Abyss Domination

Chapter 308 - The Advancing Gloria

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He had been nervous before, but it shouldn’t have been the feeling he had now.

For some reason, his palms were a little sweaty. It made him feel a little uncomfortable, but soon he adjusted. There was no difference between the wizard tower in front of him and the one in Soran’s memory. This wizard tower was not as majestic as the one in the shadow plane, nor as profound as in history, but it was still a tall tower in the north; the existence of the wizard tower itself was a symbol of power.


After the initial nervousness, Soran became happy when he thought about meeting her once again.

There were few people in this world who could give Soran a sense of identity.

Gloria was just one of the few. It made him want to see her immediately. Soran didn’t seem to think that his mood would change so much in a short time, so when he stepped into the wizard tower, he took a deep breath and then calmly entered.

His ability to act had been way better than before!

It wasn’t humans who came to meet Soran, but a two-meter tall clay golem. Seeing Soran come in, it bowed slightly, and then said in a dull voice, “Your Excellency Soran. Master, invites you to the observatory. ”

“Your men may follow me to the third floor. Your men who came earlier have settled in.”

The inside of the wizard tower was big.

In fact, most of the wizarding towers had many layers, and each layer had a lot of space. If a legendary wizard mastered the plane, the space inside the wizard tower may be comparable to that of a city. That was why the wizard on the shadow plane was impossible to take down in a short time–space inside was estimated to be no smaller than the underground remains of a city.

The pirates respected the clay golem who was in front of them.

Even if they could defeat it with their capability, they couldn’t help but feel awe because this was the magic creation of a wizard. The pirates had a natural sense of awe toward the terrible and mysterious witch. The existence of spellcasters had always been superior to other professions, and even Soran’s most rebellious men had become cautious after entering the wizard tower.

Another clay golem stood up.

The clay golem brought Soran’s men toward another flight of stairs, while the other clay golem brought Soran to the observatory.

The art of creating golems.

Not all the golems were of the same standard. The clay golem in front of Soran was obviously much more flexible than the other one. If the other golem was rigid and could only repeat simple commands, then the one in front of Soran was like a highly intelligent mechanical being, following certain rules and was able to communicate. This kind of golem was very difficult to make. Not only did it require a large fortune, but it also needs to have the power related to the soul.

The clay golem accepted the [Spirit Shaping], making them intelligent beings.

Soran had always been very interested in this field.

It was a pity that it was too demanding to master. It required not only amazing magic level and alchemy skills, but also a lot of special knowledge. Soran couldn’t even figure out the simplest golem for cleaning now.

This was one of the differences between a proper wizard and a half baked wizard.

Strictly speaking, Soran should now be a professional rogue and a weak spellcaster. Otherwise, a wizard with a profession level of 10 or so should be able to make the simplest clay golem.

The spirit realm.

It gave intelligence to golems and even gave it life.

“Gloria stepped into the realm of legends?”

It seemed that Soran suddenly thought of something and was shocked, and then a smile appeared on his face. He found that if this was the case, he would have a great chance of inviting Gloria to the outer islands. Walking up the wizard tower, Soran saw a lot of strange things: some of which were magical devices he could not understand and some of which were strange laboratories. This undoubtedly told Soran how right he was to invite Gloria. He was a little dizzy just because of the various devices in the wizard tower.

Wizard towers needed professional spellcasters to deal with.

If Soran had gone on his own, then he would not know where and how things were distributed–the placement of labs or elemental wells.

“Zhi, Chi!”

Soran heard rat-like sounds when he got to the 6th level.

As he turned around and looked, he saw three giant bats locked in a cage. Each of these bats was the size of a washbasin. They looked ferocious and terrifying, full of sharp fangs. One of them could even spray out the magic “colorful spray.” These were the magic bats studied by wizards. They belonged to a special magic life and had various abilities. They were also the most common monster in the wizard tower. They were the rookie killers in this world; encountering them in the wild and getting killed by them was very likely.

Most wizards were researchers.

So, Soran didn’t feel it was strange about magical creatures being here.

Starting from the sixth floor, the Golem in charge of guarding was replaced by the iron Golem. They weighed about half a ton, and some of the especially improved [iron golem + 1] could weigh about two tons. The surface of this kind of golem was steel; its hardness was similar to the steel of modern technology. It also had the resistance of alchemy enchantment, and it had a legendary challenge rating. Under normal circumstances, it would take a lot of effort for a legendary Fighter to tear down an iron golem.

A legendary monk once described it as such.

“Fighting against a steel golem is like fighting a tank barehanded!”

This saying was very well known.

Unfortunately, that legendary monk encountered a [Diamond Golem +1] and lost.

Inside Gloria’s wizard tower,

It was a Construct with intelligence!

Even though it had only a basic consciousness, it still surpassed the other basic Constructs.

Someone had cast upon it a legendary spell, making it a complete life form.

It slowly had consciousness.

Although its core command would not change, which was similar to the three laws of robotics, its other purposes were close to that of an intelligent lifeform.

That’s how Constructs were created!

Soran didn’t expect such golem to be in Gloria’s wizard tower, but he did not recall seeing it the last time. If such a steel golem continued to evolve, it would become the “tower spirit” Soran saw in the shadow plane wizard tower.

A legendary challenge rating special lifeform.

“Seems like I made the right choice!”

Soran hasn’t seen Gloria yet, but after walking around in the wizard tower, he had a little more confidence in exploring the wizard tower in the shadow plane. However, Soran also knew that it was Gloria who wanted to show him the internal structure of the wizard tower. Otherwise, these steel golem would be in special positions. The golems needed the elemental pool of the wizard tower to provide energy. Otherwise, they could only move with the supply of some expensive material.

That means that under normal circumstances, only a tenth of the golems would move!

A big door appeared in front of him.

When he walked to the big doors, his palms become sweaty. He then pushed the doors open.

A ray of sunlight shined through.

Soran first saw the sun in the sky, then the vast land in the distance, a city close to the mountains, countless scattered villages, a winding river, and dense forests in the distance; these were Gloria’s territory. The wizard tower was like a skyscraper, which could look down on everything. Even the white clouds in the sky seemed to be within reach. This kind of scene was very shocking.

A feeling of high and mighty!

A symbol of the power and status of a spellcaster.

“You’re back.”

The soft voice of a woman was heard from the side.

When Soran turned his eyes and looked at the seat on the right side of the observation platform, he suddenly had a shock all over his body, and a startled expression appeared on his face. In front of him was a broad and comfortable reclining chair covered with soft white fur, on which Gloria laid languidly and charmingly. Her face was still as beautiful as he remembered. She was the most typical northern beauty; with a tall and delicate body, strong and slender thighs. Slender and flexible waist, full and plump chest. No matter from which point of view she was so impeccable.

However, this was not enough to give Soran a shock.

That was because Soran had a strong will!

But at this moment, Gloria seemed to have a strange charm. Even Soran, who had an amazing will, was shocked. He felt like he was enchanted by magic; Gloria wore a white pajama dress that had a slight opening below the waist which revealed the soft and bright black stockings. This was a product of the Underdark, which could only be bought by women with great wealth. It was woven with the top-grade spider silk, with the same value as rare grade equipment.


In this period and in this world, stockings that were seen everywhere in his world seemed to become extremely rare. Soran saw women wearing stockings from his world. Last time, he saw Gloria’s mother wearing stockings; a woman with a charming face. Soran was very afraid of this gorgeous woman and had a little hostility in his heart. Now that it was Gloria who was wearing stockings, it was very beautiful and moving, as if there was an irresistible temptation.


This was still not enough to give Soran a shock.

Because in addition to wearing a white and elegant pajama dress, Gloria was also wearing a pair of gold and black frame glasses on the delicate bridge of her nose. This was the product of alchemy, which had been used in the world for a long time. Even ordinary people would buy relatively cheap single frame glasses. However, what Gloria wore was undoubtedly a lot more delicate. It seemed that it was a rare grade item after enchantment. She was holding a thick book in her hands; the front page of the book was marked with complicated runes. Before Soran came in, she was frowning slightly reading the book. After Soran came in, she closed the book and placed it on the side.

At this moment, Soran even felt that Gloria had the beauty of a woman from the east!

As if noticing Soran’s look, there was a slight blush on Gloria’s beautiful face. She shrank her legs gracefully, covered the black stockings with the hem of her pajamas. It seemed that she was a little nervous, and was a little uneasy. However, she was different from the others; she smiled gently, slowly tucked her long hair, then asked jokingly, “Am I beautiful?”

Among them were strands of silver hair. However, the silver hair did not affect the beauty of Gloria at all. On the contrary, it made her look even more attractive. Soran had noticed the long silver hair for a long time. Although he didn’t ask Gloria what had happened, he could guess it was probably related to himself and Vivian. At the thought of this, Soran felt as if his heart had been touched. Even though he had always been a very stone-hearted person, there was a touch of emotion in his heart.

He nodded seriously and said “I thought I was charmed by your spell. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

Gloria’s cheek had a flush of red.

It seemed that Gloria didn’t expect Soran to use such a serious tone and say such frivolous and flirtatious words. However, it seemed to have worked on her, and her heart was secretly happy.

[Diplomacy +10!]