Abyss Domination

Chapter 313 - Githyanki Queen

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The emergence of the red dragon undoubtedly made many feel it would be intractable.

Even the leader of the northern witch council, the Eye of the North, frowned and looked at the dragon hovering in the sky. The dragon breath of a red dragon was the most powerful among the five dragons. Its killing power was twice that of the adult white dragon. Therefore, the astral projection of all witches on the scene could only withstand two rounds of dragon breath attack at most. Once the red dragon attacked, they would have to take it down in one round of attack, or else the witches would suffer great losses.

“Group Hold Human!”

“Death Cloud!”



“Finger of Death!”


“Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting!”

The first wave of the northern witch’s spell attacks erupted as the Githyanki approached at full speed.

As the high-grade northern witches above profession level 15, their spells crushed the enemy. Group Human Hold held the first five fighters that were in the front, followed by a cloud of death covering them; followed by Grease and Web. Finger of Death and Disintegrate were aimed at the front enemies, accompanied by the light of various spells.

When Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting landed on the ground, the first attacking unit was obliterated!

They were killed by the spells and couldn’t even get to within 50 meters to the witches.

These were high-grade spellcasters.

From profession level 10 and above, the spellcaster’s combat ability would rise dramatically; they become even more powerful in late game!

The northern territory was equivalent to a large kingdom, but there were only a dozen high-grade witches close to the realm of legends. It was not difficult for them to work together against an army, so there’s no way to kill them like this.

Soran waited silently.

So far, the battle was just an appetizer because the Githyanki Psychic Warlocks, Psychic Fighters, and Fanatics had not appeared. The ordinary fighters rushing in were just testing the battle strength of the northern witches. The number of such low-level fighters were plenty.

“An enemy is close!”

Soran’s ears moved slightly and said to Gloria, “A Psionics Lurker!”

A glow of magic appeared.

Curved swords appeared on Soran’s palm, and then his whole person rushed forward like a cheetah, accompanied by a cold light. There were continuous blocking sounds, and finally, with a plop, Sora kicked the chest of the body and retreated nearly six meters. Soon a stream of bloodshot from the headless body that fell to the ground.


Soran shook his head and said, “Damn that psionic ability of theirs!”

A row of data appeared:

Successfully activated Shadow Strike!…

Successfully activated Sword Form [Beheading]!…

You’ve dealt 116 beheading damage to the target!… Target test of fortitude failed!… Target killed!…”

Extracting soul energy from target…

Received 5600 Slaughter Experience Points.

The EXP the Githyanki gave was so high!

However, the psionic abilities they had were still so disgusting! Even with Soran’s will, he still got affected by these spells.

With all the buffs, Soran had shocking combat ability!

If he was not in the state of an astral projection now, he would probably be able to surpass his former self. However, since there were so many northern witches and the eye of the north here, Soran was somewhat concerned. For example, he didn’t dare to change to “Slaughter form” at this time, because he was afraid that some northern witches would be interested in researching him.

“There are other psionic lurkers around!”

Soran was good at detecting other rogues; as long as they were not legendary and above, he would be able to detect them.

“Detect Invisibility!”

Hearing Soran’s words, Gloria and the other witches around her immediately took action. With a magic light, five or six enemy figures appeared within 100 meters. The spellcasters had a strong spellcasting ability, but their fortitude, reflexes, and will power was not as high as close-quarter warriors. If Soran was not here, they may not be able to find these rogues until the enemy was close enough, or when the energy field was triggered.


This time, it was the eye of the north who spoke. She frowned and looked at the front of her, raising her hand to cast a spell and throw it out.

“Dimensional Anchor!”

A force locked the surrounding space, and then a skinny Githyanki appeared out of the sky in front of them; pausing for a moment as if he had hit something, then disappearing and reappearing 300 meters away. That was a Psychic Warlocks; there were not many wizards in this race, but there were many advanced psychic professions that were very difficult to deal with. There were many kinds of magic abilities of psionic ability, and Soran hated fighting with psionic enemies in the past.

“Pa, Pa, Pa!”

An eerie clapping sound was heard.

With the sound of clapping hands, all the nearby Githyanki retreated. Even the red dragon, who had been hovering in the sky and waiting, had retreated. Then there was a gap in the fortress, which was like a gate separating from the middle. A group of Githyanki fighters with silver swords and full armor appeared. In the middle was a female creature with a sharp face and gorgeous clothes.

That was the Githyanki queen!

In the eyes of these astral plane creatures, she was the supreme being. There was a queen in every group of Githyanki, and they were greater than the mother of drows. Like the queen of the Zorgs, they had absolute control over the race. The empress’s blood was sacred to the Githyanki and there was only a handful of them in the entire astral plane.

Half of the Githyanki queens were Liches, but the queen in front of them was not.

This meant that she was still young, perhaps a new queen!

“Eye of the North.”

The queen of the Githyanki stood on the ground, the red dragon in the sky roared, then slowly fell in front of her, and humbly lowered its head. Her face was sharp and looked like the shape of an awl. The queen reached out her long and narrow fingers and touched the head of the red dragon. Then she looked up and said in a determined voice, “I said I would come back!”

“Have you decided?”

“You still don’t want to give it back to us? You should know that we will never give up until we get it back! ”

As she said that, all the psionic knights standing on her left and right pulled out their silver blade with great discipline. The psionic knight was an advanced class. Almost all of them were high-grade professions. In addition to their ability to compete with pure fighters in hand to hand combat, these people also had a lot of spell-like abilities, which were quite difficult to deal with.

Standing behind them was a group of spellcasters in wizard robes. Although the Githyanki did not have many wizards, their psionic ability could make up for this gap, and they had many special advanced professions.

For example the Psionic Transmitter, Fanatics, Shaper, Observer, Savant and more.


The red dragon roared and soared. The figure of the psionic warlock floated in the air. The psionic knights stepped near with their silver blades and hundreds of thousands of Githyanki fighters surrounded them.

Just like what their queen had said, they would never give up until they got their back what they wanted!

Even when they were faced with a group of high-grade witches.

What is this thing?

Hearing the words of the Githyanki queen, Soran and the other northern witches also cast their eyes filled with doubt to the Northern Eye in front of them. It seemed that Soran was not the only curious one; other northern witches also didn’t know what was in the hands of the Northern Eye which caused the Githyanki to attack.

What made them willing to pay such a high price?

It was similar to challenging the gods!

There was no answer from the eyes of the north. She just frowned and looked at the Githyanki queen. It seemed that she was thinking about something serious.

However, Soran seemed to have thought of something.

His whole body had chills and whispered to Gloria, “The Silver Sword of Gith!…”

“If it is that then, we would be in trouble!”

Gloria also seemed to be shocked after hearing it. Immediately she said softly, “Wasn’t that artifact destroyed?”

Soran shook his head after hearing that.

It was not an easy task to destroy a +10 artifact!