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The Silver Sword of Gith.

Those who had Literacy of more than 150 points had, more or less, heard of its name and many of its legends. The sword was quite famous in history, and it has appeared many times in many epic stories. Many people had recast its fragments from ancient times to present, that was why there were many + 6, + 7, + 8 Silver Sword of Gith.

The sword was an artifact.

Even though it had been recast many times, the Silver Sword of Gith was still an amazing artifact.

Even Soran’s legendary curved sword Icingdeath was only +2!

The sword was a sacred item and the item that helped them beat the mind flayer kingdom to gain their freedom.

The Silver Sword of Gith was of sacred significance to the astral plane race. It was also one of the most powerful artifacts known to Soran in the world because, at its peak, the Silver Sword of Gith was a + 12 level artifact. Even if it had been destroyed and recast many times, it still recovered to + 10 level artifact!

This weapon ended an ancient empire, which was said to be the most terrible empire of the mind flayers. There were ancient stories that classified the mind flayers as creatures from other universes. This kind of monster, which looked like an octopus, had two pairs of big and small tentacles, and was good at enslaving other races and feeding on the brains of other intelligent creatures; they were considered by a few scholars to be from another crystal wall universes. They came in the age of the ancient gods, once ruled a large territory in the multiverse, and eventually became weakened into a dangerous monster in the Underdark.

At that time, there were countless spellcasters among the mind flayers!

Even though they were such a powerful empire, which was close to dominating the astral plane and other aspects, they were finally overthrown by the Githyanki with the help of the artifact.

This was how powerful the artifact was!

Soran did not know much about the Silver Sword of Gith.

The only thing he knew was that it appeared during the Times of Troubles. Unfortunately, it was only a + 6 artifact, which finally killed a Saint incarnated by a weak god.

It was, however, only the recast fragments of the Silver Sword of Gith.

The weapons of the Githyanki were very special. They had excellent and wonderful forging techniques. It seemed that their top weapons could be rebuilt and recovered even if they were destroyed.

Thus Soran thought that the only thing that could make the Githyanki relentless was the Silver Sword of Gith.

The Eye of the North’s silence made the queen angry. She opened her mouth and uttered a sharp voice, which was not the common language, but a mysterious language that even Gloria could not understand. Then they saw the Gith knights standing up around her and pulled out the silver blades on their waists. These strange weapons were different from those of the Gith fighters because they were very impressive. After these silver blades were pulled out, their swords became a silver fluid, constantly changing their shapes in the flow and twinkling.

Silver Sword +3!

All the Gith knights had rare grade 3 weapons.

This weapon was quite dangerous!

Not only could it cut the silver line of an astral projection, but it also possessed the special characteristic of [Beheading].

This kind of weapon was very special. As long as the user could use it normally, even if the user hasn’t mastered the sword form [Beheading], the user still could use the advantage of the weapon to achieve the effect of beheading someone!

Soran previously wanted to create a curved sword like the Gith silver sword to obtain the [Beheading] feature of the silver blade above level + 3. It was a pity that these Githyanki were too difficult to deal with. They were also extremely exclusive about their forging technique. That was why Soran could only go to the Underdark to build refined weapons. The Githyanki would take back any silver blade that had fallen into enemy hands at all costs. They would only give up taking back their weapon if the target was too powerful. Maybe they were afraid that someone would understand the secret of making their weapon.

“The show is about to begin!”

Even Soran felt a little nervous when he saw a row of Gith knights with + 3 Gith silver blades entering the battlefield. These guys were all psionic users as they could use low-level psionic spells. In their hands, they had + 3 silver blades that were worth 49000 Gold Derahls, and they wore armor that was worth 27000 Gold Derahls. As for the other equipment, Soran didn’t know about them, but they all seemed to be rare grade items.

“Kill them all! Take back our sacred item!”

The queen pulled out a long and narrow silver sword. The silver sword body was as mysterious as a silvery flowing liquid. It was difficult for people who were not proficient in exotic weapons to use them. However, in the hands of Gith queen, the silver sword which may be around + 5 was as flexible as a whip. The flowing silver sword looked a little like a soft sword, but it could turn into a sharp and hard beheading sword when necessary. The shape of the silver sword could be changed, but it needed the power of psionic power. [Note: as a result, it’s hard for other races to use the Gith silver blades. ]

“Careful now!”

Soran looked at the approaching enemy and said in a deep voice, “pay attention to the silver blades of the Gith knights. They can change its shape and cut off the silver thread connecting you to your body.”

+3 Gith silver sword was soft, a longsword, and a heavy sword combined.

In the earlier times, many melee professions coveted this kind of weapon, but few of them could finally bring back the finished products from the astral plane!

They also had to face the Githyanki that would jump planes to kill them.


“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

Soran did not dare to leave the witches. He did not dare to distract himself in this level of battle, because he was under considerable psychological pressure from grade 4 or so Gith knight. The Gith knights did not have great mind control ability, but they had special psionic spells, such as the pain that had just appeared on Soran’s body. This was a psionic spell of the Gith knight, which directly affects the sensation of pain at the spiritual level.

“Inflict Pain!” [Level 1 psionic spell].

Soran was touched by the enemy for a moment, and immediately suffered 6 points of mental injury. There were no wounds on his body, but he felt as painful as if he had been cut open.

The silver sword moved like a liquid and dazzled constantly.

The enemy’s fighting skills were quite brilliant. With the change of the weapon form, Soran felt a little difficult to parry. Because the first moment was a chopping attack of a heavy sword, the next moment the silver blade became a long and narrow stabbing sword that was somewhat flexible. Soran’s arm was cut a little because of this. Even with his current 29 Dexterity, he could not completely avoid the attack.

“Strength of My Enemy!” [Level 2 psionic spell].

As though feeling Soran’s advantage in attributes. After finding that Soran was very difficult to deal with, the Gith knight suddenly reached forward and grabbed Soran.

A row of data appeared:

“You’re affected by a psi-like ability!…”

“You’re affected by an absorption effect!… Test of Fortitude failed!… You’ve temporarily lost 2 Strength!…”

“Your Strength will be transferred to the enemy within 15 minutes!…”

Damn it!

Soran’s expression changed. With Icingdeath in his hand, he leaped toward the enemy and spun.

“Sword Form [Spinning Strike]!”

“Shadow Strike!”

On the other front, the northern witch’s battle had become quite fierce! In the face of a large number of enemies, the witches did not blindly cast AOE spells, but successively cast summoning spells. The Giths were endowed with psionic abilities, so even the fighters could use spells like Levitate, Blink for short-range teleportation when their capability reaches a certain level. Therefore, the effect of AOE spells was not very effective against them.

Except level 7 and above AOE spells, the other low-level AOE spells could only be used to bully low-grade fighters.

“Level 3 Summon Monster!”

“Summon Elder Wind Elemental!”

“Summon Elder Earth Elemental!”

“Summon Elder Fire Elemental!”

“Crimson Mist!”

“Summon Demon!”

Countless magic glows were seen and there were also many teleportation gates.

These women were crazy. Those who summoned the Elementals were still fine, but those witches who summoned the demons were a little crazy; even Soran couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. Fortunately, they cast Protection from Evil in advance. These demons did not care who summoned them; they might even attack the witches if they went crazy.

The Elementals summoned by the witches were quite strong!

At the front was an Earth Elemental elder with a monster level of 21 or so. Then the Wind Elemental elder was around, and the Fire Element elder was waiting at the side. More than ten high-grade witches summoned creatures at the same time, forming a monster army in an instant. Scattered around were about 30 kinds of monsters controlled only by “Level 3 Summon Monster”, and facing the approaching enemy was the army of Elemental creatures.

The only eyesore was the two demons!

For some reason, Soran had a strong feeling of killing them once they appeared