Abyss Domination

Chapter 302 - Dragon Slaying!

Chapter 302 Chapter 115 Dragon Slaying!

The whole place trembled.

Heavy footsteps came from the dragon’s nest. Without looking back, Soran knew that the white dragon had woken and was catching up with him. Dragons had very good sense; they would notice any creature close to them. It was hard to avoid detection. Even the best halflings could not go undetected. The dragon’s nest was not very big. That was why when the dragon rushed out it was very fast.

Just as Soran stepped out from the cave, the white dragon too came out.

“Dragon’s Breath!”

A cold breath came from the back of Soran. Under the cold dragon breath, the ground was frozen into ice at a speed visible to the naked eye. Soon, a new ice layer appeared in place. The cold breath of the white dragon was the weakest among the pure-blood dragons. Its killing power was only half of that a red dragon, but it was the most frequently used attack. The dragon breath of an adult white dragon could freeze a man into an ice sculpture, and then with a wave of its claws, the enemy would be smashed into pieces!

Soran dived out of the attack range, but there was still a little ice on his clothes, and soon a piece of ice appeared on his clothes. The ice dragon breath of the adult white dragon could cause about 40 ice damage. The attack was an AOE type with a large coverage area. If it was the breath of an adult red dragon, Soran would probably be half dead after just touching it.

Right after Soran rushed out from the dragon’s nest, he immediately jumped off a hundred-meter cliff.

However, he didn’t jump directly off; no matter how high his Constitution was, he would still fall to his death. He got off the edge of the cliff by using his weapons to slow his descent and then went straight down. He went down fast and gained some time. When he landed on the ground and rolled away, the dragon also dived down without thinking much.

“Shameless thief!”

The white dragon seemed to have had some special experiences, because, under normal circumstances, a white dragon would have relatively high wisdom only in their old age, and would use other languages besides the dragon language. They were the closest to wild animals among the dragon species. To a large extent, their Challenge Rating was low because of this.


The dull fluttering sound of the dragon wings. Before the white dragon swooped down close to the ground, it suddenly used its wings to stabilize its body. The dive shortened a lot of distance, and then it immediately let out another dragon’s breath at Soran.

The Dexterity of most dragons were not high; most of them only had around 10.

Also because of their large size, they rarely avoided the enemy’s attacks, but this does not mean that they moved very slowly, because most of the large creatures were less agile. The speed of the dragon could be comparable to that of a human who has “Haste”.


Soran suddenly yelled and then jumped up. He reached for a tree trunk above and turned 360 degrees to barely avoid the icy dragon breath. But even so, his right hand still got hit, covered with a piece of ice in the blink of an eye, his hand immediately felt numb.

Elemental damage!

Soran’s legendary curved sword could only deal 3 additional cold damage, but the dragon breath of a white dragon could deal 30 cold damage.

This sort of elemental attack could freeze blood.

“Swosh, Swosh, Swosh!”

A group of fierce pirates rushed over from both sides, their eyes filled with a trace of fear and excitement and immediately threw out the heavy harpoons in their hands. The harpoons cut through the air and hit the body of the white dragon. Some of the harpoons hit the dragon scale, but only narrowly break some of the scales; just like a hammer hitting on chainmail. Most of the harpoon bounced off the dragon, but the dragon scale also showed signs of damage.

However, the harpoons that hit the dragon’s wings did not bounce off. Instead, they pierced and went through its wings!

Because the harpoons had barbs on them, they became stuck on the dragon’s wings.


Soran shook his arm when he landed, shook away the ice; Immediately he took a heavy harpoon and threw it at the left-wing of the white dragon.

A shrill scream!

With the roar of the dragon’s anger and pain, Soran was able to hit it near the wing bone.

“Stay back!”

Two curved swords appeared in Soran’s palms. There were three less elite pirates with him; this meant that someone had not passed the test of will. Those guys probably became afraid to join the battle because they had insufficient will. Soran was not too surprised by it; it was already not bad that a lot of his men were able to succeed in the test of will.


In the roar of anger, the white dragon rushed toward Soran in front of him. As its huge body moved, according to Soran’s plan, the other elite pirates seized the opportunity to continue to attack the dragon with the harpoons. Many of his subordinates had noticed the wound on the dragon wings, and the white dragon in front of them was indeed injured. This discovery made many elite pirates feel eager to try their luck at attacking the dragon close up; some of them pulled out their swords and prepared to slash at the dragon.

“Idiots! Don’t rush in!”

Soran dodged at the last second and immediately shouted, “Move back!”

Unfortunately, it was too late.

The white dragon’s pursuit of Soran was only a fake action. When the most cunning human in front of it dodged its dragon’s breath, it immediately gave a surprise attack to the pirates behind it. As an adult white dragon with certain wisdom, it knew that it was better to eliminate these small minions first.

“Dragon Tail Swipe!”

The tail of an adult white dragon was nearly five meters long, and its thickness was similar to that of an adult’s waist. The dragon tail also had solid dragon scales. When the enemy behind it rushed over, it doesn’t even need to look back. It just moved its eyes, and then its thick and long dragon tail rose high, just like a powerful whip.


A loud smack was heard.

A strong pirate who was closest to the dragon got hit and was sent 20 meters away!

His body shook the whole tree after hitting the trunk. The chest of the pirate that got hit had sunken as if his chest had been folded in half. This was a great power that could break the spine of the pirate.

One hit kill!

It was impossible to have survived that attack.

“Damn it!”

Soran took a deep breath, and his eyes became bloodshot. His breathing began to be heavy, and his heart rate gradually accelerated. His temperature reached nearly 50 degrees, and his heart rate had doubled. He dared to challenge a white dragon because this kind of dragon was stupid and easy to catch like a beast. But this white dragon in front of him was smarter. It knew that killing the others first was more effective, and it also determined that it was harder to kill Soran.

Soran couldn’t allow all his men to be killed here!

Or else.

He wouldn’t even be able to get out of the island.

That was why he had to fight a hard battle with the adult white dragon in front of him. The thrill of challenging a legendary creature on another grade made Soran’s heart full excitement!

He had plenty of experience with dragons.

So when the white dragon in front of him turned its head, its abdomen was bulging, and was as if it was taking a deep breath, Soran immediately shouted, ” Be careful of dragon breath!”


A great gust of air was shot out.

The cold dragon breath was sprayed out in a large area, covering an area of nearly 15 meters. Within the scope of the attack, two elite pirates were shrouded in it. Immediately their bodies were frozen at the speed visible to the naked eye; this kind of cold was even more amazing than being naked and exposed to the arctic cold winds. Their flesh and blood were frozen in almost a second or two. Finally, their bodies became ice sculptures, completely wrapped by a layer of ice of about 3cm.

The long and thick tail of the dragon swept over with a whistling sound. The two elite pirates in front of them smashed into pieces like broken glass. They were broken into pieces of meat, without a drop of blood, because their blood had become ice. In the blink of an eye, three of Soran’s men died in the dragon’s hands. The other pirates showed a trace of fear and nearly half of them stepped back.

The pirates now knew that this dragon was harder to deal with!

Most of the pirates didn’t have much confidence in taking their attack. After all, it was a giant with a length of more than 10 meters and a weight of nearly 20 tons!

A human was only 6 feet tall and 200 pounds.

This kind of size difference.

Any swing by the dragon would be fatal!

However, at this moment, with the sound of “clang” coming out of the sheath, Soran came down from the sky waving two curved swords at the same time, rushing to the back of the white dragon-like a cheetah.

“Sword Form (Spinning Strike]!”