Abyss Domination

Chapter 311 - Astral Projection

Chapter 311: Chapter 124 Astral Projection

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Outer body sensation was a bizarre feeling!

Although it was not the first time Soran attempted to project his soul away from the body, it was the first attempt in reality. The strongest feeling was the weightlessness of the soul. It made him feel light and floating without the restriction of gravity. However, it was not that his whole soul had left. In the moment of contact with the light column, Soran’s soul had been shaped into a projection by magic, and then directly sent to the gate of the star realm.

Astral projection was only a part of a soul.

It was not the weight of a whole soul, so if it died, it doesn’t necessarily kill the body in reality.

However, it definitely would cause damage to the soul!

If the proportion of damage was too large, it may turn some into idiots, or even directly affect the real world, so that the existence of the soul projected out would die on the spot! This could be simply understood according to the eastern view of the soul. That was, if the astral projection was destroyed, then that the person’s soul would be split. The person may become weird, become an idiot, or even become paralyzed and die. In general, this kind of astral projection could only be used to go to very dangerous places or places that the body could not reach.

The two souls were shaped into half energy form!

Astral projections would lose a large portion of power; Soran lost nearly 80% of his powers and all his non-legendary equipment was left on his body.

This was why Soran hated the star realm!

Low-grade rare items couldn’t complete the half energy conversion. Only the legendary grade or above equipment could be converted to astral projections and would be left in the star realm if the owner was killed. Therefore, in the astral projection state, even a legendary wizard would not carry his most powerful legendary equipment. Soran couldn’t leave his equipment behind because all his legendary equipment directly affected his fighting capability; to go to the star realm without his legendary equipment would be to seek death.

There was a moment of dizziness!

When Soran and Gloria recovered from the dizziness, they were already at the gate to the star realm.

At the moment, the number of witch projections gathered around the Northern Eye was about 12. When these astral projections noticed the appearance of Soran, they couldn’t help but be surprised. Then, they looked at Gloria with confusion. When they saw the expression on Gloria’s face, the other witches could not help showing a trace of a narrow smile. It seemed that Gloria was popular, unlike her mother.

Everyone there was a high-grade wizard, with almost a third being quasi-legendary wizards.

As for someone like the Northern Eye, who had a profession level of 25, she should be the most powerful one among all the projections there.

In that aspect, Soran would be the weakest astral projection and also a half-baked wizard.

The Eyes of the North didn’t show any opinion about Soran being here; she only looked at him a little, then nodded gently to Gloria. Then with a serious look, the Eye of the North said, “Get ready for the teleportation! Everyone pay attention! ”

The already opened gate suddenly wrapped them in, and then it seemed to have entered a rainbow channel. In front of them, there were countless light spots that could not be seen by the naked eye; thus, only a lot of colorful lights could be caught by the naked eye. Astral projection was the simplest way to cross planes. Many demons and devils would go to other planes in this way. In the state of astral projection, death would only lead to the loss of some power, and would not lead to the death of the real body.

All wizards cherished their lives!

Thus even when faced with a great enemy, the Eye of the North would not request witches to go in person.

It felt as though the soul was passing through a thin film, or the feeling when someone was sinking into the sea. When Soran opened his eyes again, he was standing on barren land. There was a silver river in the sky, and almost no plants could be seen. It’s like standing on the surface of the moon and looking at the universe. In front of them was the boundless Silver River, just like the Milky Way, where countless stars gather. Around this seemingly small land, they could see countless star realm materials, as well as passing objects like meteors at high speed.

It may be a meteor or possibly the corpse of an ancient god!

The star realm had become a huge wasteland.

In the endless years, countless people entered here and died here, and there were all kinds of other reasons to enter the existence of the star realm, which then eventually turned the star realm into a huge garbage dump. In this dump, there were bodies of the ancient gods, the hidden half-plane, the fallen kingdom of the gods, and even encounter the broken flying fortresses, etc. Almost everything you could imagine would be here.

This was a huge and all-inclusive dump!

It was also the most dangerous wasteland.

There was no air in the star realm, so it was not easy for flesh and blood to survive here. They had to rely on the floating half-plane of the star realm. So many of the voyagers who entered the star realm were soul projections of a semi energy state or powerful beings that were directly close to the form of the Saints. There was an energy in this endless star realm, which the wizards called “source matter,” and they believed it was the most basic structure of the universe.

However, Soran liked to call it another name.

“Dark energy!”

Almost all the birth of the half-plane must be connected with the “astral” and the “etheric plane.” The half-plane was a very special existence, which was difficult to explain in simple terms. However, it was easy to understand that even a legendary wizard could not provide the huge energy needed to open up a half-plane. That was why half-planes were all grown little by little, which was very similar to the kingdom of gods, but the energy for half-planes to grow only came from two places.

One was the star realm. The other was the etheric plane.

These two planes were inextricably related, and the structure of these energies was also unknown. However, the star realm was closer to the outer plane, while the etheric plane was closer to the inner plane.

Soran was standing on a half-plane!

There was no doubt that most of the matter in the star realm came from other planes.

That was why it’s called the wasteland by many!

Even the half-plane under Soran’s feet was a huge piece of rubbish floating in the boundless sky.

The half-plane was a load-bearing body. Without the support of this half-plane, the soul projection of Soran and the other witches would be directly exposed to the source material of the star world, the silver river on the top of their heads. This was a more troublesome thing because this kind of energy flow generated from the distorted space had many dangerous astral creatures. The secrets of the star realm were not even known to the gods, but they knew how to use the energy of the star realm. The original creation of the world was derived from these “source energy.”

There were many things Soran wasn’t sure of.

What he could remember was not much, but he knew that beyond the Milky Way-like torrent of energy, there was an endless flow of dark energy and something called the crystal wall.

After his soul went into the star realm,

“Astral projection complete!…”

“Soul entered the star realm!… Soul came to contact with source energy!….”

“You’ve gained part of the epic background ability of [Star Traveler].”

“You’ve gained part of the epic background ability of [Plane Explorer].”

“Soul construction complete!”

“Astral projection transformed into dark energy!… You’ve mastered the ability [Spontaneous Casting]!… all your level 6 spells can be cast instantly!…”

After stepping into the star realm, t

It was as if they had come in contact with primitive energy.

This energy was everywhere, and it allowed them to master the ability of Spontaneous Casting. Although they could still feel the Magic Network, they seemed to have jumped out of the Magic Network and do not need the Magic Network to gather energy. All spellcasters who entered the star realm would automatically master the ability of Spontaneous Casting. All spells below level 6 would be cast. Legendary spells only need half of the casting time.

They were still not close to the sea of source matter.

If they got close to the Milky Way-like energy river, or touch the energy escaping from the distorted space, even legendary spells could be instantly generated!

As long as your soul could bear this power, the star realm could give you endless energy because it was the closest to the source of the universe!

A world appeared in front of Soran.

It’s a huge half-plane with gray irises on the outer layer. It looked like a translucent eggshell. It’s a whole world, but it was not the structure of a planet, it’s more like a continental shelf. This was the half-plane that was born in the star realm. It used the inexhaustible energy of the star realm as the supply.

This huge half-plane flew by!

It was like Halley’s comet passing over the earth, and soon it disappeared from Soran’s vision. The star realm was almost infinite; it’s a plane that’s almost infinite, but if you kept going up, you’ll encounter a layer of crystal wall. However, before you encounter the crystal wall, you would encounter the countless kingdoms of the gods. If you were fortunate, you could even see the legendary [Pantheon of Gods].

“Krong, Hong!”

The earth under Soran’s feet trembled.

This half-plane seemed to exist only for a short time. Soran could see the edge of the land at a glance, jumping from the edge would get into the void torrent.

From ancient times, there was no lack of people with bad luck lost in the star realm, swept by the torrent for hundreds and thousands of years.

That was why the star realm was also called the [Land of Exile]!

It connects all the planes, but you wouldn’t be able to find the passage. With no half-plane to rely on, falling into the torrent of energy would be like being swept away by a flood.

As if something was attacking her, Soran could feel the worry on the face of the Northern Eye; something was making her feel worried.

Then the enemy that appeared most likely was a kind of intelligent creature that Soran hated most!