Chapter 298: Chapter 111 NPC Wildlings

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Screams of pain were heard.

About half an hour later, someone came up with a bloody map and reported to Soran, “Your Excellency. They’ve said everything! That dragon may have gone here. ”

Soran’s men spread out a map of the sea near the south coast, which was found on the body of the northern pirate leader. His men pointed to an island near the northwest and said in a deep voice, “Your Excellency. It’s here. I think the island is called Shark Reefs. They think the dragon’s nest may be near here. ”


Soran frowned and asked, “What’s the route like? How long would it take?”

The man quickly turned around and ran down to ask, and then came back, “Your Excellency. There are no dangerous areas on this route, but there are many reefs in this area that we need to be careful with. With our ship, it would only take one day. We’ll reach there tomorrow morning.”

Shark Reefs.

Soran gently knocked on the table, though for a while and said, “Get Seahawk here.”

After a minute, a rather strong middle-aged man appeared in front of Soran. Unlike other pirates under his command, Seahawk seemed to be an aristocrat. He looked different and had a different temperament compared to the other pirates. This middle-aged man was a noble—a lord of the south coast area. Unfortunately, he lost his title and territory for some reason. Finally, he went to the sea to become a little famous pirate.

He was someone that joined Soran later on.

“Bring this letter to the owner of this wizard tower.”

Soran looked up at the middle-aged mature man. Soran took out a quill pen and wrote a letter quickly. Then he sealed it with wax and gave it to Seahawk, “Bring the gifts with you later. I have arranged the location and route for you. Go to Waterdeep from here, and wait in place after the gift is delivered. If the master of the wizard tower has anything to ask you, answer honestly. ”

There were very valuable gifts on the ship.

Soran was not going to challenge the white dragon with this boat. After all, it was also an adult dragon. It wouldn’t be difficult for such a creature to flip their ship. That was why he planned to divide his men. He would let his reliable men send gifts to Gloria, and then he would take some elite troops to find the white dragon. A pure-blooded adult dragon wasn’t something Soran would just pass on, let alone one with an injury. Soran planned to use the ship of the northern pirates to find the dragon.

Even if the ship was smashed he wouldn’t care.

The middle-aged man nodded gently, then put the letter away and said: “you can rest assured your excellency. The items will be delivered intact. ”

“Good.” Soran took a satisfied look at him and reminded him, “Don’t intrude the wizard tower without permission. Just send the news as I said. She will come to see you when she hears the news.”

“Alright then.”

“Let’s go!”

Soran was always determined. After he decided to divide his men, he immediately asked his men to set sail for the wizard tower in the north, and he went to the dragon head warship that he captured. It was not necessarily useful to deal with the dragon with a lot of people; that was why Soran only brought 20 of his best men. As for the captured pirates, they were still on this ship; they would either be recruited or be sent to hard labor.

If not, Soran would have killed them early on.

Soran had a lot of men under his command. However, compared with the other two pirate kings, they were still a little less knowledgeable. In the future, if they wanted to fight against Ashrod, they would need more elite men. These northern pirates had grade 2 capabilities. After a little training and more fighting, they would grow to be grade 3 pirates.

Soon the two ships separated, and Soran’s ship continued to sail to deliver the gift to the North, along with a letter from him. As for the dragon head warship, it went to a place called Shark Reefs, where the white dragon was most likely to be. If it was found, Soran definitely would kill it. If it was not found, Soran would give up and turn to the north.

A day went past because he brought along the captured northern pirates, they easily passed through the areas with reefs.

Then on the morning of the next day, an island appeared in front of him. It looked like one of the outer islands of the south coast. The islands were not very large. The smallest was only tens of meters wide. However, at a glance, we could see that there was a large island with a diameter of more than 30 kilometers. The whole island was independent like a cliff, and there was a dense forest on it.

Because they were close to the northwest direction, the island was somewhat special!

It was a bit like the ice fire island in the story ‘Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre’. In the north of the island, there was ice and snow, but in the south of the island was a volcano. But it seemed that this volcano had not erupted for a long time. However, it was unknown whether it was a dead volcano or an active volcano. This kind of terrain was really attractive to the giant dragon. Many kinds of dragons liked to nest in such an environment, so the possibility that the white dragon flew here was high.

“Pull in to shore!”

Soran took out a simple spyglass, observed and ordered, “There. That seems like a good place to stop.”

After about an hour, the dragon head warship docked on one side of the island. Soran came to the beach with some elite men while leaving only 3 to 5 guards on the ship. As soon as he came to the island, Soran found something wrong. The reason was simple: there were few animals here, and the whole island was quiet. There were not many birds in the dense forest. Normally, there should be many animals living here.

Since there were very few animals here, it could only prove one thing; there were some terrifying creatures here.

The dragon was a good bet.

Frightful Presence was a kind of range-ability. Even the weaker white dragon, as a pure-blooded dragon, also had the ability Frightful Presence. Any creatures close to it were forced to take a test. Otherwise, it would be filled with fear and horror. Frightful Presence would expel other creatures near the giant dragon’s nest. Unless it was a slave to the dragon, other creatures dared not approach it.

“Groog, grook!”

Some strange noise caught Soran’s attention.

Just as he raised his hand to show others to be careful, a sharp sword shot out of the woods and hit one of his men directly. Then he saw a shudder in the bush in front of him, and dozens of small humanoid creatures with simple weapons came rushing out. These humanoid creatures had the same contour as humans, but they were very thin and like monkeys. They were only about one meter tall and were moving very fast. Their eyes were full of wildness and ferocity, and they rush forward with a howl as if they were going to kill all of them.

“NPC wildlings!”

A pirate leader yelled out, “Careful everyone! These NPC wildlings are very agile! Be careful of their weapons, they may have poison on it!”


A blade shot out from Soran’s palm, but then something unexpected happened to him. His blade didn’t hit the wildlings who rushed toward them. The short and thin body of the opponent could turn and dodge in mid-air. However, after Soran was a little stunned at the miss of the attack, a cold light appeared on the other hand, and then the wildling in front of him was divided into two parts.

“Sword Form [Waist Chop]!”

Soran took up his swords to defend, holding a sword in each hand to block the attack of another small wildling. Then he stepped back three steps, and then stepped forward with a ‘Sword Form [Spinning Strike]’.


Fresh blood shot out.

A row of data appeared in front of Soran:

“Target killed!”

“You’ve successfully activated [Wasit Chop]!… You’ve dealt 76 chop damage!… Target killed!”

“Extracting Soul Energy.”

“You’ve gained 1800 Slaughter EXP!…”

“You’ve successfully activated [Spinning Strike]!… You’ve dealt 56 slash damage!… Target killed!”

“You’ve gained 1560 Slaughter EXP!…”

Rows of Slaughter EXP data appeared.

Soran was very surprised to find that the wildlings in front of him were probably above grade 2, but most of them had more than 20 Dexterity. At the same time, the Slaughter EXP they gave seemed to be about 50% higher than that of the enemies of the same rank that Soran used to deal with. The wildlings gave about 1500 Slaughter EXP.