Abyss Domination

Chapter 301 - Adult Dragon

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As he got closer and closer, Soran’s footsteps became lighter and slower. The dragon had a pretty good listening ability. Even if Soran had high Dexterity, he might still be found sneaking in. Fortunately, it was a white dragon in front of him. It didn’t have high-grade magic, only some spell-like abilities. Otherwise, Soran would need to be careful when sneaking in. Once a dragon’s nest has evolved into maze overtime, there would be many traps in it.

The dragon in front seemed to be sleeping, but it still had a sense of the world.

Sleep was a very important process in a dragon’s life. In the sleeping state, they retained about 50% of their basic abilities, and could still detect the footsteps of other creatures approaching. In a deep sleep state, the dragon’s ability to recover would gradually improve, and recovery would also double. However, this required it to have consumed a large meal. Soran saw that the adult white dragon was recovering because he found that there was a wound on the left-wing of the white dragon. The wound was 30 cm long and nearly 5 cm deep. It seemed that it was left by some two-handed heavy swords.

This would affect the dragon’s ability to fly!

Then there was another wound on the throat of the white dragon; there were small scales distributed there. Ordinary weapons could not break their scales. The best weapons to deal with a dragon were long swords or piercing type weapons; the wounds created by them were relatively small but deep. It seemed that the people who dealt with it before had dragon killing weapons. Against any pure-blooded dragon, it could be assumed that its body was covered with a layer of armor.

In the anecdotal story of bards, there always seemed to be a spot on the dragon where the scale was inverted. This was a fatal spot for a dragon; it was possible to kill it by attacking this spot.

However, that was not true. Dragons did not have areas with inverted scales.

They had weak spots, but there were absolutely no inverted scales on them. Somehow the stories told by bards were like this, and many people believed it. That was why many naive adventurers thought that they could kill the dragon easily when they found the spot.

“It’s defense is probably 25 or above!”

Soran was now 20 meters away from it and he started to observe the body of the adult white dragon in front of him; mainly the color, thickness and distribution of scales. Based on his rich experience in the past, Soran could judge that the adult dragon in front of him had a defense of about 25, that was, the dragon scales and dragon skin covered on its body surface could defend against 25 physical damage.

This amount of damage was roughly an adult man chopping down with full strength.

That was to say that.

If an adult man was to attack the dragon with all his might, he would be able to break the defense of the dragon.

Thus the damage dealt to the dragon was roughly 3!

Soran’s expression was quite serious, and he approached the other side. At the same time, he said to himself, “With the elite pirate I brought, they should be able to break its dragon scales, but if it were not a critical hit, then the damage would only be one digit.”

This wasn’t something good.

It would be hard killing a dragon if Soran could only deal good damage to it.

Following the side of the dragon’s nest, Soran could see a pile of treasures. Because the number was not very large, it was directly covered by the dragon’s huge body. As the weakest white dragon among the five, although it had accumulated some wealth, the treasure it had was nothing compared to the ancient red dragon.

The ancient red dragon was the strongest among the five dragons and was the one who liked to keep treasures.

However, Soran saw some shiny stuff.


White dragons liked diamonds the most among the five dragons. As long as they found diamonds, they would always try to take them as their own, unless this kind of behavior was very dangerous. Among all the gems, white dragons liked diamonds the best. That was why almost any adult white dragon’s nest could find some quite striking diamonds.

There was not much gold in the dragon nest.

Due to the proximity to the outer islands, Soran did not see much gold Derahls, most of which were fine gold sands and nuggets. There were not many gems, but there were a lot of diamonds in it; With only a glance Soran saw nearly a dozen diamonds.

Soran stopped for a while.

He crouched at the corner of the cave and memorized his surroundings. At the same time, he also thought about his attack plan.

He had two methods.

The first one was to take advantage of the fact that the dragon hasn’t spotted him, and quickly pull out his legendary curved sword to attack. As long as the distance was within 10 meters, even if the dragon sensed him, Soran could still get two or three opportunities to attack. If Soran could hit a vital spot, then he could do a lot of damage to the enemy at the beginning of the battle.

However, after the initial attack, the rest of the battle would be difficult.

Because the space within the cave was small, it would be impossible to dodge the Dragon’s Breath.

It was a bad idea to stand up against Dragon’s Breath.

This was a hard rule when slaying dragons.

The second plan was to lead the white dragon out and lose the chance for a sneak attack. However, this would also make the white dragon think that he was a thief who snuck into the dragon’s nest. Under normal circumstances, the white dragon would only chase him out of the nest. In this way, Soran could lead it to the bottom and give the pirates who were lying in an ambush a chance to attack.

If they denied the dragon flight, then they would have a high chance of success!

Very quickly, Soran made up his mind.

Only to see his figure suddenly dashing out toward the white dragon in front of him, and then suddenly reached for the treasure under it, and grabbed a bunch of gold and diamonds. When he got them, Soran immediately pulled out and retreated. Almost when he was about five meters from the treasure, the sleeping dragon moved slightly as if it felt something, and then suddenly opened its huge dragon’s eyes.

“Dragon Sense (10 meters)”

Soran’s figure was out the dragon nest now and the dragon could only see a blurred figure.


An angry roar was heard!

The adult white dragon who suddenly opened its eyes, got up, and even opened its mouth to speak the common language. It said angrily, “despicable thief!”

It was no ordinary white dragon.

This white dragon was no common beast; it was able to speak the common language meant that there was something special about it.