Chapter 305: Chapter 118 [Dragon Slayer]

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Drops of dragon blood dropped down from Soran’s cheek.

He was now covered in blood. The warm and hot dragon blood gradually cooled after touching his body. The faint heat penetrated his skin, and then progressively flowed into his body along the blood vessels. Soran felt a warm and restless feeling all over his body, which was familiar yet unfamiliar to him. It was a feeling that was hard to describe with words, but a feeling that many people had. When his mouth was dry, there was a desire for the opposite sex.

Dragon blood had the effect of arousing lust–or it should be said that the blood and meat of dragons generally had the effect of aphrodisiac. This was also the reason why many nobles on the mainland were very keen on the blood and flesh of pure blood dragons. Some were even willing to pay tens of thousands of Gold Derahls. Most of the dragon species, even some of the subspecies, had a strong effect. The specific reason was not apparent. [Note: there are more than 100 Subspecies Dragon.] Even the Half-dragons.

However, it seemed that the only drows of the Underdark could win the dragons in this respect. For many dragons, falling into the hands of the drows was a nightmare.

This familiar and unfamiliar hot feeling made Soran’s mouth dry. It seemed that he had lost part of his control over his body, and his whole person was feeling stupid. Soran hated this feeling because he had always been a very rational and calm person and had firm control over his body. However, now, he felt as if he had been given an aphrodisiac. He was able to suppress his will, but his body had an instinctive reaction so that he had to suppress his agitation.

A hot feeling spread through his body, finally, the feeling rushed to his heart.

“Tong, Tong, Tong!”

Soran’s steady heartbeat.

Soran’s heart rate was gradually accelerating, not as fast as the Slaughterer’s transformation, but his heartbeat was slowly rising. The healthy heart was like a bassy drum, sending blood to all parts of the body, even making him have a kind of hyperactive feeling of blood rushing up his head to stimulate the secretion of kidney hormone. This state lasted for about three minutes. Soran’s body gradually cooled down. His body temperature returned to normal from the first 40 degrees, and the hot and dry feeling slowly subsided.

Soran finally recovered completely, and the restlessness was fading away. At the moment, there was also the voice of the pirates coming from behind. When they saw the huge dragon that had been beheaded before their eyes, all their faces could not help showing a little excited smile, and then they cheered loudly. They looked at Soran full of awe and worship. The emaciated figure in front of them stood in front of the enormous dragon body. With blood dripping down like the arrival of a demon, this made people wanted to worship him. But the mood lasted only a short time. When they turned their eyes to the dragon’s nest. Their eyes were full of greed.

Pirates were always greedy.

Slaying dragons!

Not only was it an honorable thing, but it also comes with high returns.

Soran turned to look at the elite pirates behind him, frowned slightly and said, “Sea dog, go back and ask the people on the boat to come over. Fat fish, you take half of the people here to guard the things. Don’t move the body of the dragon. We’ll deal with it later. Others will come back with me to deliver the things in the dragon’s nest. This time, everyone will be rewarded with a lot of money. ”

A cool wind blew by.

Soran’s whole body had dried up. It was very uncomfortable. It’s like a scab had formed on his whole body after bleeding. Soran raised his hand and brushed his body to remove the dried blood. After the scab peeled off from his arm, his white skin appeared, as if he had received “Restoration”, which made many small wounds on Soran’s skin disappear. Dragonblood baptism strengthened Soran’s skin’s toughness.

The group went toward the dragon nest, that was when Soran had time to check out his data:

“Dragon slaying successful!…”

“You’ve successfully killed an adult dragon!… You’ve gained part of the information for [Dragon Slayer LV1]!…”

“You’ve successfully killed an adult dragon!… The pirates under you have gained additional will!… All the survivors have permanently gained 1 will!… All survivors have permanently gained 1 morale!… Its effects are similar to [Inspiration]!…”

“Battle of the Dragon (white dragon) [legendary battle]: in the early January 1676 of the new moon era, when you went to the north to invite witches to the outer islands, you were attacked by northern pirates. You easily defeated these enemies and captured a large number of captives. In the process of questioning the captives, you accidentally learned about a wounded white dragon. Finally, you led your men to find the trace of the white dragon and killed the adult white dragon on an unknown island. As you return, your pirates will spread the story further. [legend rating + 3] ”

An adult white dragon that had divinity.

As they returned to the dragon nest, Soran thought about this problem.

That was why the adult white dragon killed by himself had divinity. The dragon did not look like a pure-blood dragon with noble blood or natural divinity. It seemed that there were only a few special ones, such as the offspring of a five-headed dragon. But the offspring of that existence would not be weaker than the Son of Dagon, so the possibility of the adult white dragon being that is very low.

If the white dragon did not inherit its divinity, then it must have gotten it from somewhere special.

The other most possible reason!

Like the Spirit of the outer islands, it had a little divinity because of the worship of the native savages. This possibility was quite high, but what Soran couldn’t understand was that spirit belonged to a half energy lifeform, while dragons were flesh and blood. In his memory, it seemed that there were dragons that could obtain divinity this way. Even many professions who had entered the realm of legend could hardly rely on this way to obtain divinity.

There seemed to be a secret here!

Too bad Soran could not understand the secrets of divinity. Naturally, he could not understand how divinity was gathered.

But he could make some guesses.

He just didn’t know whether it was right or wrong, but Soran remembered the abnormality of the adult white dragon he met today. He felt that the information would be very useful for his future.

The wildlings!

How were they different from the mainlanders?

Why was it difficult for the population of the mainland to provide a source of divinity for some existence, while the wildlings of the outer islands could provide a variety of Spirits with divinity?

Why was this?

This was something Soran could not solve.

There were a large number of data prompts for killing the adult white dragon. Soran’s basic skills had increased by nearly 15 points, especially skills related to rolling. It’s no surprise that Soran got 3 legend rating because dragon killing was one of the fastest ways to get legend rating. If they slaughtered a dragon on the mainland, they could even get 5 legend ratings. As for the ability of [Dragon Slayer LV1], Soran knew something about it. It was an epic background ability.

It was a simple ability.

“Dragon Slayer LV1 [Epic Ability] (background): This is a special background ability. Your existence will be as impressive as a star traveler, a plane explorer and a space pioneer. It’s just that this background ability is usually acquired by epic melee professions than by powerful spellcasters. This kind of background ability had incredible power, but it needs some special conditions to complete it. ”

[Current progress: Slaying adult white dragon (Complete), Slaying adult black dragon (Incomplete), Slaying adult green dragon (Incomplete), Slaying adult blue dragon (Incomplete), Slaying adult red dragon (Incomplete).]

[Note: after slaying all the different dragons, the second stage of this epic background ability would initiate.]

A difficult epic ability.

Even Soran had not completed this in the past, because one need not only strength but also luck to kill a dragon.

First, you would need to encounter a dragon, then you would need to beat it!

It was easier to find a dragon now. When the Time of Troubles begins, even the giant dragons would learn to hide with its tail between its legs. At that time, it would be difficult to find a dragon, but it would then become very easy for a person to find a Saint.

Some of them had the power of main gods!

About this epic ability, Soran could roughly guess about it, but he couldn’t be sure.

Because of any epic level ability, even a background ability was also quite difficult. It could be said that the difficulty of this ability was much more difficult than the background ability [Deathwalker].

He could only hope that he would be able to kill all five types of dragons in the future.