficult to deal with. He felt that he was dealing with an enemy of dual cultivation of magic and combat.

This was the astral plane.

Not only did the people entering here got the ability to instant cast, but the creatures living here also had the ability to instant cast.

That was why Soran did not dare to leave the group of witches. That was, he was afraid of being killed by some psionic warlock! After all, no one likes to get hit by magic; even a legendary fighter as strong as dragons would not like to take a hit of “Finger of Death.” The Gith knight in front of could also instant casting. As a special advanced class of fighters, his spellcasting level could not be high; he couldn’t have spells higher than level 6. Thus most of his powers were instant casting.

Instant Cast Spell.

Even as Soran possess spells that he could instantly cast, he had no intention of using them.

That was because he was waiting for an opportunity.

In other words, he was going to create opportunities for himself, creating an opportunity to kill the enemy! From the beginning to the end, he did not use any magic. He fought purely as a rogue, a professional one too. Therefore, there was a possibility of more than 60% that the enemy would think that Soran had no spellcasting ability at all. Because at some opportunities, if Soran used any magic, he could have turned the situation a little bit.

Not to the extent of getting hit twice, and not even breaking the enemy’s armor!

“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

The Gith knight did not give Soran a chance to break away. Some high-grade Giths broke through the defense line of the Elemental army, bringing them within 50 meters of the witches. The distance here was quite dangerous for the witches, but it was also dangerous for the Giths; immediately, three or five “Disintegrate” and “Finger of Death” spells were seen shot out, killing 3 Gith knights.

“Group Hold!”

The voice of Gloria came from behind Soran. When her spell ended, a witch controlled the huge Earth Elemental and smashed the group of enemies.

However, the attack of the Earth Elemental did not kill the enemy!

The enemy had their psionic armor, and because they were advanced classes of the fighter, they had great defense and HP.

The Eye of the North locked the space near the witches, so the Blink and Teleportation spells of the Giths were all invalid, which made them unable to rush to the witches. After all, this half-plane was the territory of the northern witches; the Giths had inherent disadvantages in the half-plane. But the situation was not very optimistic for the witches because they were only a dozen strong.

The enemy should still have thousands of fighters conservatively and a red dragon that had not yet joined the battle.

“Dispel Magic!”

“Greater dispel magic!”

“Greater wall of dispel magic!”

“Magic Barrier!”

A continuous magic glow appeared, some of which could not be distinguished even by Soran. Some of these magic came from the witches and some from the psionic warlock. Although the Giths did not have many powerful wizards, they had a large number of psionic warlocks. They may have had a gap in the number of spells, but their numbers could still threaten the northern witches. At the very least, they were constantly trying to dispel the energy protection field of the witches.

Once the field of energy protection was removed, most of the witches in the field would not be able to bear two strikes from a Gith knight!


Soran turned his back and stepped away from the enemy’s attack, but he didn’t think that the long silver blade would become a soft silver blade in the next moment. With the flick of the enemy’s wrist, the silver sword stabbed into Soran’s waist. Psionics could change the shape of the silver sword, consuming a level 1 psionic spell.

The sword moved as though it was a silvery liquid.

This + 3 silver blade worth nearly 50000 Gold Deralhs pierced Soran’s protection, and immediately a stream of blood gushed out.

Good chance!

It seemed that the Gith knight in front of him found that this was a good chance to end the enemy’s life directly. His whole person suddenly burst out for the kill. The Gith silver blade turned into a huge beheading sword and cut toward the head of Soran.

“Sword Form [Beheading]!”

Soran didn’t expect after battling so many times; this time, he would be attacked with sword form [Beheading].

However, this was a great opportunity for him.

Because the sword form [Beheading] was one of Soran’s most familiar moves, he knew where the weakness of this move was. Moreover, he knew that when sword form [beheading] was launched, it meant that the enemy would have to exhaust all his strength!

“Arcane Missle x 3!”

“Arcane Missile [Empower Spell] x3!”

In theory, Soran was really forced into a dead corner by the continuous attack of the enemy. He did not have the space to dodge at all, nor could he avoid the attack of the morphing silver blade. So in the eyes of the Gith knight, the only thing Soran could do was to fight hard, which meant that he would be attacked by continuous beheading.

In theory, this was the case!

But the reality was cruel.

Soran had only one card to turn the tables, that was, the most basic level 1 spell “Arcane Missile” mastered by the wizard. This spell was supposed to be very difficult to threaten the present Gith knight, but it’s different if it’s in the astral plane.

That was because of [Spontaneous Casting]!

Due to the lack of magic (As a half-baked wizard), Soran had memorized a lot of Arcane Missile spells. All his level 2 spells became level 3 spells with the special ability of “Empower Spell.” Thus now the spell slots of the level 2 spells had all been changed to the powerful version of “Arcane Missiles.” When Soran launched a counterattack, there were 15 basic Arcane Missiles and 15 powerful Arcane Missiles that had increased 50% of damage.

Thirty Arcane Missiles blew up at the enemy’s abdomen!

Immediately, the psionic armor of the Gith knight was broken. Then Arcane Missiles hit the armor of the opponent. The continuous close-up burst hit the weakest point on the armor protection, making him fly back. Soran’s outburst at this moment was totally unexpected to the enemy. It was as though the enemy had been hit by 30 rounds of bullets at the same time.

The astral plane was the stage for spellcasters.


After releasing all his Arcane Missiles, Soran immediately slashed his curved sword toward the enemy’s neck.

Soran’s eyes were full of killing intent, and in a fountain of blood, he cut off the head of the high-grade Gith knight in front of him with.


A headless corpse fell to the ground.

A row of data appeared in front of Soran:

“Activated Sword Form [Beheading]!…”

“You’ve dealt 126 beheading damage to the target!… Beheading successful!… Target killed!”

“Extracting soul energy.”

“You’ve received 8150 Slaughter EXP!”

“Combat experience!”

“You’ve learned part of the information for the ability [Practiced Spellcaster]!”

“You’ve learned part of the information for the ability [Combat Casting]!”

Soran did not look at the data at all.

After killing the enemy in front of him, he gasped for a moment, then quickly picked up the dazzling flowing silver blade +3.

The silver blade seemed very heavy!

Because it was in the hands of a non-Gith, the user would have to suffer a penalty of [Exotic Weapon].

However, Soran only frowned a little. After holding the hilt of the silver blade, he gently shook it. Then he saw the silver blade flow. The silver blade in his hand became the most basic long sword form, and the heavy and stagnant feeling gradually disappeared.

“Omnipotent Hands [Legendary ability]!”

Blood flowed down from his hand.

Soran held Icingdeath in one hand, while he held the Gith silver blade +3 in the other.


The muffled sound of the dragon was heard.

The red dragon hovering in the sky finally felt that the time was right. It roared and dived towards the enemy below, at the same time, a hot red dragon breath was shot out!

The surrounding temperature went up.

With the breath of the dragon, the surrounding temperature immediately went up a notch!