Abyss Domination

Chapter 307 - Soran’s Gift

This thing was beneficial.

Soran carefully kept the spirit stone. Although he, a half-wizard, couldn’t use it, Gloria, an authentic witch of the north, could use it. Whether he used it to trade with the devil or to summon a middle and low-grade devil, it was handy for Soran. Moreover, a middle-grade devil-possessed divinity. Furthermore, this level of devils could provide a high level of Slaughter EXP–almost enough to give Soran one profession level.

Everything in the dragon nest had been moved to their pirate ship.

However, when dealing with the body of the adult white dragon, it was slightly difficult. Strictly speaking, this dragon’s body was the most useful thing because it could produce rare grade equipment. Seeing that Soran had a mix of equipment for so long and hadn’t assembled a set of rare grade equipment, we could see how hard it was to get good equipment. The adult white dragon’s skin could be processed to become a rare grade 1 dragon armor, and with a little enchanting, the dragon armor would become a rare grade 2 armor. The best parts could even make a superior grade 3 dragon skin armor or even legendary grade dragon armor.

Even if Soran did not wear leather armor, he could equip these armor on his men!

Then, there was the dragon blood, dragon bone, dragon flesh. Basically, everything was a treasure; even if some of them were poisonous, there were methods of detoxifying the items.

Flesh and blood of the white dragon were poisonous.

Many of the epic heroes who dared to eat dragon meat directly had a frighteningly high Constitution. So even if they ate poisonous dragon meat, they would still be okay. Soran did not dare to consume the white dragon meat. That was why he could only find a way to transport it back, but even that was also a problem because the body of the white dragon was about 20 tons. This weight was equivalent to a large truck, and it was impossible to transport it back by manpower.

The only way was to let Soran cut it up.

However, cutting the meat was also a problem. Firstly, it would lower its value, and even if he cut the meat into 1-ton pieces, there would still be 20 pieces.

Dragonskin was most valuable if it was whole. That was why cutting it into pieces was the biggest loss.

At last, Soran had no choice but to skin the dragon!

He peeled off the relatively complete part of the body of the white dragon, then discarded some of flesh and blood, and collected the more precious parts at the same time. It was difficult to preserve dragon blood because it was easy to coagulate. Soran only kept some of the best dragon blood, which was near the heart; it’s used as an alchemy material. Then there was the common dragon blood, which filled six big tanks. As a result, all of them coagulated into big blood clots. It couldn’t be used in alchemy anymore, but it could be used as dragon blood ink for copying scrolls.

Vivian would need to use it in the future, and Soran would also need some of it.

Dragon bones were moved back, and the spine was perfectly preserved. The bones were of great use and could even be used to build a legendary warship.

Warships made from dragon bone were the best!

Although the dragon wing was a little bit broken, Soran still peeled it down with his curved sword carefully and stacked it aside.

Since the dragon bone could be used to build the body of the ship, the dragon wings could be made into the sails.

Piles of flesh and bone were moved to the warship. When he was done, it was already dark.

Everything valuable was moved up.

The rest of it was the flesh and a complete dragon head.

“Pack the things we can carry.”

Soran moved his sour wrist for a while. To be honest, it was not easy to skin the dragon. He had to be focused, and when he was done, he was extremely tired. The meat couldn’t be eaten for the time being, but the pharmacist and priest in the city would know how to remove the toxicity, which then could be sold to other people at a high price. Anyway, Soran was not curious about the dragon meat. He had eaten it many times before and could not cook it at all.

Dragon meat could only be barbequed since water could not cook it.

After some time.

Soran finally got everything right and returned to the warship with his equally tired men. Half of the men he brought died. Those who died could only be buried locally. At last, the giant dragon weighing more than 20 tons was divided and transported from the north of the island to the ship. In the end, when they came back, almost everyone was exhausted, many of them leaned on the deck to rest.

After they moved everything to the ship, they began to set sail.

He wanted to go to the north.

Although there was a delay, they would arrive at the port after a few days. The gifts they brought this time were good. In addition to the porcelain, there were spices and silk brought from the east. There were also diamonds, dragon blood, and so on harvested by Soran.

This kind of gift was good enough for a princess!

Soran actually felt that he owed Gloria a big favor. Since he could repay her now, he wanted it to be good.

The moon was bright.

Soran stood on the deck and looked into the distance. He was playing with the blue diamond which reflected the brilliance of the moonlight. It had to be said that this diamond was really beautiful. Soran had also harvested some diamonds as spoils before, but such a beautiful one was really the first time. Soran felt that such a diamond should not be unknown and it should have some history.

After looking at it for some time, he kept it.

Then he found a piece of outer island wood similar to red sandalwood from the boat. This kind of wood had a light fragrance, elegant but not strong, which gave a refreshing feeling. Soran drew out his curved sword and carved it into a delicate wooden box with a serious expression. He also carved exquisite patterns on the wooden box with his superb cutting skills.

With his great capability.

Everything he did was at a master’s level.

After carving it, Soran found silky and exquisite silk, then spread and folded it inside the box. After doing all this, he took the box up and looked at it. Finally, he put the blue diamond in it.


He gently closed the box and nodded satisfactorily.

Soran had always been a very sincere person.

Since he was going to give Gloria a gift, he wanted to make it the best.

The next afternoon they finally got close to the deep seaport. There were already men waiting here. Soran stopped the warship at the port and then arranged for his men to transport things. In fact, there were many things to be shipped.

Soran had to hire people to transport the dragon. Soran had arranged a caravan and the porcelain, spices, and silk from the East had all been transported.

Now he had to transport the other gifts.

It was hard to hide from the people that they were transporting a dragon. So when everyone knew the arrival of the Throat Cutter and even knew that he had killed the adult white dragon who had harassed the nearby area before, the whole port could not help but become excited. Many people were uneasy about whether this was the preparation of the pirates of the south to march on the north coast. There were also some people who were eager for the profits of the outer island trade.

Without even noticing!

The existence of the Throat Cutter had spread to the nearby waters, and the name seemed to have a little power.

Many came to see him.

Soran basically pushed it all off, leaving only a small group to watch the warship. Some people had brought news back to Shipwreck Bay. Thus about seven days later, there would be a fleet coming. Soran actually had quite a lot of things to bring back. Then there was traveling. Wild animals didn’t dare to go close to the big group, thus their whole group made it to where Gloria lived.

For some reason!

For some reason, Soran felt a little nervous as they got close.