Abyss Domination

Chapter 306 - Devil Currency

The cliff up to the dragon nest was difficult to climb.

Because of this, Soran had to go up first and then throw down a cable. Soon, the elite pirates climbed up the icy cliff and looked at the dragon’s nest with keen eyes. Soran counted the number of people, then took them into the dragon’s nest. They saw a pile of glittering gold treasures. Although it did not pile up the whole dragon nest, it was still a visual shock–especially the gold nuggets and gold sand.

“That’s a lot of gold!”

A one-eyed pirate with an eye patch took a look, but he swallowed his saliva and said, “That’s a lot of gold and a lot of gems. This is probably a few jobsworths.”

The other pirates also had similar opinions.

Some of them were calm, just showing signs of being a little bit dazzled. Only a young man was calm. He took out a single frame glasses from his coat pocket, scans up and down, and then mumbles as if calculating, “gold and silver are about 100000 Gold Derahls, jewelry and diamonds may be 50000 Gold Deralhs. Other things are not clear, but we should make a lot of money. ”

A white dragon needed around 200 years to go into adulthood.

So the wealth at hand was the treasure it had accumulated for more than 200 years because it had not attacked any kingdom. The number of treasures did not seem too surprising. If it had attacked the city or blackmailed the dragon of a kingdom, it would have had more treasure–a real golden mountain and silver sea. Maybe it was because Soran had had many experiences, but when he saw the treasure pile in front of him, he was not excited.

He checked the treasure in front of him and said, “Bring the treasures on the boat and remember my rule.”

“You all will get your reward later on.”

“If someone wants to be greedy, they should know they will suffer through punishment! Come, the three of you will transport the gold first. The five of you divide silver into a pile and carry it with a cloth. Someone will come with boxes later. Everything will be transported back in boxes. Everyone will be rewarded this time! ”

Soran quickly delegated the work.

Then, he asked the single framed glasses young pirate to separate the gold from the diamonds.

These were all high-value spoils. Even if Soran strictly forbade private collection, some people would keep one or two pieces. That was why it was better to deal with the separation himself. There were many common gems, such as rubies, sapphires, agates, Jadeites, etc.; about 100 pieces of them. The value of these gems was lower, probably because the world was rich in minerals. Most of these gemstones were worth between 100 and 500 Gold Derahls.

Finally, there were diamonds which the white dragon liked. There were around fifty pieces of them.

These diamonds were of high value. Soran took a glance and knew they were basically over hundreds of Gold Derahls. One of the diamonds was about the size of a nail. It was a crystal clear blue diamond, which seemed to have been polished. Soran took this magnificent blue diamond in his hand and estimated it to be about 50g. Even in this world, it was still a rare thing–only possessed by the royal aristocrats.

“Seemed like a real worthy piece.”

Soran played with the blue diamond in his hand; the polishing process it went through was superb. He didn’t know where the white dragon came from. Because Soran’s valuation ability was not good enough–even though he could not determine its value–he was sure that it was more expensive than other diamonds combined. This kind of item was not easy to get rid of because of its high value. Even if a royal family wanted to buy it, they would need to weigh their financial resources. Conservative estimate, the value of this diamond should be more than 30000 Gold Derahls!

Soran thought for a moment and kept the blue diamond.

Then he bagged all the other jewels and diamonds, and then he looked for any rare grade equipment. It was a pity that Soran didn’t find anything because this was an outer island. The dragon living here rarely encounter adventurers, so it was hard to find high-value and rare equipment.

The red dragon, which was the strongest among the five, would definitely have legendary grade equipment in their dragon nest.

After about half an hour, Soran had emptied the dragon’s nest. All the pirates on the left behind on the ship had arrived. The next thing to be moved was the body of the white dragon. But when he was about to go out, the young pirate nearby seemed to have found something. He came over with two gray looking stones in his hand and said respectfully, “Your Excellency! I found this in the corner, and I don’t know what it is. It seems to be something useful! ”

What’s this?

Soran reached for the two gray stones, took a look, and was shocked. Then he looked at the young pirate beside him, and said with approval, “well done! What’s your name? ”

The young pirate got excited and reported, “My name is Nakkas, the other pirates like to call me, treasure hunter.”

Treasure hunting ability?

Soran looked at him slightly shocked, then said, “Right. Someone will arrange something for you.”

There were some strange talents in the world. Many of them were born with this ability, just like how some were born with an unexpected intuition for treasure hunting. There were also some people who were good at searching, listening, perception beyond the natural ability of ordinary people. This kind of person was born with one or two more special abilities. Many of them were not fighting abilities, but they were still useful. Soran remembered that there was a goblin who was pretty awesome. He was born with legendary treasure hunting ability, and no treasure could hide from him.

Soran brought his man off the dragon nest.

As he walked, he played with the two grey stones. He was familiar with the thing but still paid some Slaughter EXP to appraise it.

Then a glow of light appeared:

Item Type: Spirit Stone [+1]

Item Grade: [Rare (Grade 1)]

Description: This is a special gem that stores soul energy. It belongs to the remnant of soul locking or other soul locking spells. The soul energy stored in this kind of spirit stone is relatively limited, which can be used to replace many special materials, or as an item of equivalent in alchemy. In the Nine Hells of Baator, spirit stones are often used as trading currency, because for the devil, gold, silver, and jewelry have no great significance, only the soul was what they most desired.

Requirements: None.

Effect 1: Extracting its energy gives around 3000 to 5000 Slaughter EXP.

Effect 2: As a trading currency with the devil, or used in summonings.

Two-spirit stones.

They were both rare grade 1 item.

Soran wondered where the white dragon got them because, in Soran’s understanding, these things were very rare on the material plane. Only the Nine Hells of Baator and the Abyss used them as currency. Gold, silver, and jewelry had no great significance for devils and demons. Especially for devils–gold was just a boring collection, while silver was a disgusting thing. That was because silver was called “stinger” in the Nine Hells of Baator. When a devil touched it, he would be burned, just like when humans touched sulfuric acid.

The thing that the devil most desired was souls!

That was why spirit was the currency of the Nine Hells of Baator. However, these currencies were very rare, as people still had to steal them from the hands of the grim reaper.

A complete soul was a relatively valuable thing!

Too bad there were many weak devils in Baator, that was why these spirit stones appeared.

These were incomplete soul energy.

They were once nicknamed “the devil’s currency,” which could be used to trade with the devil or as a sacrifice to summon the devil. If Soran absorbed soul energy and transformed it into Slaughter EXP, he could also improve his capability by directly absorbing spirit stone energy. That was why, in the past, a lot of people liked to collect it because it could make a person strong very fast.

Spirit stones had energy.

However, the lower level devils couldn’t absorb it, so it was more to be dedicated to the devil above the middle grade. Then a superior devil would give an energy promotion to improve the strength of the subordinate devil by one or two levels. So even in the hell of Baator, spirit stone was still a rare item, which could only be collected by a medium grade devil.

Even though it was only a rare grade 1 item.

But the rarity and value of the spirit stone were similar to a legendary item. Furthermore, it was the common currency used in Baator.

“Spirit is the currency!”

That was commonly said in the hell of Baator.

The most wasteful thing to do with a spirit stone was to absorb it.

Although Soran was not good at using the spirit stone, he still knew a way to maximize its value. That was to use the spirit stone to summon the devil, and then getting a group of happy little friends to surround it in advance. As for whether he was going to kill the devil or used to do something else, it depends on his mood.

The only disadvantage of this was that it could not be used many times!

Thus if Soran had the formation to summon a devil, he could use the spirit stone directly to summon a low-grade devil.