Abyss Domination

Chapter 303 - Death of a Dragon (1)

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There was a dull low roar. With great pain, the colossal body of the adult white dragon could not help shake and swept its thick tail toward Soran. A stream of scalding blood spilled. Soran’s curved swords had cut into the dragon wing bone of the white dragon, and almost split the wound more than 20 cm long; bone could be seen faintly. Even though the white dragon spits out the cold dragon breath, its blood was boiling hot. The blood temperature was close to 50 or 60 degrees, and it felt a little hot after falling on the skin.

Dragon blood had a burning effect.

The tail of the dragon came with a howling wind. Soran didn’t turn back at all. He listened to the wind and reached for the back of the white dragon. Then he pushed himself and slipped away from the sweeping of the tail. The giant dragon’s huge body provided him with enough spots to attack, and also made it easy for him to dodge the enemy’s attack. In the eyes of many rogues, being close to the dragon was safer than facing it directly.

“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

Soran continuously slashed on the body of the white dragon.

It seemed that there was a stream of blood splashing out, but the emerging data and Soran’s experience told him that this kind of injury was not fatal because he had only broken the flesh layer of the white dragon and had not even hurt its internal organs. It was very difficult for an adult giant dragon to be killed in a short time just by a little blood loss.

“Sword Form [Heavy Hack]!…”

“Armor Piercing effect activated!… You’ve dealt 12 (+3) chopping damage!…”

“Sword Form [Horizontal Slash]!…”

“Armor Piercing effect activated!… You’ve dealt 6 (+3) chopping damage!…”

Soran’s seemingly ferocious attack actually caused relatively limited damage because the adult white dragon’s scales were strong, almost offsetting most of Soran’s attacks. Unless he could hit the same position in a row, that was to say, after breaking the dragon scale defense of the white dragon, the second attack would cause more damage. But for Soran, who had to dodge the attack of the white dragon, this kind of attack was too difficult.


At last, the white dragon was angry and tired of Soran jumping up and down on its back. He gave up the pride of the giant dragon and tumbled in a lazy way, trying to crush Soran directly under its huge body. However, it was obviously difficult to succeed. Soran dodged when the huge dragon turned sideways. Then he rowed to the belly of the white dragon. With a metal like friction sound, sparks were shot out. Soran could not even break the dragon’s scales without using a good amount of strength.

Dragon scales were a metallic material.

Any pure blood giant dragon would have the habit of devouring metal ores, so most of their dragon scales were metal structures. Dragon scales were not like scales of snakes and lizards. They were cuticle like structures. Therefore, when Soran attacked, he felt as if he had cut down on a strong armor.

“Wing Attack!”

A gust of wind set off, Soran’s figure avoided the attack but was swept a little bit.

When the white dragon rolled over and forced Soran down, it immediately flapped the dragon’s wings. The harpoons that were first thrown had gradually played a role. When the giant dragon launched this attack, it directly tore its dragon’s wings more than half a meter apart, and a lot of blood gushed out. The damage caused by its own attack was even higher than Soran’s first three or five slashes.


Soran’s figure was swept in the middle by the dragon wing and directly flew out. The strong wind made him roll continuously. He gritted his teeth and swallowed the blood that had reached the throat. Then he stuck his curved sword into the ground with a clang, and his whole person curled on the ground. Dragon wing-flapping had a very aggressive way of attack. If you were not strong enough, you might be knocked unconscious directly. Soran narrowly avoided half of the attack, so the injury wasn’t very serious.

One, two, three.

Soran silently counted the time in his heart. When the wind stopped for a moment, he suddenly fell to the ground on all fours, like a hundred-meter sprinter. This time, the speed of his explosion was quite amazing, almost relying on the power to leap in the air: the smaller the body size, the more amazing the biological power when jumping. Although the power of the giant dragon was quite amazing, because of its huge body size, it could not jump very high.

“Sword Form [Beheading]!”

Finally, when the white dragon launched its dragon wing attacks, Soran directly slashed toward the dragon’s long and narrow neck. People would have a short period of rigidity after launching an attack. The same was true for the giant dragon in front of them. Soran had been waiting for an opportunity because most of the giant dragon species would not move for about one second after the dragon wing attack.

One second.

For Soran, that was enough!


Soran’s figure almost turned 360 degrees in the air, and directly slashed at the white dragon’s neck with both hands holding the sword. This full-scale attack finally broke the dragon scale protection, to cut into the neck of the dragon, and then he got stuck in the position of the neck bone. Soran never expected to cut off the dragon’s head in one stroke, unless he was a legendary Barbarian, so he immediately stepped back after hitting the white dragon’s neck.


The white dragon’s thick long neck swung violently. The Dragon’s horn of its head was directly on Soran’s abdomen. With the thumping sound, blood surged out. The fierce and incomparable power of the white dragon pierced Soran’s abdomen directly with the Dragon horn. Not only did blood flowed out, but also the intestines inside could be seen!

A row of data appeared:

“Sword Form [Beheading]!…”

“Beheading failed!… You’ve dealt severe damage!… Target received 76 slash damage!… target entered bleeding state!…”

“You’ve been pierced by dragon horn!…”

“You’ve received 69 pierce damage!… You’ve entered bleeding state!…”

Soran fell to the ground, and spat out blood; he even coughed out.

If he remembered correctly, the strength attribute of the adult white dragon should be about 27, which was more than many giants. Any attack launched by it could cause terrible damage to the enemy. However, the injury the dragon had was not any better. Soran’s beheading attack hit its blood vessels, which also made it enter a bleeding state. If it was just the two of them, the white dragon was more likely to win in the end, but it was not just Soran now.

It was impossible to slay a dragon alone!

Without certain assurance, no one would do that.


Soran struggled to stand up. A faint glow of magic appeared in his hand then he saw a portal connecting the Elemental Plane of Earth, and then an Earth Elemental appeared in front of him. With Soran slashing the white dragon’s neck, the other pirates also recovered a lot of courage. Soran stepped back a little bit and said in a deep voice, “attack around it; it’s almost done!”

In fact, the adult white dragon at present had at least half of its HP, and its combat effectiveness was still very strong. However, Soran needed to give his men courage and confidence, so they would have the illusion that the white dragon was dying. Only in this way could they continue to fight, because pirates would only fight if they knew the enemy was dying.

Soran immediately took a bottle of Restoration potion.

Soran simply bandaged the wound on his waist. In fact, he quickly wrapped the wound with bandages and stopped the blood in the simplest and rough way.

It seemed that the wound was bad!

But Soran had hardly lost much combat power because he now had the physique that surpasses ordinary people. Compared with the time in port Tylon when he was stabbed in the heart, such injuries were not worth mentioning at all.

“Swish, Swish, Swush!”

After a round of harpoon throwing, the brave pirates attacked around the white dragon, though two more died in just one minute. But they obviously saw that the dragon’s reaction speed was not so fast. Soran split its neck bone, which made it inconvenient for its head to rotate. Its huge body even made it difficult to avoid attacks.

“Vampiric Touch!”

When the adult white dragon in front of him took a deep breath and was ready to breathe out dragon breath again, Soran suddenly rushed up and put his finger on it.

A glow of divine glow was seen.

The white dragon’s whole body was stiff for about half a second. Then pure vitality rushed into Soran’s body. As a special spell developed from weak divinity, Vampiric Touch was the most difficult to avoid or resist. It was like a killing move that directly took 60 HP of the adult white dragon and then transferred it to Soran.

His wounds quickly healed!

However, the white dragon had entered a severe state of injury.

Soran had maintained 90% of his strength. The white dragon had lost half its HP and a third of the pirates had died.

The balance of the battle had begun to tilt towards Soran!