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The atmosphere became a little more interesting.

Both of them were embarrassed, but it was a special kind of embarrassment. Their eyes couldn’t help dodging each other when they crossed. There was even a trace of bright red on the beautiful face of Gloria. An inexplicable feeling was brewing. Both of them seemed to feel something. The embarrassment didn’t last long, and soon Soran recovered. He smiled and took out a beautiful box, then handed it to Gloria.

“A gift for you,” Soran wicked at her.

Gloria looked up at him and showed a smile on the corner of her mouth. Then her rosy lips opened softly, “what is it?”

Soran shrugged his shoulders and sat down in the reclining chair. Naturally, Gloria moved a little bit to the side. When she responded, Soran had already sat down close to her body. Although the reclining chair was relatively broad, the two of them sat close to each other naturally. Soran had a manly smell, and it made Gloria coy, but there were no obvious signs of annoyance.

Soran could smell the faint fragrance coming from her; he replied, “Open and look!”

There were signs of tension in Gloria’s delicate body, especially when Soran was sitting beside her and talking; there was a natural male aura coming from Soran. The sound of Soran’s breathing came into her ears, and she could feel his breath on her long hair. This made her even more nervous. Even though she was a well-known witch in the north, and controlled a large area of territory, Gloria still felt tension at her back and goosebumps at the back of her neck.

She felt nervous.

Soran didn’t do anything; he sat down and just waited for Gloria to open her gift.

Northern witches were no ordinary women.

Even though Gloria had never been so close to a man, she quickly adjusted to it.

Gloria turned her head and strangely looked at Soran. It seemed that she was blaming Soran for startling her when he suddenly sat down. However, her face was not angry and she did not get up to leave the reclining chair. The distance between the two was less than half a centimeter. The thin pajamas could not resist the heat coming from Soran. Gloria’s cheeks were slightly flushed, which was more obvious than the beginning. She gently lifted the delicate box in front of her eyes, took a deep breath, and then slowly opened it.

A dazzling light emerged!

The brilliance of the diamond was reflected at the moment when the box was opened. The beautiful blue diamond attracted even the well-known northern witch in front of her. Although Soran doesn’t have a good appraisal ability to determine the specific value of the diamond, his years of experience were still there. Even he felt that it was something rare.

Gloria was ready for it, but when she saw the huge and shining blue diamond in front of her eyes, there was still a slight surprise.

Women, sometimes, were like dragons!

This was true even for Vivian; Soran had seen the little girl carefully count her gems.

“It’s beautiful!”

Golia picked up the blue diamond in front of her with her white fingers, and then put it under the sun. She looked at it vaguely for a while, and then her eyes gradually became clear. Gloria placed it back in the delicate box and carefully put it away. Then she said softly, “Even royals would not have such a diamond! Did you find it in the dragon’s nest? ”

Soran nodded gently and replied, “yes.”

Gloria turned to look at Soran beside her. The two rubbed shoulders for a brief moment; it was a soft, silky touch. She looked at the man in front of her seriously, as if he was a new person. She then murmured, “sometimes I don’t know you! You were born in a slum, but have a lot of knowledge that wizards don’t necessarily have. When I met you for the first time, you were just a weak rogue, but now you have slain a dragon. ”

“Sometimes, I think that you are the patron of fate!”

Soran did not say anything.

Favored souls of destiny were another type of existence, they were a group of people outside of destiny, born to be freer than the gods. In the eyes of magicians who were proficient in Divination, favored souls of destiny were similar to the “Prince of Lies”. They were a group of people that had their coin of faith stand still in the middle when the goddess of fortune tossed it.

Soran was not sure if he was someone like that!

These people were rare and Soran did not like to be someone that had an extraordinary life.

Unless of course, he got the legendary [Deck of Destiny]!

When Gloria put away the present, she stood up gently. She looked up and down at Soran with eyes askew, and then said, “actually, I have prepared something for you too. Come with me! ”

Soran took a deep breath.

It seemed that Soran was looking for the fragrance when she got up, and there was a trace of intoxication on his face. Gloria glanced at him and then raised her white fingers to activate a teleportation array on the right side of the observation platform. The witch stood in place as if waiting for Soran to come.

Soran walked over.

He reached out to Gloria’s hand and held it; interlocking their fingers. He felt her soft hands and a little sweat.

It turns out that both of them had been very nervous.

At this moment, the two looked at each other involuntarily, and then a smile appeared on the corners of their mouths. Gloria’s look was soft. The palm of her hand was soft, and had no intention of breaking away. Naturally, this meant that Soran was allowed to hold her hands like that. The two figures disappeared as they teleported and then appeared in a room on the top of the wizard tower.

This seemed to be Gloria’s room.

As a witch in the north, Gloria’s room didn’t feel like a woman’s room.

There were a lot of books here!

Soran just took a glance and saw hundreds of books on the shelves, tables, and chairs. Almost every one of the books were as thick as a brick. The whole room was very simple and tidy. The floor was covered with soft carpet and there were chairs beside the desk. There were some scattered gadgets, which seemed to be alchemy equipment. Then there was a couch on the side, with few decorations.

No wonder Vivian got into the habit of reading books!

As if she had guessed the thought in Soran’s heart, Gloria turned around and glanced at him. In a soft voice, she said, “this is just a place to rest after researching.”

She raised her fingers and a weak glow of magic appeared from a drawer.

This was Gloria lifting a magic trap, and then the drawer opened automatically. A belt appeared, which looked rather delicate and fell directly in the palm of her hand.

Gloria looked at Soran with a smile and passed the belt to him. “I made this for you,” Gloria said softly.

A piece of legendary equipment!?

Soran’s fingertips just touched the belt in front of him, and his whole body shook. Then he looked up at Gloria in surprise and murmured, “Belt of Giant Strength?”

Now it was Gloria’s turn to look surprised, “Do you know of it?”

“It had been kept in the hands of the witches council for hundreds of years! I’ve only found out about it because of recent events!”

She would never tell Soran that she was rewarded by the northern witch council because she had advanced to the quasi-legendary witch. As a result, she could choose a piece of legendary equipment she wanted from the treasure storage of the northern witch council. She did not choose other legendary spellcaster equipment, but picked this grade 2 legendary belt [Belt of Giant Strength] from the treasure storage!


Soran nodded, touched the belt and said, “I’ve heard of it before.”

In his memory.

The grade 2 legendary belt was auctioned for 270000 Gold Derahls! It was the best legendary belt of strength that could be obtained in the entire material plane!