Abyss Domination

Chapter 312 - Red Dragon Agreement

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There were many dangerous creatures in the Astral Plane that could be understood.

However, there were only two kinds of creatures that could make Soran very annoyed. One was the legendary Abomination, the offspring of dead gods–a dangerous creature full of intent to destroy. The other was the Githyanki. They lived in the astral plane and were aggressive, belligerent, and numerous. M

So it was no surprise that it was the Githyanki!

The Githyanki were a kind of humanoid creature living in the astral plane. They were born with powerful psionic magic. They used to be slaves to the mind flayers, which were the monsters in the story of bards who were as famous as the beholders and could eat the brains of intelligent creatures. That was why they were enemies with the beholders. When they encountered each other, they would kill each other. There were also the grey dwarfs, which were similar to the Githyanki; grey dwarfs also hated the mind flayers. Many grey dwarfs had their minds distorted because of enslavement by the mind flayers. In the end, they acquired powerful Psionic ability.

It seemed that these two races were like this!

All the slaves of mind flayers finally mastered Psionic ability. Maybe it was caused by the mental slavery they endured. [Captivity, mental slavery, slaughter. – Mind flayer]

There were two branches of this race, the Githyanki, and the Githzerai. They hated each other as much as they hated the mind flayers. They fought when they encountered each other, but the Githzerai were rare–they lived in seclusion in some unknown places. On the contrary, the Githyanki were common and very hard to deal with. Their supreme leader was the empress, and they had no faith. Thus they had no priests. They believed that believing in gods meant betraying their queen.

The Githyanki were mainly fighters, and the weapons they used were silver swords; one of their characteristics was to cut off the ‘silver line.’ During the astral projection of plane travel, there would be an invisible silver line connecting the soul and body. If the silver line was cut, the soul would be forced to return and cause certain damage, but the damage was not as great since the astral projection was being destroyed in the astral plane.

This race was very interesting.

Soran always thought that they were a bit like the Protoss in StarCraft, but their ruling style reminded Soran of the Zerg Queen.

The Githyanki were a race governed by militarized rule!

They wandered and plundered in the astral plane and lived in the battleships or fortresses of the astral plane. These huge flying buildings were a bit like a giant military fortress in the star age. The Githyankis were notorious for plundering any creature in the astral plane, and they also liked to capture slaves. They would try to capture anything that was not an astral projection.

That was because the Githyankis was like mind flayers and had Psionics abilities. They used spells like Control Soul to enslave other creatures! [Test of will!]

“Prepare for battle!”

Everyone could hear a voice in their mind, and then, countless magic light emerged. A few magic lights arose continuously, and finally, Soran was also blessed with seven or eight protection spells. In the astral realm, any spellcaster could instantly cast spells below level 6. That was why the combat power of wizards here was quite amazing. However, instantly casting level 6 spells also meant that they would use up their spells very early–they may use up all their spell slots in an instant.

“Group Bull’s Strength!” (Strength +4)

“Group Cat’s Elegance!” (Dexterity +4)

“Group Fox’s Cunning!” (Intelligence +4)

“Group Bear’s Endurance!” (Constitution +4)

“Protection from Evil!”

“Protection from Petrification!”



“Ten Feet Invisibility!”

Over ten northern witches, casting spells simultaneously, was a sight to behold!

Standing around Soran were the ruling class of the whole northern region. They represented the highest fighting power of the northern region and the ruling power of the northern region above the secular world. The magic light in the sky was dazzling. Because they could instantly cast level 6 spells, they were instantly surrounded by various energy protection fields. At the same time, Soran was also affected by many spells. Don’t underestimate these northern witches. Although they looked weak and delicate, they could still use their staff to defend themselves in close quarters.

Gloria had a serious expression.

She took a special staff out, which was inlaid with many gems. At the same time, she took out a large stack of magic scrolls with her other hand and placed them in the easily accessible position. They had more than ten magic wands with them and had prepared large stacks of magic scrolls that were usually transcribed. Because a battle broke out, it would be time for them to throw a huge amount of magic scrolls out.

In comparison, Soran seemed rather useless here!

Although he also had the ability to instantly casting spells, he did not have many spells, and the spell scrolls were often hundreds of thousands of gold coins.

Throwing out hundreds of Gold Derahls in an instant.

Since 20 Gold Deralhs was a pound, throwing a magic scroll out was equivalent to throwing out five kilograms of gold!


Gloria put three magic scrolls into Soran’s hand, and then she said seriously, “you really shouldn’t have come in with me. This is the star realm. It’s hard for a rogue to play a big role here. Be careful later. If something goes wrong, use these scrolls. ”

In this round alone, more than ten northern witches on the scene had burned tens of thousands of Gold Derahls worth of magic scrolls.

Soon they saw the space of the half-plane vibrate, and then a huge and incomparable military fortress appeared in their sight. It appeared at the edge of the half-plane through the silver torrent, broke the independent rules of the half-plane with a strange power brilliance, and then came to them as though it had broken through a bubble. There was an independent rule on the half-plane, which formed something like the atmosphere. Unfortunately, this rule was too weak to contain the battle fortress of the Githyankis.

Countless figures came down!

They jumped directly from hundreds of meters, then used psionic spells in midair to slow themselves down, and then landed on the land of the half-plane.


From the appearance, these Githyankis had obvious humanoid characteristics, but they looked very thin. They were 1.8 meters tall and weighed about 170 pounds. These creatures had rough yellow skin, and their hair was tied into little plaits. Their pupils were dim, ears were sharp, and backs had serrated bones. These Githyankis were well-equipped–all of them had first-class armor, silver blades as weapons. They had excellent forging skills and could make many very special weapons.

After they landed, they moved swiftly!

Almost any Githyanki fighter had extraordinary Strength and Dexterity. Their ability to become explosive was far greater than humans.

Githyanki [Astral plane creatures] (Grade 3)

Challenge Rating: Level 12 (Individual Level: 15) has spell-like abilities.

Highest and Lowest Attributes: 24 and 12 (Total Attribute Points: 95-105)

Specialty: Psionics ability, Soul Control, Astral plane race.

Difficulty: A+

These were the challenge rating of an adult Githyanki, but they often lived in groups. So, if they encountered a group of Githyanki, the level of challenge would increase dramatically; the difficulty may even be greater than S +!

Soran also felt worried about the central figure at the back.

That was because, with the number of Githyanki, it meant that there was a queen; perhaps there would be an even more dangerous creature.

Red dragon!

The Githyanki race had a special characteristic.

They had an ability similar to [Dragon Covenant], which was called [Red dragon agreement]!

“The red dragon agreement: there was a special ethnic agreement between the Githyanki race and the red dragons so that they could sometimes make a red dragon serve the Githyanki temporarily like a horse, as long as they pay the corresponding compensation. The Githyanki would receive a + 4 race bonus on negotiation when they trade with a red dragon. In a large group, the Githyanki could reach a temporary alliance agreement with a red dragon; all of this could be decided by the queen and Githyanki lord!”

There was a roar.

It seemed that what Soran had worried about had happened!

From above the battle fortress of the Githyanki, the figure of an adult red dragon appeared. It looked at the witch below with its cold and evil eyes, then roared. It swooped down from above the battle fortress, and when it was close to 300 meters above the ground, it flew into the sky once more. The red dragon hovered in the sky but was not eager to attack the witches below. Instead, it kept a distance deliberately, as if it intends to let the Githyanki waste the spells of the witches.

Dragon aura spread out!

As the most powerful adult dragon among the five giant dragons, it was far superior to the white dragon in size, strength, and spellcasting ability.

A red dragon had the challenge rating of three adult white dragons combined!