Abyss Domination

Chapter 299 - How to Kill a Dragon

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There were shouts and screams.

Although a large number of the wildlings were killed, some of Soran’s men had also been killed. Even though the wildlings used simple weapons, they made their weapons more lethal by smearing poison on the weapons; this kind of poisoned weapons was more troublesome as long as they hurt people. Fortunately, Soran’s men were all elite troops, and most of their Constitution was good. Otherwise, they would die directly in the first round of the immunity test. As long as you had passed the test, even if you were poisoned, it would not become fatal.


From time to time, there was a cry of surprise from behind. The wildlings even used darts. However, they were not a metal darts, but a sharp wooden darts which were toothpick like. This kind of darts did not have a paralytic effect but rather had a strong poison. Some of the elite pirates brought by Soran fell to the ground, but fortunately, most of them were experienced in fighting and soon stopped the attack the wildlings. The enemy had no armor and was dressed in simple animal skins. They could be killed as long as they were hit.

Soran saw three or five of his men dead. He was more and more willing to kill them now. With his swords in both hands, he activated the last ‘Haste’ ability on an extraordinary object. Immediately Soran’s figure went into a shadow and rushed into the midst of the wildlings. With the effect of Haste, it was much easier to deal with the wildlings. Soran’s two curved swords slashed quickly through the wildlings; blood could be seen splashing in front of him and numerous heads falling to the ground. In a few minutes, more than ten wildlings were killed.

“Gulu, Galahehe!…”

Seeing that they were not the opponent of the pirates, the wildlings started to run away.

Since more than 20 wildlings had died, the remaining ten fled back to the forest. These wildlings had a strong climbing ability. When they got into the forest, they immediately disappeared. Soran did not let his pirates pursue them, but looked at the wounded and said, “Take the wounded to the ship. Everyone else, come with me.”

Soran searched the bodies of the dead wildlings and found some strange signs. He even found a carved wood from a wildling who looked like a leader. This sculpture was a bit like a totem, but it was not a beast Soran was familiar with, but it looked like a giant dragon.

That’s right.

This sculpture was a dragon.

Soran’s expression immediately became serious and slightly excited, “Careful. There’s probably a dragon here.”

The wildlings were easy to enslave.

Of course, they were not enslaved by humans, but rather by a rather powerful and terrible creature, such as the giant dragon that had its nest here. If the dragon wanted to enslave them, it could easily do so by a few rounds of intimidation. Dragons were very good at enslaving creatures. It could enslave most of the monsters as slaves and even subspecies and weaker dragons. That was why it was dangerous to think that dragons were simple.

Previously, many thought that a few tactics would be good enough to deal with a dragon.

They took the dragon for granted as a creature that would fight you on the ground. As a result, when they encountered the giant dragon, they were all stunned. Fighters couldn’t fly up to attack the dragon. The Sorcerer’s magic damage was not enough, and it was hard for the ranger’s arrows to break the dragon’s scale. When the dragon swooped down to allow them to attack, it often meant that the dragon would unleash a devastating attack.

Soran remembered this early on.

As a close-quarter profession, he could not let the dragon fly to the sky because then the dragon would have the initiative to attack.

It also meant that the dragon could fly away and retreat if it was losing.

After all, the world still had its rules. Even if a legendary Sword Saint was very lethal on the ground and was able to kill a dragon after a few rounds; they wouldn’t be so lethal when they were in the air. Most melee professions were vulnerable in the air unless they were Saints!

“Bring the thing out!”

Soran jumped up a cliff to see the surrounding environment, then looked at the north of the island which was covered with ice and snow. Then he jumped down and said to his men, “take all the things I have prepared.”

“Yes, your excellency,” one of his men quickly went to take the items.

After about ten minutes.

Soran’s men brought harpoons over. They looked like ordinary harpoons but had metal chains attached to the end.

There were even some heavy harpoons that were made from steel.

“Everyone take two.”

Soran looked at his men and told them, “Give the rest to me. When you spot an opportunity, attack the dragon’s wings.”

Dragons were very powerful.

Even white dragons were relatively dangerous!

The dragon scale and dragon skin on it had very strong protection ability. Even when the scale was broken, there was still a layer of tough dragon skin. That was why, in the anecdotal stories of bards, it seemed that the most important thing was to find a weapon that could break the dragon’s defenses. But in fact, only a real dragon slayer would know that the most important thing was to destroy their ability to fly.

There’s a saying ‘capture the ringleader first to capture all his followers.’

The dragon’s wings were an area not covered by dragon scales; it was also the weakest and largest area.

Even though the wings were not fatal to a dragon, the strategic significance of attacking them was quite huge. Destroying the wings would mean destroying half of the flexibility of the dragon, and also making it unable to use wing attacks, diving attacks or wind attacks. The protagonists in stories of bards could stupidly attack the fatal points of the dragon, then after some fighting, suddenly the protagonist would seize the opportunity to kill the dragon with a stab to its blood vessel.

However, doing this would only lead to death!

Going against dragons requires heavy weapons.

That was why Soran brought some heavy harpoons. They were important tools.